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Operating system:Source code (encrypted-- can be compiled but not viewed or used)
Hardware architecture: Source code (encrypted-- can be compiled but not viewed or used)

Installation Instructions

IMPORTANT: If you're upgrading from Sawmill 7, you should begin with a fresh installation of Sawmill 8. You cannot move a Sawmill 7 LogAnalysisInfo folder on top of an existing Sawmill 8 LogAnalysisInfo folder. For best results, recreate your configurations (profiles) to get all the new version 8 features. If you need to copy your configurations over from a v7 installation to a v8 installation, copy your Configs folder to the new LogAnalysisInfo, and then run 'sawmill -a cc' from the command line (use SawmillCL on Windows) to convert the configurations to v7 profiles. Databases must be rebuilt after upgrading.

System Requirements: For large datasets (over 100GB of uncompressed logs data), when using the internal database, Sawmill may exceed the 32-bit address space limit on a 32-bit system, resulting in an "out of memory" or "not enough storage" error. Therefore, for datasets of this magnitude, we recommend that you either 1) use a 64-bit system, 2) use MySQL, or 3) use log filters to simplify the dataset. See System Requirement for more details.

(Note: the instructions below are brief instructions for this platform only. For more detailed installation instructions for all platforms, see the online documentation).

This file being downloaded is a gzipped tar file containing encrypted ("obfuscated") source code. This code can be compiled on most platforms, so it is useful if your platform is not supported by a binary version of Sawmill. However, that is the only acceptable use of this source code, under the Sawmill license agreement. You may not view the source code or attempt to use it for any purpose except building Sawmill.

To use this source code, run the following command line:

gunzip -c sawmill8.1.1.1_crypt_src.tar.gz | tar xf -
cd sawmill-
make sawmill

If you plan to use MySQL, install MySQL first, and if your MySQL installation is not detected by ./configure, you can add --with-mysql=DIR to the ./configure command line, where DIR is the location of your MySQL installation. if you wish to disable compiling with MySQL, add --disable-mysql to the configure command line.

Once you've done that, you'll have a file called "sawmill" in the current directory and a folder LogAnalysisInfo. This is the Sawmill binary for your platform and it's associated LogAnalysisInfo folder, and you can use them by running the Sawmill binary directly, or copying it and the LogAnalysisInfo folder to a CGI folder and running it as a CGI program. NOTE: The LogAnalysisInfo folder and Sawmill binary must be used together and not used with other versions.

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Versionen: Lite, Professional, Enterprise

Plattformen: Windows, Macintosh, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris u.a.

Unterstützte Logformate: über 900

Sprachen: mehrsprachig (DE, EN u.a.)

Preise: ab 210 EUR (inkl. MwSt.)

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