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Die in Orlando, Florida (USA) ansässige Firme Freeman Compression ist spezialisiert auf Streaming-Lösungen und die Anwendung von Sawmill Analytics. Freeman Compression bietet für die verschiedenen Streaming-Lösungen und Sawmill regelmäßig Seminare in Orlando und Online-Seminare an - » Terminplan

Sawmill Seminar

Sawmill Seminar

The Sawmill Professional training is designed to teach you how to take advantage of one of the best tools for analyzing log files. With this tool you can analyze log files from Streaming Servers, Web Server, Apache Servers, Firewalls, FTP servers and many other devices. You’ll learn great tips for unlocking all the great features of Sawmill Professional by turning hard-to-read logs into easy-to-read tables. Our Certified Instructor will teach you how to process your log files. Learn how to resolve domain names, create custom reports, filter out unimportant database fields and gather data from specific cities and states. This training will also teach you other invaluable topics on log file analysis . When providing streaming videos on-line it’s important to be able to justify the need for streaming services to CEOs, Supervisors, Marketing Managers, TV Station Managers and other Professionals. Sawmill Professional helps you do that by providing detailed information about viewers, bandwidth usage, errors, most popular viewing days and many other items. This class is available In-class, On-site and On-line. Contact us at 407.477.5837 or E-mail us at info@freemancompression.com for more details about this training class.

1-Day Sawmill Professional Training

Wowza Seminar

Wowzar Media Server 2 Seminar

The Wowza Media Server 2 training teaches Flash on-demand and live streaming set-up. It also covers Flash encoding using the On2 VP6 codec, Flash encoding using the H.264 codec and how to deliver these files from the Wowza Media Server 2. Learning to stream Live Flash video using Wirecast with the Wowza Media Server 2 is a special topic that is included in this training class. Flash video is one of the most exciting developments in streaming video and you’ll also learn how to author your web pages for Flash Streaming. Learn how to take advantage of cross-platform, cross-browser video playback that the Flash format provides with the Wowza Media Server 2.

1-Day Wowza Media Server Training – PC

1-Day Wowza Media Server Training – Mac

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Versionen: Lite, Professional, Enterprise

Plattformen: Windows, Macintosh, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris u.a.

Unterstützte Logformate: über 900

Sprachen: mehrsprachig (DE, EN u.a.)

Preise: ab 210 EUR (inkl. MwSt.)

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