Änderungen in Version 10

Änderungen der Version (02.04.2014)

  • This is a minor update to fix a layout bug in the update checker and to reduce how often it will notify you about Opus 11. (Most useful if the update checker was set to run weekly. You can turn the update checker off entirely if you don't want them at all.)

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Änderungen der Version (26.02.2014)

  • Verschiedene Korrekturen.

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  • Fixed a crash when selecting a drive from the dropdown drives list in a floating toolbar
  • In a button with a Go command followed by a Select command, the Select command did not work properly if the "Automatically select first file in folder" Preferences option was turned on
  • Fixed issue with path completion when clicking on a folder in the popup list if the cursor was not already at the end of the line
  • FTP root folder in the file display did not handle double-clicking on an addressbook sub-folder if it had high-bit characters in the name
  • The tooltip of a Go {destpath} or Go DESTPATH button is now correct
  • Favorites shown in the breadcrumbs dropdown now have ampersands stripped to match the favorites menu
  • Added basic support for touch-based scrolling in Windows 8
  • Fixed issue that caused slow MP3 metadata for files in libraries
  • Fixed problem with Flickr synchronization (it now works again)
  • A filetype action copied from one filetype and pasted to another was not saved unless the action was then edited manually
  • Creating a link via Alt+drag&drop in a library didn't work
  • Deleting a junction/link from the tree would show a confirmation dialog as if it were a real folder rather than a link
  • Fixed freeze on Windows XP machines after creating sub-collections
  • Fixed folder tab group preview in Preferences not always properly re-drawing the gap between left and right folder tabs
  • Fixed Rename dialog using a lot of CPU and memory if you typed a new name like [#{modifieddate|D#ddMMyyyy} where the [# to insert a counter was interpreting the numeric date after it as a request for an enormous amount of zero-padding.

Änderungen der Version (28.11.2013)

  • Verschiedene Korrekturen und Neuerungen

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Neue Funktionen:

  • The data returned by the dopusrt /info paths command now includes information on which side of a dual lister each tab was found (side="1" for left, side="2" for right, and side="0" for a single display lister).
  • The Go TABCLOSE command can now close a tab by window handle (which can be obtained using the above mentioned /info command). For example, Go 0x80834 TABCLOSE
  • If a file or folder has been copied to the clipboard, you can now paste this into the location field (or any field in Opus that supports path completion) to paste the item's path into the field.
  • Slightly improved image scaling quality in some places.
  • Added a new option - Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: show_release_history - which allows you to prevent the release history from appearing the first time you use a new version.

Änderungen der Version (27.09.2013)

  • Verschiedene Korrekturen und Neuerungen

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Neue Funktionen:

  • Added SIZE and DATE arguments to the Select command to provide a simple method selection by date or size (less complicated than using the advanced select mode).
    • Select SIZE accepts the keywords largest and smallest to select the largest or smallest item in the list. You can also specify a size (in bytes by default, or specify kb, mb or gb to use different units). If specifying a size, you can use > or < for greater or less than, and specify a range using .. between the two sizes.


          Select SIZE=largest - select largest item in the list
          Select *.zip SIZE=smallest - select smallest zip file in the list
          Select SIZE <500kb DESELECTNOMATCH - select all items below 500Kb in size, deselect all others
          Select SIZE 1mb..5mb - select all items between one and five megabytes
    • Select DATE accepts the keywords oldest and newest to select the oldest or newest item in the list. You can also specify a date (in the format YYYY-MM-DD) and/or time (in the format HH:MM). If specifying a date, you can use > or < for greater or less, and specify a range using .. between the two dates. You can also use constructions like >3 days to select files older than three days, <1 year to select files younger than a year, etc. By default Select DATE only considers the last modification time of files, but you can add the keyword created to look at the creation time of the file, or both to look at both timestamps. If these keywords are provided they must be listed first followed by a comma and then the date to test for. In conjunction with the newest keyword you can also use the keyword next has the effect of progressively selecting the next newest file in the list.


          Select DATE=newest TYPE=files - select the most recently modified file in the list
          Select *.txt DATE=both,oldest - select the oldest text file, considering both creation and last modification times
          Select DATE created,2012-05-15 - select items created on 15th May, 2012
          Select DATE 10:00..14:00 - select items modified between 10am and 2pm
          Select DATE "<2010-06-07 17:30" - select items modified earlier than 5:30pm on 7th June, 2010 (note the quotes around the argument value, because of the space between the date and the time).
      Select DATE=newest,next - progressively select the next newest file in the list.
  • The Clipboard PASTE command can now be used to paste files, images and text from the clipboard directly as archives (instead of creating the archive first and then pasting the items into it).


        Clipboard PASTE=zip - paste clipboard contents as a new zip file. The filename will be set automatically (if files are on the clipboard, the first item name will be used) unless the AS argument is also used.
        Clipboard PASTE=7z - paste clipboard contents as a new 7Zip file
        Clipboard PASTE=rar AS=ask - paste as a new RAR file (requires WinRAR), prompting for archive name and settings.
  • The USESEL argument for the Clipboard PASTE command now lets you paste the clipboard contents into an existing archive (i.e. put the command Clipboard PASTE USESEL on the context menu for the Archives filetype group, and you can then right-click an existing archive and paste the clipboard contents into it). 
  • Added a new option - Sort name and extension separately - to the Display tab in the Folder Options dialog. This option is enabled by default. When enabled, Opus sorts folders by name by splitting up the filename stem and the extension, and sorting them separately (i.e. it sorts by the stem first, and only if the stem is the same does it consider the file extension). This has the effect of keeping names with the same stem together, for example:

            Sortieren 1

    In the above image, there are only three files with the stem Test, and a fourth with the stem Test.bbb, and with the option turned on Opus has sorted the two groups separately. If you turn this option off, Opus will consider the whole filename including the extension as a single string, which will produce the following result:

            Sortieren 2

    The new Set SORTNAMEEXTSEPARATELY command can be used to change this setting from a button or hotkey.
  • When you right click with more than one file selected, the Opus Add to xxx.zip context menu item is now listed twice - once for the name of the file you right-clicked on and once for the parent folder. This lets you create an archive of two or more files named after the folder the files are in.
  • Added a new command - Show VIEWPANECMD. This lets you trigger viewer panel actions like zooming and rotating from a command, which in turn lets you assign them to hotkeys that will work even when the panel doesn't have input focus.
  • Added a new TABNAME argument for the Go command which lets you assign a name to a tab - either the current tab, or a new tab in conjunction with the NEWTAB argument.
  • Arguments for the Go command like KEYARGS, OPENINLEFT, etc. now work when used in a folder content menu (Go FOLDERCONTENT).
  • Menus generated by Copy COLLLIST and Copy INCLUDEINLIBRARY now respect the @nodeselect modifier if it is present in their parent buttons.
  • The names of Collections and Libraries in menus generated by Copy COLLLIST and Copy INCLUDEINLIBRARY, respectively, are now displayed correctly when they contain ampersand characters.
  • Removed Delete and Cut commands from the context menu of folders in the Favorites menu to avoid accidental deletion of folders.
  • Fixed a problem where a button that had a Go command that failed (e.g. path not found), followed by a command to turn Flat View on, would result in the contents of the process current folder being read in Flat View mode.
  • A style that was set to read a folder and turn on Flat View Mixed/No Folders would fail to remove the folders from the list.
  • Improved handling of MP3 cover art where the MIME type has been set to an invalid string.
  • The Select Folder dialog's Favorites drop-down now shows the complete label set for each favourite, instead of just the "filename" part of the label. (Before, it would exclude anything before the last slash, if any, in the label.)
  • If you save the installer from the update checker, the path field reminding you where you put it is now truncated in the middle if it is too wide for the window. (You can still resize the window to see the whole thing, or click on the path to open the installer's parent folder and select it.)
  • The update checker now ensures the installer has a .exe extension if you choose to save it. Previously, the extension could be left off if you edited the name or path and had Windows configured to hide file extensions.
  • Fixed file displays being left in Sync or Dupe modes if they were not the active tab when you closed the utility panel.
  • If you run the Sync tool from a single-display lister, automatically opening the dual display, the dual display is now left open when you close the Sync tool. Previously, it would be closed automatically (only if it had been opened automatically), but this was not always desirable and we now leave it up to you when to close the second display.
  • Fixed rename sorting bug that could end up with files in the wrong position if the display was grouped and the files were in the "unspecified" group.
  • Fixed problem that could cause the inline rename field to end up positioned incorrectly (thus revealing a hidden filename) if the file display was grouped and you used the up/down cursor keys to rename multiple files.
  • Fixed filenames in the rename dialog being drawn in the wrong color after certain edits to the old/new name fields.
  • Fixed failure to save metadata in some images when clearing the EXIF flash tag.
  • Fixed internal library paths being revealed by favorites tooltip, and the Favorites list in Preferences.
  • Fixed internal MTP paths revealed by copy error dialog in some cases.
  • Running Opus from USB/U3 no longer leaves the desktop double-click handler (dopusrt) running when Opus itself is shut down - prevents the USB drive from being locked after Opus has quit.
  • In the Find panel, if the Lock Folder button is turned off, it now remembers the previous folder you searched rather than opening with the current folder. (If you want the current folder, just turn on the lock.) (Only the first folder is remembered, by design, unless you explicitly request all folders to be restored by running Find LOADPREV=all.)
  • Linked folder tabs are now selected if you change tabs using a hotkey that involves Ctrl or Shift.
  • New tabs opened via an external command (e.g. dopusrt.exe /cmd Go C:\ NEWTAB), with the command run when the Lister is not the active window, now properly gain focus when the Lister is activated.
  • Fixed the new source file display not getting focus if you were in a dual-display window, using inline rename, when you switched to a new source.
  • Closing the Lister, file display or folder tab while doing an inline rename will now cancel the rename instead of applying it. (Changing tabs, changing folders, and most other actions will still apply the unfinished rename.)
  • The folder tab context menu now includes the Close command when there's only one tab open in a dual-display window.
  • If the current folder is a namespace-only path like Computer, and you type a string beginning with \ into the location field, it will now be treated as relative to the root of the drive Opus is installed on.
  • The path completion used in the advanced filter control's Location/Path/Target fields no longer traps chars like ~, meaning these can be entered at the beginning of the wildcard pattern.
  • A command that calls Set FILTER=On followed by Copy no longer displays the string "(null)" in the filter dialog.
  • The Opus native My Computer display now correctly checks if non-drive namespace extensions should be hidden (e.g. the Norton 360 Backup Drive if turned off in Norton settings).
  • The progress dialog for a Synchronize operation would show an incorrect "total files processed" value while copying the first file.
  • Fixed crash if you started an inline rename in a dual-display Lister and then closed the last file display on either side via its tab.
  • The Properties SETLABEL list now displays the labels' custom icons (if they have them).
  • The SHOWRESULTS argument now works in conjunction with the Find QUERY command.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause numeric name sorting to stop working if a folder containing names with numbers greater than 2^63.
  • Clicking on items in the path completion dropdown list now works correctly.
  • The File Types action/event editor dialog could display "(null)" in the title for some file types.
  • The Go ROOT command did not correctly disable its button when already at the root folder.
  • Fixed error which meant when the file display was grouped, the Unspecified group was at the top of the list rather than at the bottom as intended.
  • Going to the Recent Items virtual folder would show the full path to the folder as the tab label.
  • In rare cases where multiple context menu shell extensions add items to sub-menus with the same name, the sub-menus are now merged together instead of each one appearing separately.
  • Since the option to open external folders in new tabs also applies to zip files, the checkbox for it in Preferences is now enabled whether or not Explorer Replacement is enabled.
  • Fixed changes to configuration or collections not being saved if done just before shutdown or restart of the machine.
  • Fixed problems which could occur after renaming a collection which was inside another collection, until Opus was restarted.
  • FTP - Changed thresholds to assist with bad servers that don't correctly report end of listing data.
  • FTP SSL - Changed default methods for creating SSL connections. Now use SSLv23_method for greater compatibility to older servers. ** Please notify us if you find any compatibility issues with your SSL servers.
  • FTP SSL - Updated OpenSSL libraries to 1.0.1e versions.
  • Improved detection of empty disk drives. This will hopefully address issues where, when Opus is set to hide empty disk drives (in the My Computer folder and in drive buttons), it fails to detect media being inserted/removed at some times.
    • Fixed problem on some machines where Opus launched at boot would sometimes treat an empty optical drive as non-empty until it was restarted.
    • Improved handling of drives which do not correctly generate events to tell Opus and other programs when media is inserted and removed. Refreshing the Computer folder will force Opus to re-check the drives, and they will also be checked periodically whether or not they generate notifications.
    • Fixed newly mounted drives not always appearing in the folder tree or on toolbar drive-buttons until a folder change or refresh.
  • Copying FTP files out of a file collection now supports resume.
  • A Copy COLLLIST button did not update correctly to reflect newly created/deleted collections.
  • Attempting to copy a folder over the top of an already existing file now displays an error message (previously it would just fail silently).
  • Possible fix for issues with shell extensions which access cloud-storage.
  • The Group column is now allowed in the Computer folder.
  • Fixed thumbnails sometimes being incorrectly rotated, until refreshed, after modifying EXIF rotation field in the metadata panel.
  • Fix for metadata editor failing to update files (sometimes leaving them with temporary names) because they were briefly in use (often by Opus itself, e.g. if in thumbnails mode and a previous change triggered the file being modified to be re-read as it is being modified again).
  • In certain places, the attempt to delete a directory now automatically retries for about 1 second if the directory is non-empty, hopefully addressing a problem a couple of people saw with errors during moves. (It is thought this is due to other tools or antivirus holding hold locks (shared for deletion) on things below the directories, delaying the actual deletion until they release their locks.)
  • Fixed attempt to delete directory and subsequent error message (and, from the previous change, delay) when a child item is filtered out or skipped due to error, during move or deletion.
  • Fixed cosmetic issue with some tree controls when set to both never scroll horizontally and do full-row selection. Wide item labels could extend slightly past the right edge of their selection boxes.
  • Running a command like "Go %windir%" combined with @noexpandenv now works again.
  • Fixed being able to paste slash characters into FTP site names. (You can still paste them but they are replaced by dash characters as the change is applied.)
  • Fixed crash when importing FTP bookmarks with an existing bookmark selected which would then be replaced.
  • Improvements to the update checker:
    • Improved the update checker's detection of when an update has already been installed but is pending a reboot. - (Previously, if the installer had been launched via the updater checker then you'd be prompted to reboot rather than to run the installer again. This is now also the case if you ran the installer manually, or if you restarted Opus after running the installer.)
    • The update checker will now check more than once per session. (Previously, if you started Opus and it was then time for the weekly or monthly update check, and no new version was found, Opus would never check again until restarted and you would not be notified of an update released, say, a week later if your PC remained up and running Opus for that week.)
    • Fixed update checker settings not being saved properly in certain situations just after Opus had been installed.

Änderungen der Version (15.06.2013)

  • Verschiedene Korrekturen und Neuerungen

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Neue Funktionen:

  • The File and Folder Labels system now lets labels override the normal icons for files and folders with your own custom icons. You can use icon files (.ico, .icl), icons from programs (.exe, .dll) or any image file format that Opus supports. If you specify an image Opus will automatically scale and convert it to icon format.

    In the image below, you can see an example of a label filter that is used to override icons for particular files. A label has been created (called HD Image) that defines a custom icon. A label filter has also been created that matches JPG files (it could be used to match more filetypes if desired) with a height of at least 1080 pixels. You can see in the Lister image at the bottom that the high resolution images are displayed with the custom icon, whereas the smaller images have the standard JPG icon.


  • Added the Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: multipart_extensions field that lets you specify your own multipart file extensions (like .tar.gz), for sorting and display.
  • The Close command for initiating or scheduling a system shutdown or reboot has a new "unattended" mode which can be used to prevent extra confirmation dialogs from Windows when used on Remote Desktop and Terminal Services.
  • Added option to disable enumeration of computers on the network when doing path completion. (Preferences / Folders / Folder Behaviour / Complete network server names).
  • Ctrl-C to copy the names of Preferences options now works in the Advanced list and in the Colors and Fonts list.
  • Fixed problem introduced in where drag & drops from some programs on to Opus would cause the Lister to freeze unless the advanced dragdrop_async setting was changed to False. (If you toggled the setting to work around this, you should be able to reset it now.)The most common program this affected was WinRAR, but only if it was configured to use something other than your temp dir for temporary files.
  • Opus now blocks the enormous metadata string that iPhones, iPads, etc. put into the user comment field of JPEG photos.
  • Fixed bug introduced in where importing a config backup where the toolbar list came from Opus 9 (and had never since been changed under Opus 10) would cause Opus to switch to the default toolbars, so that you had to turn your custom toolbars back on again.
  • Fixed icons in the hotkey field drop-down having non-transparent backgrounds under Win8 (Vista and up actually, but difficult to notice).
  • Fixed problem with filenames beginning with a dot without a file extension (e.g. .htaccess) if display of file extensions was turned off or the extension column was present. Depending on the order those things were enabled, Opus may have treated the filename as the extension and shown a blank name.
  • Opus now remembers which file groups in the Lister are collapsed when the group list is refreshed or rebuilt. This fixes a problem with file groups expanding themselves when the mouse-over tooltip is displayed for a file.
  • Fixed crash if you were in a Locked (Allow Changes) folder tab, had changed to another folder, were in a mode other than Details or Power, and dragged a file from there into another tab in the same file display (causing the source tab to reset to its original folder in the process).
  • Fixed problem with config restore which could result in certain unicode characters in config file names not being decoded properly. (The problem did not affect backing up, only restoring, so you do not need to re-create your existing config backups.)
  • Fixed FTP address book "default" checkboxes affecting their whole pages instead of just their sub-sections on the Network, Display and Misc pages.
  • Fixed blank FTP listings when connecting to newer Microsoft FTP Service servers which use four-digit years in dir listings.
  • Dragging programs to the toolbar in Customize mode now creates buttons with {filepath} as the default argument to the program, rather than %1, fixing problems with unquoted paths.
  • Using a command like "Go @FTPBookmark" to go to an FTP bookmark works again.
  • In the Select Icon dialog, after choosing an exe or dll from the history, clicking one of the icons within it would select the first icon instead, requiring a second click.
  • Fixed crashes/problems caused by deleting a collection that had child collections.
  • Fixed certain situations where the status bar did not clear the custom Opus status bar panels when showing the simple status bar text for a shell folder. e.g. "1 object(s) selected" might appear for the shell folder's status, next to some other information that was left over from the previous normal folder, which should have been cleared.
  • Buttons on the file display border now respond correctly to Windows theme changes.
  • Fixed toolbar drive buttons not displaying drive labels correctly if they contained '\t'.
  • Fixed right edge of the Find filter toolbar not repainting correctly on the first resize causing the scrollbar overlapping it to be removed.
  • The Set Description dialog now picks up the existing description (comment) from MP3 files, and similar for other filetypes where the description is stored within their native metadata. Similarly, the Description clause in advanced Find/Select/etc. filters now pick up those descriptions.
  • Fixed error when double-clicking on an FTP site entry from the ftp:// namespace root if the site had a & in the name.
  • When copying MP3 files to an MTP device, Opus will now set several of the MTP metadata tags from the source file's ID3 tag (to compensate for dumb devices that don't do their own ID3 parsing).
  • Fixed delay when typing a path starting with "\" into the path field when on an unresponsive network share, despite the Preferences / Folders / Folder Behaviour / Complete paths for local drives only option being turned on. (If the option is turned off, there may still be a delay, so you may wish to turn the option on if you use slow network drives a lot.)
  • Improvements and fixes to the Undo menu:
    • The descriptions of each item can now be longer before they are truncated.
    • When truncating descriptions, the individual paths are truncated, instead of the overall string. (So copying a file with a long name won't cause the destination information to be lost off the end of the description entirely.)
    • Paths are truncated in the middle, rather than at the end, so the truncation is less of a problem when it does occur.
    • Source and destination paths containing ampersand characters are now displayed correctly in the list.
    • Undo actions for shortcut creation now display the folder the shortcut was created in correctly.
  • Fixed minor issue in path completion (it could break if you typed a %envvar% or alias path followed by a path containing a space, like "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft ").
  • Sorting on the image Physical Width, Physical Height and Physical Size fields did not work.
  • Fixed the Rename dialog's preview list header showing file icons instead of sort arrows after being clicked.
  • The CLI DOSPROMPT=admin command now works correctly if the current directory contains a & or ^ character.
  • If you click Apply in the metadata pane and then while the save is still going on, clear the pane or select new files, you will no longer be prompted to save the files you're already saving.
  • Pressing escape should now abort a tree expansion initiated by pressing the * or + keys.
  • Improved folder tree performance when processing large numbers of events, e.g. hundreds of new folders being created in a branch which the tree is showing.
  • Fixed progress window title showing "Paused: (null)" if you paused an operation and had the Show percent complete in progress bar titles option turned off (or when the percentage could not be calculated).
  • Fixed accelerator keys for the Backup, Restore and Export choices at the start of the Preferences Backup and Restore wizard.
  • The Select Folder dialog drop-downs no longer truncate paths based on the smallest window size, but instead use the true size of the window.
  • The Select Folder dialog now works correctly when you manually enter a path alias.
  • Enabling the Open second Folder Tree in dual display mode option now automatically shows the second tree if the Lister is already in dual display mode.
  • The New Collection... and New Stored Query... context menu items are now displayed on the right-click menu for a collection in the Folder Tree.
  • The Lister did not redraw correctly when enabling FlatView (Mixed No Folders) in a folder that only contained an empty folder.
  • The Search field now works correctly in the Desktop folder on Windows XP.
  • The file group context menus (Collapse, Expand, etc.) are now displayed in the Desktop folder even if virtual items like Computer are included in the group.
  • Right-clicking on a file group header in Power mode now displays the same group-related menu items as in details mode.
  • Files copied from MTP devices are no longer fully cached in memory if their size exceeds 1/10 of the physical memory in the computer.
  • Fixed the Folder Options / Folder Format editor's Columns page not updating its lists properly when you turned grouping on or off and had Opus configured to automatically add the Group column while grouping.
  • The Group column did not work correctly in the Computer folder.
  • Copying compressed or encrypted folders to non-compressed/encrypted locations no longer re-compresses/encrypts them. (This was already the case with files, but folders and their contents were handled inconsistently. Copied files and folders now always inherit the compression/encryption settings of the folder they are copied into (as with Windows Explorer).
  • If you turn on administrator mode in a protected folder like C:\Program Files and then drag a file into that Lister from the desktop, Opus no longer shows an unnecessary UAC prompt.

Änderungen der Version (09.04.2013)

  • Verschiedene Korrekturen und Neuerungen

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Neue Funktionen:

  • The [] embedded command system now works with some dynamic commands (currently Go DRIVEBUTTONS, Go FTPSITELIST, Favorites and Recent). This lets you define commands that are appended to the generated buttons (that is, following the Go command).

    For example:

    [Set FOCUS=Left]
  • It is now possible to embed commands (using the [ ] syntax) in the Go FINDTITLE function. Added the RUNEMBEDDEDIFNOTFOUND argument which lets a command embedded under the Go FINDTITLE command run in the current Lister if no matching listers are found.
  • Added the Copy MAKELINK=autonosoft and Clipboard PASTELINK=autonosoft commands. These do the same as their older "auto" variants, except that they will not create softlinks. i.e. They create junctions for folders and hardlinks for files, even on newer versions of Windows that support softlinks.
  • Added an option to the Copy command's Unattended Errors dialog to export the list of errors (as either text or csv).
  • A new modifier for file and folder codes, escbackslash will escape all backslashes in paths. This is like the old escnl except it escapes all backslashes, not just those before the letter n. e.g. {filepath|escbackslash} turns C:\New\Test.txt into C:\\New\\Test.txt.
  • The Clipboard SET command has a new argument, EXPANDNEWLINES, which allows you to use \n within the clipboard text to insert new lines. Use \\ to insert a literal backslash and use the new escbackslash modifier when inserting paths.
  • The Clipboard ADD SET command has a new argument, NEWLINEIFADDING, which will insert a new line before the new text when adding to existing text on the clipboard. (If there is no existing text then the new line is not inserted.)
  • In inline rename (and other edit controls that have the same behavior), pressing the Home or End keys now takes the file extension into account. For example, if the cursor is to the left of the dot, pressing Shift+End will only select up to the dot rather than to the very end of the text. Pressing the same key a second time will then go to the very end or start. Holding the Control key overrides this behavior and moves to the very start or end immediately. 
  • Aliases like /programfilesx86, originally only for 64-bit Windows, are now also defined on 32-bit Windows to make it easier to share configurations between machines.
  • Added Collapse Other Groups command to the context menu for file groups.
  • The Add to Archive dialog now has separate fields for path and archive name, to make it easier to type the name of the archive without the risk of accidentally editing the path. Note that you can still paste a full path into the name field. You can also push Ctrl-Shift-C to copy the full, combined path from both fields at once.
  • Added the Set THUMBNAILRATINGS command to toggle the thumbnail ratings overlays from a command.
  • The effects of the Preferences / Folders / Folder Display / Hide hidden files and Hide protected operating system files options no longer overlap. Hide hidden files now only affects things with the H attribute and (this is the change) without the S attribute. Hide protected operating system files only affects things with both the H and S attributes. Previously, if you had both options turned on and then only turned off Hide protected operating system files, nothing would happen.
  • The breadcrumbs location field now defaults to showing or hiding Hidden and System folders using the same rules as the Folder Tree (i.e. based on the settings in Preferences). Previously, it always hid both by default. You can still override these rules using the showhidden and showsystem arguments, as well as the new hidehidden and hidesystem arguments for the opposite overrides.
  • The Go DRIVEBUTTONS command will now generate buttons for MTP devices as well as regular drive letters. If you configure the command to restrict which drives are displayed, the new mtp keyword lets you include MTP devices in the list.
  • The Preferences / Folder Tree / Appearance / Highlight path to selected folder feature now has the option to display the highlight line with smooth rounded corners instead of right-angles. When the Rounded corners option is turned on, another new option - Shadow around active path - becomes available. This option causes a differently colored shadow to be drawn around the main highlight path. The color for the shadow can be set on the Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts page.
  • Added the Go INITIALDIR command. This can be used to return a tab to the very first folder it read.
  • Text fields that support path completion (like the Location field or the FAYT in Go mode) now display a popup list of matching items.


    You can disable this if desired with the Preferences / Folders / Folder Behaviour / Display popup list option.
  • Handling of relative paths:                           
    • The Location field now supports relative paths (e.g. if you enter .. in the location field and hit return it will take you to the parent of the currently displayed folder).
    • Path completion also supports relative paths and will complete paths for parent folders, etc.
    • If a non-qualified name is given to the Go command this is now treated as being relative to the current source directory (e.g. when currently viewing C:\, the command Go windows will now go to C:\Windows).
  • Improvements to floating toolbars:                           
    • Transparent toolbars can now be dragged around by their gripper while in Customize mode, without having to hold down shift first.
    • You can now configure how quickly auto-hide toolbars slide on and off the screen, under Preferences / Toolbars / Options. The default speeds have also been increased, with toolbars now appearing in 100ms and hiding in 200ms (previously both used 250ms).
    • Docked, glass/taskbar/transparent auto-hide toolbars should now appear without flickering when the slide option is turned off.
    • Docked taskbar and glass toolbars are now completely invisible when hidden, so there is no longer a line down the edge of the screen for them.
    • Docked, transparent toolbars are now borderless if you lock their position, making them easier to use.
  • Added a command to DOpusRT (/info) that allows third-party tools to access the list of currently displayed folders and files in Opus (this will allow improved support by tools like Listary).
  • When the Find-As-You-Type field is open in Find mode, the left/right cursor keys, as well as Home and End, are now passed through to the file display. This lets you use the cursor keys to change the selected item in the icon modes (List, Thumbnails, etc) without first closing the FAYT. Added the new option Preferences / File Displays / Find-As-You-Type / Enable all cursor keys in Find mode which lets you disable this (and revert left/right cursor keys to their normal behaviour in the edit field).
  • Added two new options in Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced:                           
    • dlldir_security : This option, enabled by default, prevents Opus from loading DLLs from the current working directory. This reduces the risk of "binary planting" exploits which can trick your computer into running untrusted software when you open things like photos or music from folders in which someone has hidden a malicious DLL.
    • dragdrop_async : Enables the previous behaviour when handling drag and drop from outside of Opus, whereby drops are handled asynchronously even if the source of the data doesn't specifically support this. (See the item relating to this in the "Bug fixes" section below).


Änderungen der Version (31.01.2013)

  • Verschiedene Korrekturen und Neuerungen

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Neue Funktionen:

Windows 8

Windows 8 is now officially supported, following the new operating system's retail release.

A number of problems relating to Windows 8 have been fixed:

  • Double-clicking files would only launch Desktop apps, ignoring associated Metro apps. (Although the "bug" provided what many people have been asking for in reviews of Windows 8: To be able to launch Desktop apps when using the Desktop and Metro apps when using Metro. If you wish you can configure filetype overrides to get similar behavior back; the new version just makes the default behavior match the standard behavior of the OS itself.)
  • Double-clicking an unregistered filetype would open the Sync center.
  • Added Windows-key hotkey trapping for most new system hotkeys in Windows 8. Changed the default hotkey for opening a new Lister to Win+Shift+E, since in Windows 8 it's no longer possible to Win+O. On a Windows 8 system existing Win+O hotkeys are automatically mapped to the new key.
  • The standard Windows Copy as path context menu command now works correctly under Windows 8.

Native support for MTP devices

This version introduces native support for MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) devices (e.g. mobile phones, cameras, tablets, etc.). MTP devices are accessed in Opus with the new mtp:// URL-like syntax. You can also access them through My Computer simply by double-clicking on the device icon.


Tab groups can now open tabs in both file displays

The new Specific Sides tab group option lets you create folder tab groups that open tabs in both the left and right file displays automatically.

When in this mode the tab group editor lists left and right tabs separately. The Change Side button () is used to move a tab from left to right or vice versa.

The tab bar context menu has a Save Both Sides command which lets you save a specific-sides tab group from the currently open tabs in the Lister.

The command Go TABGROUPSAVE=!both can also be used to save a specific-sides group. In conjunction with Go TABGROUPLOAD, the OPENINDUAL argument can be used to control the orientation when loading a specific-sides tab group. (e.g. Go TABGROUPLOAD=moo OPENINDUAL=vert).

Tab groups can now be organized into folders

The Tab Groups page in Preferences now lets you organize your tab groups into folders. The New Folder button () lets you create folders and you can move existing tab groups into a folder using drag and drop.

There is also a new Mark as hidden button (). When a tab group is marked as hidden it will only appear in the list of groups in Preferences – it won’t be displayed in the group list in the tab bar context menu or in the function editor.

Folder Tabs can be linked (in two different ways)

In a dual-display Lister you can now link a tab on the left hand side to one on the right. Clicking a linked tab to make it active automatically activates the tab it is linked to.

Each set of linked tabs is displayed in a different color and you can configure the colors that are used from the Colors and Fonts page in Preferences. In the above image, the My Documents tab is linked to the Backups tab. You can have up to eight sets of linked tabs per Lister.

A linked tab can also be designated as a “slave†tab. In this mode, the slave tab will follow its “master†tab whenever the folder is changed in the master, in a similar manner to Navigation Lock. The difference between slave tabs and Navigation Lock is what happens when the folder you navigate to in the master does not exist in the slave. Whereas Navigation Lock would go “out of sync†at this point, the slave tab will simply change to show the same folder that is shown in the master. Slave tabs are indicated visually with an italicised label.


From the tab bar, you can link tabs and turn the Slave Tab option on or off using the context menu.

You can also define linked tabs in tab groups in conjunction with the new Specific Sides option.

The new Go TABLINK command will link the two currently active tabs in the active Lister.

When clicking on a folder tab, holding various control keys down modifies the linking state of the tab:      

  • Control-click a tab to link/unlink it to the active tab in the other file display.

  • Control+Shift-click can be used to toggle slave mode on and off.

  • Shift-click when clicking a linked tab overrides the linking behaviour (stops its partner coming to the front or changing folder).

Lister Styles now use tab groups instead of defining their own tabs

Lister Styles previously allowed you to define one or more tabs that would be opened in the left and/or right file display when the style was chosen. This system has been changed and Styles now offer this behavior through the tab group system. Any existing Lister Styles that define tabs will be converted automatically.

Improved Folder Tab appearance

The cosmetic appearance of folder tabs has been improved, particularly when not using visual styles to render the tabs.

                Now                                                        Then

Additional options and changes for Folder Tabs

Added the new Preferences page Folder Tabs / Appearance. This contains the width options which used to be on the Folder Tabs / Options page, the visual style option (which used to be on the Display / Options) page, as well as new options to set a minimum size for tabs and to automatically reduce tab sizes as the number of tabs increases.

New options on the Folder Tabs / Options page:

  • When multiple tabs are open, the Lister close button closes active tab option causes the Lister window close button to close the currently active tab rather than the whole Lister.

  • The Display new tab button causes a small additional tab to be displayed in each tab bar that, when clicked, opens a new tab showing the specified folder.

  • The Open new tabs next to the active tab option causes new tabs to open to the right of the currently active tab rather than at the end of all currently open tabs.

  • The Show menu when tabs are reduced option will display the popup “overflow†tab menu when tab sizes have been reduced, even if they have not actually flowed off the end of the tab bar.

You can now drag a folder tab to the desktop to move it into its own Lister.

When clicking on a folder tab the Lister window is now not brought to the front until the button is released, in case you want to drag a tab from an obscured Lister to another one.

Middle-click (or double-click, with the Double-click tabs to close them option turned on) on a single tab in a dual display will now close the file display (this is the same behavior as tab close buttons).

The background color for “hot†Folder Tabs can now be overridden if desired (Display / Colors and Fonts / Folder tabs).

Added the new Folder Tree / Selection Events / Switch to existing tab if already open option. With this enabled, clicking a folder in the folder tree that is already open in a tab will switch to that tab rather than reading the folder into the current tab. The new TABFINDEXISTING argument for the Go  command produces the same behavior.

The FAYT field can now be used to search and switch to open Folder Tabs

The Find-As-You-Type field has a new mode that lets you search all currently open folder tabs. By default the activation key for the Tabs mode is @ but this can be changed from the File Displays / Find-As-You-Type Preferences page.

A pop-up list of tabs that match the entered text is displayed, and selecting an item from the list will switch to that tab. The search is performed on both the path open in the tab and, if a title has been set, the title of the tab. The new CLI QUICKTABS command can be used to trigger the FAYT in Tabs mode programmatically.

The Folder Tree can now highlight the path to the active folder

The new Highlight path to selected folder option on the Folder Tree / Appearance Preferences page causes the folder tree to draw a path that marks out the route to the currently selected folder.


You can configure the color used for this highlight from the Display / Colors and Fonts page. The Set TREESHOWPATHTOSEL command lets you toggle the path highlight on or off programmatically.

The Highlight path to all currently open tabs option will show the path to all tabs rather than just the selected one – the path for non-active tabs is shown fainter than the path to the selected folder. If you have tabs that are linked, the Use color from tab option will display the path using the color from the tab itself. Finally, the Only highlight paths when tree is active option causes the path to be visible only when the mouse pointer is over the tree, or the tree has input focus.

The new Group column provides an alternative to file group headings

When the file display is grouped, the new Group column provides an alternative to the traditional group headings. When this column is present in a grouped file display, the column itself displays the headings, making for a much more compact display.


You can add the Group column manually (or via a command like Set COLUMNSTOGGLE) as desired, or if you want to use the new display style permanently, turn on the Folders / Folder Display / Add 'Group' column automatically when file display is grouped Preferences option. When this option is enabled, the Group column will be added automatically when grouping is turned on and removed again when grouping is disabled.

The colors used for the Group column can be configured on the Display / Colors and Fonts page. You can define different colors for source and destination file display if desired. You can also control the maximum width of the Group column with the group_column_maxwidth option on the Miscellaneous / Advanced page in Preferences.

Control + mouse wheel can now be used to change font and thumbnail size

In Thumbnails mode, turning the mouse wheel while holding the Control key down lets you adjust the size of the thumbnails.

Similarly, in Details or Power mode, Control plus mouse wheel can be used to increase or decrease the size of the text in the file display. You can also use the new Set FONTSCALE command to do the same thing programmatically.

Enhancements to the ContextMenu internal command

The ContextMenu command has been extended to enable it to work with more command types, and to provide workarounds for issues with certain context menu handlers. Context menu items can now also be invoked by their label (as opposed to verb or command ID). Labels can also be matched using wildcards and regular expressions. See the updated documentation for the new ITEMMODE, LOOKUP, WANTSYNC, SHIFT and CTRL, LABEL,WILD and REGEXP arguments.

Embedded functions for new Listers

It is now possible, when opening a new Lister or layout, to "embed" a function that will be executed in the context of the new Lister. Previously it was difficult to reliably open a new Lister and then run commands that affected that new Lister from the one function, and solutions usually resorted to kludges involving dopusrt.exe.

The embedded function must be surrounded with square brackets - for example, the following command would open a new Lister and put it into thumbnails mode automatically:


        Go /mypictures NEW
[Set VIEW=thumbnails]

More complicated multiple line functions can also be embedded, for example:


        Go NEW
        Go /mypictures
        Set VIEW=thumbnails

Custom titles for Listers

It is now possible to assign your own custom titles to Listers. A new Preferences option ( Preferences / Display / Options ) allows you to configure a custom title for all Listers. Custom titles can also be assigned on a per-Lister basis using a command, and will be remembered when saved and re-loaded as a Layout.

To modify the title of the current Lister, use the new Set LISTERTITLE command. The title can be set to any text string you like, and certain control tokens can be used to insert various information from the original title string:


        %P - full path of the current folder

        %N - name of the current folder

        %R - drive root of the current folder

        %D - full path of the current destination folder

        %M - name of the current destination folder

        %L - name of the Layout the Lister came from (if any)

        %T - complete original title (useful for simply adding a prefix or suffix to the title)


You can also assign a title when creating a new Lister with the new TITLE argument. For example, Go NEW TITLE "My New Lister".

The new Go FINDTITLE command can be used to bring to the front all Listers matching the specified title (and this string supports standard wildcards). For example, if you had loaded a Layout named Projects and the Layout name was displayed in the Lister titles, you could bring all Listers from this Layout to the front with the command Go FINDTITLE *Projects*.

Information tokens for custom Folder Tab names

You can the %P, %N and %R control tokens shown above when assigning custom names for Folder Tabs as well. For example, you might set the name of a tab to Thumb: %N if you wanted to indicate a tab that you always used for thumbnails mode.

Miscellaneous changes and enhancements

  • Added an option to the Folder Tree / Contents Preferences page to display the User profile folder at the top of the tree instead of towards the bottom.
  • Added an option to the Duplicate File Finder to number the duplicate groups rather than using the search parameters to describe the groups.
  • Added the ability to configure the color of the toolbar separators and borders (Display / Colors and Fonts / Standard toolbar – Highlight and Shadow).
  • Added the display_folder_extensions option to the Miscellaneous / Advanced page in Preferences. If this option is enabled folders are treated as having extensions (suffixes) for the purpose of display only (i.e. in the Name and Extension columns).
  • Added the keepext argument to the FileType NEW FROMCLIPBOARD function.
  • The filter at the bottom of the Customise / Keys page now lets you switch it to searching the names and functions of hotkeys rather than the keys themselves.
  • Added the Full path column which displays the full path and filename. If this column is used with the Print Folder function you are able to turn off the file name column (which is normally not allowed).
  • Alpha channels and transparency are now supported for PNG images using 1bpp, 2bpp and 4bpp palettes and grayscale. (Previously the alpha channel was only used for 8bpp and above images.)
  • New DOpusRT modes to help debug command line generation:
    •  /ArgsMsgBox displays any remaining arguments in a message box.

    • /ArgsToClip puts any remaining arguments into the clipboard.

  • The Preferences / Colors and Fonts page now remembers which item was last selected the next time you open the page.
  • The Rename command has a new NOMATCHNOFAIL argument. When used in a multi-line function, files that do not match the rename pattern are still passed to the subsequent commands instead of being skipped.
  • Modified the way the Help function works with non-English languages (specifically German). Previously, if a help file matching the current language was installed it would always be used in preference to the English one. Instead, the English help is now always used by default (e.g. F1 in the Lister, or F1 context help in Preferences). The Help drop-down menu will now display a separate help command (e.g. Hilfe (Deutsch)) that opens the non-English help file. The Help command has a new LANG argument to support this.
  • Added an option to the File Operations / Metadata page in Preferences to automatically save changes in the meta panel. Also added a checkbox to the Metapane’s title bar which lets you toggle this flag on or off without having to go through Preferences.
  • Added a new option to display rating stars overlaid on thumbnails (Preferences / File Display Modes / Thumbnails / Overlay rating).
  • Opus now displays folder thumbnails (when not using the shell to generate them) as CD covers if the folder is marked as "music" via desktop.ini (e.g. using the Customize tab on the Properties dialog to mark it as a Music folder), irrespective of its other contents. Previously the CD cover would only be used if the folder contained more than a certain number of music files.
  • The Customize dialog now remembers which state the search field was set to on the Keys tab (either filtering by keys or by function).
  • Added an sub-option for the Preferences / Folder Tree / Options / Collapse non-selected branches setting to only collapse branches if they're not currently open in another tab.
  • Added the Go TABSWAP command to swap a tab in the left-hand file display with one in the right. By default the two currently active tabs are swapped, but you can specify the tab indices if desired (e.g. Go TABSWAP=0,0 to swap the two left-most tabs).
  • The Go TABMOVE command (which moves a tab from one file display to the other) can now specify the position to place the moved tab to, rather than always positioning it at the end. You can specify an absolute position, -1 to indicate the same relative position, and -2 to position the moved tab to the right of the currently active tab. You can also optionally have the moved tab become active - for example, Go TABMOVE=-2,active would move the active tab in the source file display to the destination, position it to the right of the currently active tab, and then make the moved tab active.
  • Added a new option for the Clipboard COPYNAMES command, capsemantics. This makes the command behave like the Windows Copy as path context menu command - all paths are quoted, irrespective of spaces.
  • Improved the handling of small .ico files in thumbnails mode. Icon files now show the dimensions of their largest image as part of their thumbnail labels, and .ico files are now treated as proper images in all cases which means higher quality scaling when generating thumbnails of high resolution icons.
  • Added the option thumb_48x48_icons to Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced. This makes thumbnails look good for icons which only have 48x48 pixel versions. The downside is that icons which only have 32x32 or smaller versions will look worse. The manual discusses the trade-offs in this option in more detail.
  • When pasting data from the clipboard into a new file, Opus now prioritizes text over image data if the clipboard data looks like it came from Excel. This means that now if you copy cells from Excel and paste them into Opus, you'll get the text from the cells, and not a screenshot of them. In other cases Opus still prefers image data over text. The Clipboard PASTE command now has PREFERIMAGE and PREFERTEXT arguments to override both behaviors.

Änderungen der Version (20.09.2012)

  • Verschiedene Korrekturen und Neuerungen

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Neue Funktionen:

  • When using inline rename on a file, you can use Ctrl-Backspace and Ctrl-Del to delete the previous and next words, respectively. This behaviour has also been extended to most other edit fields.
  • Added FROMCLIPBOARD/S argument to the FileType command. This lets you make multiple new files at once using filenames that are on the clipboard (i.e. filenames put on the clipboard via the Clipboard COPYNAMES command).
  • When using the Filter Bar, if you explicitly add a * at the start or end of the pattern then Opus now assumes you do not wish to use partial matching even if it is turned on in Preferences. This allows you the convenience of partial matching most of the time while still being able to filter by the start or end of things when you need to.
  • Date and size fields now reverse sort by default:
    • For example, when clicking the Date Modified column to sort by that field, the first click will put the most recent files at the top rather than the bottom.
    • Changes have also been made to sort empty values to the bottom of the list when reverse-sorting Date and Time columns.
    • Folder formats from older versions, which sort by date/size fields that now reverse-sort by default, will be adjusted so that they put newest/largest files at the top of the list. This should ensure the affected formats do what is desired in most situations, both for people who still had the default sorting and for people who had manually turned on reverse sorting for those columns.
    • In cases where you want the oldest/smallest files at the top for certain folders, you will need to flip the sort order and re-save those formats (or the layouts, folder tabs, etc. which they are part of) as a one-off change.
  • In the Rename dialog, the last column of the Preview list now auto-sizes as the window is resized to avoid an unnecessary scrollbar when reducing the window's width.
  • The {dlgfolder} external control code can now take the "expand" argument to cause specified folder to be automatically expanded (e.g. {dlgfolder||C:\Users|expand}
  • The Go TABCLOSE command can now close tabs in left/right/dest as well as source file displays.
  • Added option for "label filters" to Preferences / Favorites and Recent / File and Folder Labels, which allows the use of advanced filter control to label files and folders (for example, you can make all files newer than 1 hour red). Also added checkboxes to the list of labeled files and folders which lets you turn filters off without deleting them.
  • There is now a button in the About dialog to copy the Opus and Windows version information to the clipboard.
  • The Filter Bar now shows a balloon tip when you type ( ) [ ] ' ~ # explaining that they are wildcard characters and need to be escaped with an extra ' if you want to match their literal values.
  • Added Display labels option in Preferences / File Display Modes / Thumbnails to make it possible to display thumbnails with no labels. Also added Set THUMBNAILLABELS command to make the change from a command.
  • Added Shell column clause to the advanced filter control that allows searching on the value of a shell column extension. Performs either a simple wildcard match against the value, or limited numeric comparison (supports != == < > <= >= && || and decimal numbers only).
  • Added "seconds" as a unit for the Time-within clause in the advanced filter control
  • Added Hide unaffected items and Reveal hidden items commands to the file display background context menu when using the Synchronize tool. Also added the Select HIDEUNAFFECTED and Select SHOWUNAFFECTED commands.
  • Added the @ifpath and @ifpathr command modifiers, which let you perform simple branching in commands based on the current source folder.
  • Added some new features for inline rename:
    • Rename INLINE=endstem command to position cursor at the end of the filename stem (but without selecting it).
    • If the Retain cursor position option is OFF, when moving up/down between files the original selection type is now preserved. Previously, the value of the INLINE argument was only looked at for the first file, and all others defaulted to "stem".
    • Added a new Preferences category - File Operations / Inline Rename. This contains the two existing inline rename flags which were previously in File Operations / Options, as well as a new option that lets you configure the default selection behavior when inline rename is initiated.
  • Improved change notification handling to better support programs that use "safe-save" techniques:
    • This makes Opus see "safe-save" and "ReplaceFile" events as if the old file was being updated rather than renamed/deleted and replaced with a new file.
    • It means you can select a Word doc and it should stay selected when you save over it. Or a PNG which you overwrite with Photoshop.
    • Similarly, it should fix larger JPEGs being de-selected when modified via the metadata panel.
    • It may also help collections keep track of files better when they are replaced with new versions.
    • In the standalone image viewer, you can now use * and / on the numeric keypad for Grow-To-Page and Original-Size

Änderungen der Version (05.07.2012):

  • Verschiedene Korrekturen und kleinere Neuerungen

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Neue Funktionen:

  • Improved the performance of non-buffered file copies (which are used on local devices whenever the file size is above the configured threshold). Specifically, copies between different devices are now partially asynchronous, which can result in a dramatic speed up when one device is a lot slower than the other (e.g. copying from a HDD to an SDD), and copies on the same device now use a much larger buffer to avoid repeated seeking.
  • Updated the Raw plugin with support for several new cameras and the new version of DNG.
  • Added the "Initial key" column in the Music category.
  • When Explorer Replacement is set to open folders in new tabs, Opus now switches to an existing tab if one is already open for the folder instead of opening a redundant tab. (This new behaviour is automatic for most things but will not apply to Zip files and jump-lists until you make a change to your Explorer Replacement tab options.)
  • A new Explorer Replacement option can make Opus open all of your default folder tabs in addition to the folder being launched:
    • Turn on Preferences / Launching Opus / Explorer Replacement / Open all Default Lister tabs when opening a new window to enable this.
    • With the new option on, if there are no existing windows then your default lister will open -- including all of its folder tabs -- and then a new tab will be added to it for the launched folder. (If the launched folder is already in one of your default tabs, that tab will be selected instead of opening a redundant tab.) If you launch a folder and there is already a window open then a new tab will open within that window, as before.
  • The Go command has a new NEWTAB=deflister argument which can give you similar behaviour, regardless of your Explorer Replacement settings. i.e. Open a new tab in an existing window if there is one, else open your default lister, with all its tabs, and then open a new tab within that.
  • The Go command has a new EXISTINGLSITER argument:
    • This tells Opus to switch to another window if one is already showing the specified folder and to open a new window or tab (etc.) otherwise.
    • You can use EXISTINGLISTER=activetabsonly if you only want active tabs to be considered, so that another top-level window might be activated but no windows will change their currently active tabs.
    • As an example of where you can use this, you could create a User Command which runs this:
      Go /Desktop NEW KEYARGS "none:EXISTINGLISTER=activetabsonly"
      If you assign that to your Desktop Double-Click action then double-clicking the desktop will switch to an existing lister, if one is already showing Desktop in an active tab, and open a new lister showing Desktop otherwise. The KEYARGS part means that holding shift, ctrl or alt while double-clicking would override the EXISTINGLISTER check so that you can open multiple windows showing the Desktop folder when you want to.
  • Folder tabs no longer underline their labels when the mouse is over them, if Treat tab label as folder when dragged or right-clicked is turned off.
  • When opening the container of selected files (e.g. from the Find Results collection), the files are now selected after opening the folder(s), even if the OPENCONTAINER=target argument isn't used. You can use the new arguments Go OPENCONTAINER=noselect and Go OPENCONTAINER=target,noselect to prevent selection if you wish.
  • Improvements to the Print/Export Folder command and dialog:
    • It is now much faster to send large folder listings to the clipboard or a text file.
    • File outputs now use non-buffered IO and support UAC elevation if needed to write the file.
    • File outputs now allow you to choose the text encoding (ASCII or UTF-8, with or without a BOM), via a drop-down in the Browse dialog.
    • You can also specify the encoding via the Print command's new ENCODING argument.
    • The dialog no longer goes unresponsive while generating the listing or print-out, and some quirks of the window's behaviour have been ironed out.
  • Windows 7 taskbar progress "pause" (yellow) and "error" (red) states are now used in more situations to help you see when a background task is prompting for your attention.
  • Improved GetSizes MD5/SHA and Clipboard COPYNAMES=hash commands:
    • Byte-by-byte progress shown as each file is calculated (much nicer for huge files).
    • Full progress dialog including Pause button and time estimates.
    • Non-buffered IO used to read large files.
    • Better error handling.
    • Files can now be skipped.
  • Codes that insert paths into commands can now use escregexp to escape those paths for use in regular expressions. For example, you can use the following command when in Flat View mode to calculate the selected item paths relative to the current folder and put them in the clipboard:
    Clipboard COPYNAMES REGEXP "{sourcepath|escregexp}(.*)" \1
  • Copy buffer-size changes:
    • In Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced, the copy_buffer_size and copy_nonbufferio_threshold settings can now take both KB and MB units.
    • The Copy command's BUFSIZE and NONBUFIO arguments also allow KB and MB units to be specified.
    • copy_nonbufferio_threshold now defaults to 1MB.
  • Re-organised some Preferences options:
    • Sort newly created and copied files is now in File Operations / Copying Options.
    • Use Tab key to switch source/destination in dual-display Listers is now in File Displays / Options.
    • Clipboard image paste format is now Miscellaneous / Advanced: clipboard_image_paste.
    • Allow docking of Listers is now in File Displays / Border.
    • Path completion options are now in Folders / Folder Behaviour.
    • Changing configuration mode (Private vs Shared) is now done via the Preferences dialog's File menu.
    • Removed the Miscellaneous / Options page.
    • Windows Integration option to add Open in Directory Opus to folder context menus is now only enabled if Explorer Replacement is disabled. (If Explorer Replacement is on then the menu item has to be added and the option does nothing.)
  • The default toolbar's old View Mode menu has been turned into a menu-button. The button part provides a quick, convenient way to toggle between Details and Thumbnails modes. The menu part provides the same menu as before, with the other view modes. You'll need to reset your Menu toolbar to defaults if you want to pick up this change.
  • Added the option of using non-buffered IO for file copying. Currently this has to be enabled by specifying a threshold value for Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced / copy_nonbuffer_threshold (it defaults to 0 which means disable). Non-buffered IO can also be controlled on a per-function basis with the new NONBUFIO parameter for the Copy command.
  • Added NOAUTORUN argument to Find command to allow the find panel to be opened with a specified name, location and filter but without actually starting the find.
  • The @confirm command modifier now supports \n for embedded line breaks.
  • Added escnl modifier for {filepath} and similar codes, to escape \n sequences that might appear in the paths. This is mainly useful when using {filepath} as the message text in a {dlgstring} dialog.
  • Added an option to the Preferences / Folders / Folder Behaviour / Prevent automatic loading... section to prevent automatic loading of powered-down drives.
  • There is now a separate image_size_units setting, distinct from image_res_units (in Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced). For example, you can have resolution in DPI and physical sizes in centimetres.
  • Added option to Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts for a separate "destination" folder tree color (i.e. the tree that is linked to the destination file display).
  • The folder alias system now supports accessing drives by their volume label, using /$
  • Added Preferences / Zip & Other Archives / Zip Files / Set archive date to date of newest file within it option. When enabled, the last modified timestamp of a Zip archive will automatically be set to the time of the newest file within the archive.
  • When in Tiles mode with thumbnails enabled, thumbnails can now be displayed in popup InfoTips as well, provided the image in the infotip is significantly larger than the image displayed in tile.

Änderungen der Version (24.04.2012)

  • Verschiedene Korrekturen und Neuerungen

» Produktseite » Download » Onlineshop

Neue Funktionen:

  • Added PATH argument to the FileType NEW command to allow new files to be created in folders other than the current source.
  • Added "Path length" column and ability to search on path length to advanced filter control.
  • Added the PATTERN argument to the Copy command to allow better control of renaming during copy/move.
  • Added the {cp} status bar code to display calculated percentages.
  • Go TABGROUPLOAD now accepts the TABCLOSEALL argument to override the 'close existing' flag. Also added qualifier support to the folder tab 'Tab Groups' context menu. (Shift = don't close existing tabs, Ctrl = close existing tabs.)
  • Added "confirm" modifier for the {dlgpassword} code (e.g. {dlgpassword|Enter password||confirm}) -- the dialog will contain two password fields and the values must match before the OK button is enabled.
  • Comic Book Archive formats (CB7, CBR, CBZ) now have separate items in the Archive Plugins list, so you can turn them on and off individually.
  • Improved handling for archive formats with "multiple extensions" (for example, .tar.gz).
  • The file type column will now show friendly descriptions for archive formats handled by the 7zip plugin (if the filetypes are not actually registered on your system).
  • Added special rendering for comic book thumbnails.
  • In tiles mode, icon overlays (e.g. to indicate shortcuts or source-control status, or Opus's own copy queue) are now shown over the main, large icon or thumbnail. (Previously, they were shown over the smaller filetype icon which was only visible with certain configurations.)
  • Jumbo icons are now supported in Tiles mode.
  • Image conversion with the PRESERVEDATE argument now preserves the creation date as well as the last modified date.
  • Added option to ImageShack Preferences settings to disable thumbnail labels on uploaded images.
  • Clicking the "position" and "volume" sliders in the movie plugin viewer now jumps immediately to the position clicked, rather than stepping towards it.
  • Button tooltips now support multiple lines using \n as a line-break marker.
  • If you use the new ability to configure a background color when the quick filter is active, this color now overrides the background color (if any) specified by the current folder format.
  • Added options to Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / File display background to define different background colors when the quick filter is active in the file display.
  • The Filter Bar file extension drop-down now hides extensions that are hidden by other filters (e.g. the Folder Format filters), and also shows a file count alongside each extension.
  • The breadcrumbs field now takes a "focus" argument which, when combined with "left", "right" or "dest", gives focus to the file display in question.
  • Added Set FOLDERTREESIZE command to adjust the size of the folder tree from a button or hotkey.
  • Added Preferences / Viewer / Standalone Viewer / Show full file path in window title option.
  • Added FOURCC column for movie files.
  • It is now possible to assign a hotkey to a menu (to pop the menu open by pressing the key).
  • Added Go TABLIST command to produce a dynamic list of folder tabs.
  • Added Keep folders at top when grouped option to Folder Options. Also added Set GROUPFOLDERSATTOP command to allow this flag to be changed from a button or hotkey.
  • Control + Mouse-wheel now zooms in/out in the viewer pane (consistent with the standalone viewer).
  • Opus now supports the PortableApps system when exporting to USB drives.
  • A limited form of Explorer Replacement mode is now available when running a USB-exported version (see the help file for information on how to enable this).
  • Added Grid lines only in source file display option to Preferences / File Display Modes / Details and Power Modes pages. With this option enabled, if grid lines are turned on they will only be shown when the file display is set as source.
  • The Advanced Find / Filter control can now search/filter by Rating.
  • Added Preferences / File Display Modes / Thumbnails / Overlay relative dimension bars option. This option displays horizontal and vertical bars overlaid on thumbnails that represent the images size relative to the largest image in the folder. The color of the bars can be changed from the Colors and Fonts page.
  • The update checker now offers a "Save" option that lets you save the downloaded updater to be installed later.
  • Added Preferences / Internet / Updates / Don't display the update checker at all option. When this is turned on, the update checker will never be displayed automatically. You will be notified of an available update with an icon in the Lister status bar.
  • Added popup menus on the back/forward/up file display border buttons (right-click, or left-click + hold).
  • The status bar busy indicator is now shown to indicate when a background thread is reading metadata or calculating folder sizes.
  • On Vista and Windows 7, Opus will now display the names of any processes that have a file locked when a delete fails due to a "file in use" error.
  • The Select command has a new SIMILARBASE argument for selecting files with the same base-name and different extensions. e.g. If you are in a directory with cat.avi, cat.srt, dog.avi and dog.srt, running the command with the two .avi files selected will add the two corresponding .srt files to the selection. The command should also be useful for selecting all parts of multi-volume archives.
  • When saving layouts, the Lister's current layout name and settings, if any, are used as the defaults when you are prompted. This makes it easier to update the current layout. Added the Prefs LAYOUTSAVE=updatecurrent command, which updates the Lister's current layout, if there is one, without further prompting. (If there is no current layout then you will still be prompted.)
  • Added Set LISTERCMD ToggleMaximize command to allow a hotkey that toggles between full-screen and restored Lister size.
  • Added the si_size_units option to the Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced page. This lets you choose which unit (decimal or binary) and prefix (KiB vs KB) Opus will use when displaying file sizes and disk space.
  • Added a Group command to the column header context menu, which lets you right-click on a column and group by that column without having to find it in the Group By menu.

Änderungen der Version (02.03.2012):

  • Verschiedene Korrekturen und kleinere Neuerungen

» Produktseite » Download » Onlineshop

Neue Funktionen:

  • Added a new field button -- the Drive List field lets you have a drop-down list of drives on your toolbar. Similar to the Go DRIVEBUTTONS command but takes up much less space.
  • Added the CURDIR/S argument to the Go command. When this is used with a drive letter for the PATH argument (e.g. Go PATH C: CURDIR) it makes Opus go to the last used folder on that drive. When used with the DRIVEBUTTONS command, the generated drive letter buttons will have the CURDIR arg set for them, and will highlight to indicate which is the "current drive". In this way you can click from one drive to another, remembering the previously used folder on that drive. Opus remembers the current directory on each drive between sessions.
  • Pressing the Insert key now gives Total Commander-like file selection (the file with focus is selected/unselected, the focus moves to the next item automatically, and no other items are affected). Also added the Select NEXT=mark and Select PREV=mark commands which allow the same behaviour to be assigned to other keys.
  • Opus now detects problematic versions of WindowBlinds and warns the user if needed.
  • It's now possible to set a different background colour for the destination file display in Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts.
  • Added a Disc number column to the Music category. If a music file indentifies itself as part of a multi-disc set, this column will display the disc number. You can use disc number as a term in the Advanced Find function.
  • Added Physical Width, Physical Height and Physical Size columns to the Image category in Folder Options. These fields indicate the "native" physical size of the image, and are calculated using the image resolution and its pixel size. If an image doesn't specify its resolution these columns will be blank.
  • Added Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced / image_res_units option to control the units (inches or centimetres) used to display the image resolution and physical size columns. If not set, the default unit specified by the image file itself will be used.
  • Hovering the mouse over the status bar's hidden item indicator now shows a tooltip listing the first few hidden items' names.
  • When exporting Opus to a USB device on a 64 bit system, as well as being able to choose to export either the 32 bit or 64 bit version, you can now choose to export both versions. The program will automatically select the appropriate version when running off USB.
  • In the FTP Quick Connect dialog, the Passive checkbox is now tri-state -- the "indeterminate" state means use the default value from Preferences, otherwise it overrides the default setting.
  • The folder tree behaviour, where double-clicking the expand/collapse icon on a folder also expands or collapses the first level of its child folders, is now a Preferences option.
  • Added noroot, subdir and noshort, three new modifiers for filepath codes.
    • noroot returns the path without the root. For example, {filepath|noroot} will turn C:\Windows\Notepad.exe into Windows\Notepad.exe.
    • subdir converts the path so it can be used as a sub-dir of some other path. For example, if {filepath} returns C:\Windows\Notepad.exe then {filepath|subdir} would return C;\Windows\Notepad.exe. Note that the colon has been replaced with a semicolon.
    • noshort prevents Opus from automatically shortening very long paths (over 260 characters). For example, {filepath|noshort}.
  • Opus can now view TIFF images produced by Microsoft Office Document Imaging and other tools which output files using the deprecated, old-style JPEG-in-TIFF format.
  • Added Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced /mp3_custom_comments option which lets you change the ID3v2 COMM tag description in order to make Opus compatible with other third-party MP3 tools you might be using. For example, MediaMonkey labels its COMM tag as Songs-DB_Custom1, so you would put this string into the mp3_custom_comments value to make Opus MP3 comments compatible with MediaMonkey.
  • Registration codes can now be copied out of the Licence Manager even when using an evaluation certificate (useful for bug reports).
  • Registration codes and email addresses are now always hidden in the Licence Manager when running from USB.
  • When sorting by size, "empty" folders now sort separately, and before, "0 bytes" folders. (Empty folders are completely empty. 0 byte folders may contain empty files or other empty or 0-byte folders.)
  • Added the option Preferences / Display / Options / Use visual styles to draw folder tabs. This lets you control whether or not Folder Tabs are drawn using Visual Styles, and is independent of whether or not the standard system colors are used for the tabs. If Visual Styles and custom colors are used at once, the Visual Style elements are dynamically re-colored. If you dislike how that looks, turn off either option.
  • Added the option Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced / button_editor_advanced, which tells Opus to always open button editors in advanced mode.
  • The Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts page now informs you if the selection colors it shows are being overridden by the "use visual styles to draw items" option.
  • The name of the coverart.jpg file, which forces folders to be displayed as CD album thumbnails, can now be changed via Preferences / Advanced / cd_thumb_coverart_file.
  • Added an option to Preferences / File Displays / Filter Bar to automatically type * into the filter when activating an empty filter. This is most useful when partial-matching is turned off, since it lets you type *.txt instead of **.txt.
  • When adding/editing folder tabs via Preferences, the Name field now shows a cue banner telling you to leave it blank if you want the folder name to be used.
  • Button editors now open centred on their parent windows.
  • A new status bar sample has been added to the Samples drop-down in Preferences / Display / Status Bar that shows off a few of the more advanced features of the status bar.
  • Added an Album Artist column to the Music category, to display the MP3 ID3v2 Album Artist tag.
  • Added Disc Number and Album Artist support for M4A/AAC, FLAC, OGG and APE files.
  • The metadata panel now groups the "common" music tags (Album, Artist, Track, Year, etc) together at the top of the list of tags.
  • Added two new columns to the Lister - Target and User description. The Target column displays the target of shortcuts, links and junctions. The User description column displays the user-assigned comment for the file. With the addition of these two columns you may wish to remove this information from the existing Description column. The new desc_show_info setting in Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced lets you configure exactly what the Description column should display.
  • Added a new SHA-1 Checksum column to the Lister, to complement the existing MD5 Checksum column. Added SHA/S argument to the GetSizes command, and Clipboard COPYNAMES now has hash4, hash5 and hash6 arguments to copy SHA-1 checksums to the clipboard. The default Edit menu now contains some SHA-1 commands. Reset your toolbars to defaults to get these in existing configurations.
  • The existing max_md5_file_size Advanced setting can now be set to 1 to completely disable automatic hash calculation.
  • The Advanced Find function has a new option for Contains clause: Assume UTF-8 without BOM. When enabled, text files without a BOM at the beginning will be assumed to be UTF-8 instead of the current system code page.
  • The Synchronize panel has a new option: Sync left-to-right. When this is enabled, the left (or top) file display will always be used as the source of the sync, and the right (or bottom) file display will always be used as the destination, regardless of their actual source/destination states.
  • Right-clicking a Lister Style and choosing Edit from the context menu now automatically selects that style in Preferences after the dialog opens.
  • Added a new command modifier: @disablenosel. When this is specified at the top of a function, the button will be disabled if no files or folders are selected.
  • The Preferences filter can now properly search some pages containing lists of items (e.g. Viewer Plugins, VFS Plugins, Advanced and Language).
  • The Drive List field can now take the nofocus parameter to prevent the source/destination focus being changed when a drive is selected from the drop-down.
  • The FileType SENDTOMENU command has new nosub and shift parameters.
  • The Set Description command now uses the metadata system internally, meaning that descriptions you assign to files like JPEGs will also set the description within the file's tags.
  • Breadcrumbs field path components now support Shift/Ctrl/Alt-clicking to read folders in a new Lister, dual-display or new tab.
  • Opus can now open .cb7 (7z Comic Book) and .cbr (RAR Comic Book) archives. If you don't have anything associated with the extensions then double-clicking them in Opus will open them automatically. Otherwise, you need to add the extensions to Settings -> File Types -> File Type Groups -> Archives if you want Opus to take over double-clicks on them within Opus.
  • Alt-click on the path segments displayed in the file display border now opens the folder in a new tab.
  • The standard Opus Find function now uses "IFilters" for binary filetypes when doing "contains" searches on them (so, e.g., it can now search Word documents properly) .
  • Raw Digital Camera plugin: Updated to code from DCRaw 9.12, adding support for some more cameras (e.g. Canon S100).
  • The metadata pane can now set metadata in MP4, APE , Ogg and FLAC music formats
  • The native My Computer display now renders the disk space bar graphs using the current visual style (if enabled -- Vista/Win7 only).
  • Status Bar codes:
    • Improved the way the g=3 and g=4 My Computer-style bar graphs look when not on glass.
    • Added new g=5 and g=6 modes which draw My Computer-style bar graphs using visual styles.
  • The wizard shown the first time a new user runs Opus now begins with a page that lets you select which language to use.
  • Opus now supports the Windows "restart manager" which lets installers ask Opus to restart itself.
  • When importing File Collections from text files, you can now specify the Unicode encoding or 8-bit code-page (e.g. for Unicode files which do not start with a BOM).
  • Breadcrumbs field changes:
    • Pressing F5 when the breadcrumbs field has focus now opens the Desktop branch drop-down.
    • Setting the "hotkeymenu" parameter in the button arguments for the Breadcrumbs field causes the assigned hotkey for the field to open the Desktop branch drop-down rather than give the field focus.
    • You can now right-click on the items in the Breadcrumbs drop-downs to display their context menus.
  • It is now possible to group the file display by columns that aren't displayed in the list (using the raw Set GROUPBY command).

Änderungen der Version (10.01.2012):

  • Verschiedene Korrekturen und kleinere Neuerungen

» Produktseite » Download » Onlineshop

Neue Funktionen:

  • The Preferences filter is now cleared if you click your mouse/keyboard's Back button to go back to a page which is currently hidden by your filter. (Previously, the page would be shown while the tree was left with some other page selected.)
  • After the first time you apply a Preferences filter, you no longer have to click Back twice to go back to the previous page if applying the filter did not cause the page to be changed.
  • Archive extensions handled by plugins are automatically removed from the list of Zip extensions, both at startup and when applying Prefs. (Avoids problems if people mistakenly add .RAR to the list of Zip extensions, or confusion over which handler is being used for .ZipX.)
  • During shutdown, the config file listing your active toolbars is only saved if it's different to what's already on disk
  • Preferences and Customize filters now filter as you type, without the need to push return. The Prefs filter no longer loses focus after running a search, allowing you to more easily refine your search.
  • The Set command can now move the slider between dual file displays. Use Set DUALSIZE=50 to make both displays 50% wide/tall, Set DUALSIZE=25 to make the left/top display 25% while the other is 75%, etc. You can also make buttons which toggle between two sizes, e.g. Set DUALSIZE=75,50 will make the first display use 75% of space when clicked once, then restore both displays to using 50% when clicked again.
  • Added LOADPREV argument to Find command to control loading of previous find parameters when find panel opens
  • Added REF argument to Help command to open the help file showing certain reference pages
  • Added relsoftlink option for Copy MAKELINK and Clipboard PASTELINK commands to allow creation of relative soft links.
  • The Description column now shows relative link targets as well as absolute targets
  • In thumbnails mode, the next (not yet visible) row of thumbnails is now cached in advance to make browsing through images faster
  • Added /acmd argument to the DOpusRT program– this is similar to /cmd but sends the command to last active window instead of source window.


  • Fixed problems with dummy folders appearing in the tree underneath Libraries.
  • The help window is no longer obscured by the Preferences or Customize windows if they are set to "on top of Opus" mode
  • Fixed problem with the Location field showing internal library paths for library items added to collections
  • Internal library paths are now resolved to their real filesystem paths before being passed to rename scripts.
  • Pressing F1 to display file/EXIF information in the viewer now works for plugin-supplied images like RAW
  • Fixed problem where expanding a folder tree branch in a library could trigger a password prompt if the folder contained any password-protected archives
  • Fixed newly/recently created items being auto-selected after creating a new folder, if "Automatically select newly copied files" was on
  • After cropping or restoring an image in the viewer, the image dimensions displayed in the status bar is now updated.
  • Previously, if you did a crop, rotate, undo and reset-rotation then the image would end up rotated from what it was originally.
  • If the viewer was set to fit-to-page or grow-to-page and you cropped an image and then zoomed in or out, the new zoom size was miscalculated (although only for that first jump).
  • Sub-menus set to open "above the menu button" would open on top of the button instead of above it, making it easy to accidentally click the bottom item.
  • Workaround for Send To -> Mail Recipient not working with Outlook 2003, due to Outlook 2003 loading its DLLs in an non-secure way which Opus 10 blocked by default.
  • Workaround for issue dragging attachments from Outlook to Opus, where Outlook would interpret the drop action as a Move rather than a Copy.
  • The @ifset directive can now be used to test which side of a dual display Lister is source (e.g. @ifset:source=left, @ifset:dest=left, @ifset:focus=right, etc)
  • Folder colors now work more reliably in libraries - a colored folder will show in both the library path as well as the real disk path, and library roots and individual member folders in the tree (if shown) can be colored
  • InfoTips now appear for files in Search Results collections if enabled for local drives only
  • Fixed problem with top-level checkbox behaviour in Sync results.
  • Toolbar buttons which run Set DUAL=vert and Set DUAL=horiz now have their visual state updated as soon as the dual-display orientation changes.
  • Invoking a user command and passing selected filenames to it with the {file} etc codes now works correctly.
  • Fixed problem where dummy/duplicate folders could appear in the tree underneath Libraries
  • Configuration restore from a library path now works
  • Display of duration, etc, now supported for .WTV files (the .wtv suffix must be added to the settings for the Movie plugin if it isn't already)
  • Fixed problem where a newly created zip file could be cached and incorrectly displayed as empty even after folder added to it (triggered by Copy ZIP=Single,KeepFolder command)
  • When the list was grouped, running the Select HIDEUNSEL command and then revealing hidden files would not correctly regroup the displayed files
  • Dragging a file with the right button from a library to a physical folder now displays the correct drop menu
  • The {leftpath} and {rightpath} control codes are now resolved correctly for library paths
  • The Customize / Keys list no longer considers disabled hotkeys as duplicates (drawn in red).
  • Drops on the tree and toolbar buttons no longer leave the drag image visible while processing the drop.
  • Double-click on list in Customize/Keys was unreliable
  • Fixed a layout/painting issue when resizing tree view
  • Using the command sequence {file$|noext} with Copy ADDTOARCHIVE CREATEFOLDER now works correctly
  • Dropping files on Go PATH toolbar buttons now respects the copy/move/link restrictions imposed by the drop target and also allows RMB drag to display a menu
  • Drags from archives handled by the Opus7Zip plugin now exclude Move operations for read-only archives (instead of leaving them available and showing an error message if they are attempted)
  • On Windows XP, the Find tool (and other things which trigger a progress bar or marquee behind the Location field) could cause excessive CPU usage and an unresponsive UI while taking longer than they should to complete.
  • Fixed problem with shortcuts to control panels on XP which didn’t work in Opus when double-clicked.
  • Context menu 'Search' command did not work on Drives folder tree under Windows XP.
  • Setting a description on a directory now works correctly when using NTFS descriptions (no longer complains that the descript.ion system is disabled).
  • In the Select Folder dialog (e.g. {dlgfolder} in a command), fixed the ability to type a new folder path and click OK to create that folder.
  • Fixed problem with Toolbar location fields not repainting in response to colour changes.
  • The Advanced Rename preview list was not updated correctly when selecting a preset that turns on or off the "Rename in sub-folders" option
  • Documents are now added to the system recent list when double-clicked
  • The Image drop-down in the Filter editor did not display a scrollbar
  • Changes to icon overlays (e.g. from TortoiseSVN) are now reflected in the folder tree correctly
  • In Windows 7, control panel shortcuts created by searching in the start menu didn’t always work in Opus.
  • Fixed problem with the Metapane being unable to edit certain image files (saving changes would fail, and leave a temporary file in the source directory)
  • In fullscreen/slideshow mode the viewer now properly hides the mouse cursor (previously it would flick on and off when the next image was loaded)
  • Find filters for certain Image fields (e.g. aspect ratio) did not work correctly
  • The Zip Comment command did not appear in the background context menu for zips in libraries
  • Applying a label to a folder via the tree (context menu) could result in the label being applied to the wrong folder; and in some cases, the originally selected folder in the tree would stop working until the tree was rebuilt
  • Flickr config data was left behind after deleting a Flickr account from Prefs.
  • The ActiveX plugin now assigns SVG files to Internet Explorer by default. (IE9 or above is required to display SVG files.)
  • The ActiveX plugin sets Windows Media Player to 100% volume, instead of its default 50%.
  • A button that starts with an @ifset: directive will now use the parameters for that directive as the basis for context sensitivity (e.g. as if it was a straight Set command) rather than the command that follows it.
  • Archives were not sorted correctly in the folder tree when listed below a library
  • File displays did not correctly respect the system drag-distance metric.
  • Saving the folder format "for all folders" now disables all the default format types
  • Grouping the file display by a metadata column that took a while to populate could cause rendering issues once all the metadata had been read
  • The {fd} command sequence did not correctly resolve the path of files in libraries
  • Adding folders to zip files with the Copy ZIP command did not work correctly in libraries
  • Tagging files in the viewer did not work for files in libraries.
  • The ContextMenu internal command did not work properly for files in libraries.
  • When alt-clicking to edit a toolbar button that was in a sub-menu of a chevron menu (e.g. had been pushed off-screen because the toolbar was too small) changes to the toolbar button would not be saved
  • When viewing a library in FlatView Grouped mode, make changes to folders could cause a dummy folder to be displayed in the library
  • Changing system locale settings now causes date and time columns to update immediately instead of on the next directory refresh.
  • Date/Time columns (e.g. "Modified") now align and truncate better. If the column isn't wide enough, the time part will be truncated first while keeping the date part lined up.
  • The internal sound player didn’t work on files in libraries
  • The FileType NEWNAME argument didn’t work correctly in libraries.
  • When ‘Preserve descriptions of copied files’ option is on, folder descriptions are now preserved as well as file descriptions
  • The Clipboard COPYNAMES=path command now copies the correct path when used within a Quick Find Results collection
  • In Libraries, the {infotip} sequence did not work in tooltips
  • The command “Rename FROM {filepath$|..|noterm} TO {file$|noext}” now works correctly.
  • Fixed problem where folders could incorrectly appear in Flat View (No Folders) mode if they were renamed.
  • The Copy AS argument now works correctly when creating a zip file
  • The Preferences tree control didn’t indicate when a branch had focus when not themed.
  • Fixed crash when right-clicking one item followed immediately by another item in the Styles menu
  • Reduced lag when smooth scrolling is enabled and repainting is slow. (e.g. Huge window in thumbnails mode with a background image.)
  • Fixed the look of status bar graphs with g=3 or g=4 on a glass background.
  • Fixed black square instead of context menu icon for Notepad++ on Windows XP.
  • Fixed support for drag and drop from Eudora
  • Fixed some cases where drag & drop on to a folder (or toolbar button which navigates to a folder) would not restrict the copy/move/link restrictions imposed by the drop source.
  • Fixed problem with jumplist icons and roaming profiles. (Jumplist icons are now cached into a roaming-profile folder, since the jumplist that refers to them is inherently stored in the roaming profile as well.)
  • Blacklisted problematic shell extension: Qualcomm Atheros Commnucations Bluetooth Suite (BtvAppExt.dll, {B8952421-0E55-400B-94A6-FA858FC0A39F}).
  • Fixed some painting issues with the Folder Options - Columns list when unthemed.
  • Fixed first item being given the focus after folder change if "automatically select first item" was turned on but another command quickly changed the selection/focus after the folder change.
  • With item-themes disabled, lasso-selection did not re-paint the left edge of the Name column until the mouse button was released.
  • The ActiveX plugin now sets Windows Media Player and Quicktime (and possibly others) to only play the selected file once, instead of in a loop.
  • The Find-As-You-Type field's "DOS Command" mode incorrectly used the colours configured for its "Command" mode, when triggered via the '?' keypress.
  • Fixed some painting issues with the Preferences page list when sections near the bottom were expanded and collapsed.
  • Fixed problem with the SSL library initialisation failing in some situations.
  • FTP Fixed issues with strange router/server reports of “unable to assign requested address”.
  • FTP Fixed issue with SFTP failing with “server key mismatch” for some servers.

Änderungen der Version (09.09.2011):

  • Verschiedene Korrekturen und kleinere Neuerungen

» Produktseite » Download » Onlineshop

Die wichtigsten Änderungen:

  • Verbesserte Kopierwarteliste - Bei aktiver Kopierwarteliste werden bei „Kopieren als“ und „Verschieben als“ neu Dateinamen direkt bei der Aufnahme aufgefragt und nicht erst wenn der entsprechende Vorgang startet.
  • Verbesserung der portablen Version – Beim USB-Export gibt es nun eine Option „Dieses Laufwerk als Dongle verwenden“, so dass man DOpus auch auf eine TrueCrypt-Partition exportieren kann. Das angegebene USB-Gerät ist dann der Dongle, der im System vorhanden sein muss, aber DOpus kann auf einem anderen Laufwerk abgelegt sein.
  • Verbesserter Suchen-Dialog - Der Dialog hat eine Option „Anzeige automatisch verkleinern“ erhalten. Während der Suche wird nun der Zustand in der Statusanzeige dargestellt, so dass man die Aktion auch bei verkleinerter Anzeige abbrechen kann.
  • Der Show-Befehl hat das Argument FULLSCREEN erhalten, damit der Anzeiger automatisch im Vollbildmodus starten kann.
  • Der GO-Befehl hat das Argument TABLOCKDIR erhalten.
  • Es können mehrere Ordner-Register (Tabs) auf einmal gesperrt/entsperrt werden.
  • Beim Öffnen eines Listers mit einer Suchen/Sync/Mehrzweckanszeige erhält diese und nicht die Dateiliste den Fokus.
  • Integration eines Caching-Systems für Symbolsets
  • Beim Speichern der Konfiguration wird nun auch berücksichtigt, dass alles im Benutzerprofil auf „nur-lesen“, „versteckt“ oder „System“ gesetzt sein könnte.
  • Beim Kopieren von Dateien und bei anderen Aktionen auf Ordner, die für normale Benutzer gesperrt sind, können diese Aktionen nach einer Rechteanhebung (UAC) durchgeführt werden.

Alle neuen Funktionen und Verbesserungen:

  • The new Opus 10 help file (manual) is now complete and is included with
  • With the copy queue enabled, Copy AS / Move AS now asks for new filenames (or rename pattern) when the operation is queued rather than when the job starts running
  • The USB export function now has a "Use as dongle" option which lets you export Opus to anywhere, using the nominated flash drive as a dongle only. This means, for example, that you can export to a TrueCrypt partition on the USB drive. When Opus is exported in this mode, the nominated USB drive must be present in the system for the exported licence to work, but Opus itself does not have to be run from that drive.
  • The Show command now has a FULLSCREEN argument to cause the viewer to open as full-screen automatically.
  • The Go command now has a TABLOCKDIR argument. This lets you revert a locked tab to its original "locked" folder (for example, you could bind the Go TABLOCKDIR command to a hotkey to let you press a key to get the same effect as clicking on the tab). When used with a non-locked tab, this argument simply returns the currently displayed folder (the same as Go CURRENT).
  • It is now possible to lock/unlock more than one folder tab at once:
    • From the tab context menu, hold Shift to lock all, Ctrl to lock all to right, and Ctrl+Shift to lock all to left
    • From the Go TABLOCK command, append "all", "left" or "right" parameters
  • The Tab Group list in Preferences now shows tabs with a defined label in italics, to distinguish them from tabs without a specified label
  • When the Go OPENCONTAINER command is used on an item in a library it will now open the real folder containing the item.
  • Added 'Automatically shrink panel' option to the Find panel. The Find function now also displays a busy indicator in the status bar, which makes it easier to abort the search if the panel is shrunk.
  • Configuration saving now works around issues caused by people or programs unintentionally setting the read-only, hidden or system attributes on everything in the user profile.
  • The desktop.ini file in the CD staging area is now hidden from the display of writeable CDs
  • If a Lister opens showing the find/sync/dupe panel, the panel is given focus rather than the file display
  • UAC Elevation is now used for reading (as well as writing) when copying files, and in other functions (like GetSizes, etc). So folders that are permissioned to deny access to normal users can now be copied after an elevation prompt.
  • In Find (etc.) filters, changed spacing of the attribute checkboxes so it's clearer which checkbox is for which attribute.
  • Implemented an Icon Set caching system:
  • Icon Sets .DIS files are now cached in a way which can greatly reduce startup time, especially if you either have a lot of sets installed or sets made of lots of individual images (rather than image maps).
    • If you were suffering from slow startup times due to icon sets then the first launch of Opus after this update will take slightly longer, as the cache is generated, but subsequent startups will be much, much faster. (e.g. 10 seconds down to 1 second, in the worst-case situation).
    • It is still worth deleting any icon sets you do not use, as they still add slightly to startup time and they also use up memory.

Behobene Fehler:

  • Google Desktop Search support was broken
  • Automated Find commands (those that use both NAME and IN arguments to automate the Find function) no longer inherit the previous settings of the Find dialog
  • SetAttr META * no longer modifies the file timestamps if this is disabled in Preferences
  • The Folder Options Save For All Folders + Layouts & Folder Tabs command did not correctly update folder tab groups
  • Prefs PAGE=imageshack now opens the correct page
  • Fixed problem where only the first file would be extracted from a zip file when the contents of the archive were dropped on the desktop
  • Fixed problem where metadata added to PDF files generated by GhostScript would not be recognised in other programs
  • Fixed some problems Tiles Mode had with background colours and blending.
  • Improvements to List mode column widths:
    • If auto-size columns option is on, columns will auto-size due to file renames / copies (as for Details mode).
    • If auto-size columns option is off and a specific width is set, columns will be fixed to that width.
  • BitLockered removable drives now display a password prompt when trying to access them in Opus (same as in Explorer).
  • PDF documents no longer display 01/01/1601 for Document Created and Last Saved columns when the dates are unset.
  • Now supports 2-bpp grayscale PNG images.
  • CLI DOSPROMPT color= argument did not parse the supplied color string properly
  • Page Up/Down in power/details mode would jump up one line before paging down if visual styles were disabled (or on XP).
  • Fixed issue with archives that could cause a progress bar to open and never close when copying files to the clipboard
  • 'Open in New Tab' from the context menu on an items in the Favorites menu now works correctly
  • If the status bar used an MP3 time field ({tmp3} etc) the times are now properly calculated in the icon modes
  • Fixed crash when trying to load a 2-bpp PNG image.
  • 32-bpp BMP thumbnails were invisible when part of Opus-generated folder thumbnails.
  • Raw camera thumbnails were not properly rotated in Opus-generated folder thumbnails.
  • Updated to latest libpng (security fixes).
  • Context menu items flagged with "LegacyDisable" are now hidden. This in turn means disabling items using NirSoft's ShellMenuView now works with Opus, and Opus no longer shows duplicate Foobar2000 context menus on folders.
  • Fixed potential crash in My Computer display when a particular USB device is inserted.
  • The ZIP "Save full file paths" option is now respected when adding files from a collection to a zip file.
  • Renaming an item into a sub-folder did not work in libraries.
  • Improved prevention of multiple UAC prompts. e.g. If you do Get Sizes on C:\Windows and decline the UAC prompt, you no longer get multiple prompts appearing.
  • Fixed crash when saving a folder format from the Folder Options dialog if the Folder Formats Prefs dialog was also open and showing a path format's editor.
  • Fixed problem reading FTP folders with # characters at the ends of names.
  • Fixed crash in FTP SFTP code caused by garbage chars in login status responses from the server.
  • Fixed FTP SFTP not re-prompting for password in some cases when the originally given password was incorrect.
  • The Go ROOT command now behaves normally in a "locked-allow-changes" tab (the previous behaviour, of returning to the locked directory, is now provided by Go TABLOCKDIR).
  • The "hotkey disabled" flag wasn't being saved for toolbar buttons.
  • Flickr sync now handles accented characters in image titles
  • The SetAttr META * command now correctly clears the "genre" field in MP3 files
  • The SetAttr META * command would not clear the "tags" field if multiple files with different tags were selected
  • When files are passed to commands in FlatView (e.g. the Rename command), Opus now tries to keep the order the same as in the file display
  • It is now possible to edit tab labels (by pressing F2, or slow-double click) in the Preferences Tab Groups page
  • The Duplicate Files Delete Mode did not work properly in a library (files would not actually be deleted)
  • Resizing an image with 'keep aspect ratio' and only the width specified produced an incorrect height
  • SetAttr META didn't work (and in fact would crash) in collections (including quick search results collections)
  • Extracting an archive to a folder from the context menu did not work in a library sub-folder
  • The 'hotkey disabled' flag wasn't being saved for toolbar buttons.
  • Wildcard file filters and the Find function now properly identify ü and Ü as the same letter (and the same for other accented letters -- similar to the fix for the FAYT field in the previous version)
  • Clicking on lib:// path components in the file display border, if library member folders were set to be shown individually, could sometimes fail to read the directory clicked on.
  • If the Lister was below a certain size vertically, shrinking and then expanding the utility panel could cause it to appear underneath (in z-order terms) the file displays
  • The 'Automatically select next file after deleting' option now applies in the folder tree as well as in the file display (so if you delete a folder from the tree and this option is on, the folder's sibling will be selected rather than its parent)
  • Double-clicking on Office shortcuts now works (again)
  • Fixed crash in Raw Digital Camera plugin if image loading was started and then immediately cancelled (e.g. when moving through images using the cursor keys while the viewer pane was open).
  • EXIF metadata strings encoded as UTF-8 were sometimes not recognised as such
  • The USB Launcher stub now checks for a minimum of XP SP3 before attempting to launch Opus.
  • The Go LAYOUT command now respects the layout's mouse-relative checkbox.
  • The MD5 column no longer displays the "" message if the file is locked by another process
  • Send To menu shortcuts that refer to a file (rather than a folder) on a network share are now supported
  • Fixed crash reading metadata from some mal/strangely-formed exif tags
  • Using ' to escape wildcard characters did not work unless the pattern also contained a (non-escaped) wildcard. e.g. Select "Moo '(Cow')" wouldn't work.
  • The FAYT field now properly identifies ü and Ü as the same letter (and the same for other accented letters presumably)
  • Fixed problem with Lister coming to front on file change, triggered by previously performing a drag & drop when the Lister was not active
  • Fixed crash when browsing to (empty?) Homegroup folder
  • Selecting certain jumplist actions in other programs could cause Opus to be started unnecessarily (if not already running)
  • The Metapane now recognises when Admin mode is active and won't display a redundant UAC prompt
  • Deleting a library member folder from the tree now works properly
  • If a folder was created in a library which had been expanded in the tree, but the member folder HADN'T been expanded previously, subsequently expanding it would cause the newly created folder to be doubled (or sometimes tripled?) up
  • Fixed the Folder Tree re-rooting itself when it shouldn't in some cases
  • Sorting by the Label column was not always reliable
  • MP3 tags stored as ASCII (Latin1) are now converted using the default system codepage instead of always using ANSI
  • Fixed some problems with the replace dialog not showing jumbo icons when it could, and enlarging tiny thumbnails when it shouldn't
  • The Duplicate finder didn't update its saved path-list when closed if no dupe-check was actually performed after changing the paths.
  • The Duplicate finder, when the path-lock was on, merged its saved path-list with the current path when opening instead of replacing the path-list with the current path.
  • The Hours/minutes were swapped around for the Time field in the Simple Find dialog
  • The "Kaspersky Safe Folder" application is now supported better in the native My Computer view
  • Hot paths in the file display border were not underlined in the lower file display of a dual-horizontal Lister, if folder tabs were on top.
  • Opus no longer asks the Windows shell to extract document metadata (e.g. Author) from TIFF files larger than 64MB, by default. (The limit can be changed via Prefs / Misc. / Advanced / tiff_max_doc_metadata) This avoids problems with excessive memory usage when obtaining attributes and metadata for large TIFF files which were saved by Photoshop (which can write hundreds of meg of proprietary data into the TIFF headers).
  • The Viewer now saves its placement when closed even if set to autosize when opened. This fixes a problem where the viewer's maximized (or not) state was never updated if it was set to auto-size, leaving you stuck in (or out of) maximized mode unless you thought to turn off autosize, open, move and close the viewer, then set autosize back how you wanted it.
  • When the viewer opens, the autosize mode still overrides the placement, as before. So, effectively, the maximized flag is just remembered now, instead of being stuck however it was.
  • Fix for double-clicks not working on filetypes where the class name contains two path components. e.g. "PCOMW\WS"
  • Advanced Rename dialog script checkbox didn't always become checked/unchecked when toggled, until the mouse moved away.
  • Advanced Rename dialog changed size slightly each time it was opened (if the preview or script panels were visible).
  • When tagging an image in the full-screen viewer, the tick that appeared had white bars above and below it.
  • The Advanced button editor size reduced slightly each time it was opened.
  • Fixed a crash in some (rare) cases when using the Windows Search integrat

Änderungen der Version (17.06.2011):

  • Verschiedene Korrekturen und kleinere Neuerungen

» Produktseite » Download » Onlineshop

Neue Funktionen und Verbesserungen:

  • Die Option „Neue und kopierte Dateien sortieren“ wurde in der Sektion „Voreinstellungen > Dateioperationen“ wieder eingeführt.
  • Für den Dateigruppentyp „Bilder“ wurde dem Kontextmenü der Standardbefehl „in Google Earth lokalisieren“ hinzugefügt.
  • Wenn „Neu > Ordner“ (bzw. andere Optionen vom Typ „Neu“) verwendet wird, und gleichzeitig Filter verwendet werden, die normalerweise das neue Objekt ausblenden würden, ist die Eingabe nun zu sehen, so dass es beim Inline-Umbenennen zu keinen Irritationen kommt. Wenn das fertige Objekt nach dem Umbenennen nicht zum Filter passt, wird es ausgeblendet.
  • Listerlayouts stellen ihre Fenster nun in einer festgelegten Reihenfolge wieder her und gewährleisten somit eine verlässliche Sortierung in der Taskleiste, wenn das selbe Layout geöffnet wird.
  • Wenn der Zielordner eine beschreibbare CD ist, wird {destpath} üblicherweise dem Temp-Ordner für das CD-Brennen zugeordnet. Jetzt ist es möglich, dies durch den Befehl @nolocalizefiles zu verhindern und stattdessen zur CD selbst hin zu verlinken, für den seltenen Fall, dass dies erwünscht sein könnte (etwa beim Öffnen eines neuen Fensters für den aktuellen Ordner).
  • Erkennt nun den Registrywert HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\link zum Deaktivieren des Suffixes „Kopie von“ bei Verknüpfungen korrekt.
  • Das Metadatenpanel unterstützt nun gespeicherte Metadaten im Format XMP, sowie EXIF-Daten in JPEG2000 und DNG.
  • Neue Unterstützung für die Kategorie „Andere“ in der nativen Anzeige für „Mein Computer“. Geräte wie die Gmail-Festplatte, sowie portable Geräte, wie Digitalkameras, werden hier angezeigt.
  • Beim Löschen von Ordnern, die den Zugriff verweigern (zum Beispiel WindosImageBackup), versucht Opus jetzt die Zugriffsregeln zu ändern, dass beispielsweise Löschen ermöglicht wird (gleiches Verhalten wie im Explorer)
  • „Suchen“ gibt der von der Ausgabe erzeugten Dateisammlung einen einzigartigen Namen, wenn ein anderes Suchen-Fenster geöffnet ist und gerade eine Ausgabe getätigt hatte. Dies kann unter „Voreinstellungen > Verschiedenes > Erweitert > find_unique_collections“ deaktiviert werden.
  • Der Status der Filter Kopieren/Löschen kann nun in Listerlayouts gespeichert werden.
  • Wildcardpfadformate behandeln „/“ und „\“ gleich, so dass dieses Muster bei realen als auch bei URL-artigen Pfaden wie etwa in Bibliotheken funktioniert.
  • Das „Speichern“-Ausklappmenü in den Ordneroptionen hat nun eine zusätzliche Option zum Updaten des Formats für diesen Ordner (oder für alle Ordner) in allen gespeicherten Layouts/Stilen/Registergruppen.
  • Es wurde eine neue Option unter „Voreinstellungen > Verschiedenes > Erweitert“ mit dem Namen gloss_and_gradients hinzugefügt, mit dem der neue Gradientenstil in der Oberfläche von DirectoryOpus 10 deaktiviert werden kann.
  • Beim Gruppieren bestimmter Felder für Digitalbilder (ausgedrückt als Bruchteil oder Dezimalwert, beispielsweise die Belichtungszeit) werden diese Gruppen nun nummerisch sortiert und nicht mehr alphabetisch.
  • Eine alternative Methode zum Kaskadieren von statischen Menüs in Windows 7 wurde eingeführt.
  • Der Kopierfortschrittsdialog ist jetzt immer in der Größe anpassbar, nicht nur, wenn die Kopierwarteliste angezeigt wird.
  • Es wurde das Verhalten wieder eingeführt, Ordner alphabetisch sortiert zu erhalten, und somit das Flag „Sortierreihenfolge umkehren“ zu ignorieren.
  • Die Farbauswahlpipette erlaubt die manuelle Eingabe von Werten und hat des Weiteren eine Funktion zum Kopieren/Einfügen von Farbwerten, ebenso wie die Möglichkeit, zwischen der Anzeige in hex/dezimal auszuwählen.
  • Wiedereinsetzung der Option „Der Hoch-Schalter bewirkt ein 'Hoch zurück' in der Dateianzeige“
  • Umfassende Unterstützung von sehr großen Symbolen für die Miniaturanzeige (256x256 in Vista und höher).
  • Überarbeitete Unterstützung des RAW-Formats für einige neue Digitalkameramodelle.

Behobene Fehler:

  • Adding or modifying a wildcard label assignment in File and Folder Colors now properly refreshes the folder tree
  • Fixed a case where if you deleted your current folder and were moved back to the parent, the parent folder would remain in the history list (so clicking Back then took you nowhere)
  • Made some changes to NavLock where it will try to get itself back in sync automatically in some cases
  • Rename Script output no longer appears in the FTP 'All Activity' log
  • Fixed crash in Customize when clearing the hotkey from a floating toolbar button via the Keys page
  • "Toolbar POS=mouse" was broken.
  • If Windows Search is not installed on Windows XP, Opus now reports this when trying to perform a search
  • Fixed problem where the 'Undo All Changes' toolbar context menu could leave orphaned/cloned location/search fields on toolbar
  • Viewer Panel now remembers when Zoom Size was set to Grow to Page last time it was used
  • Fixed redraw problem when collapsing tree item containing current selection
  • Fixed scrolling the utility pane along one axis resetting the scroll position of the other axis.
  • Fixed potential crash in File Collections when fields like Description were enabled
  • Using Copy To / Move To in the standalone Viewer no longer causes focus to be lost (breaking keyboard input)
  • Fixed problem where tree item would lose its expand/collapse box when it only has temporary items below it
  • Fixed problem where refresh when in archive would boot you to the parent folder if archives not normally shown in tree
  • Tree now respects label colors for drive-letter roots.
  • Zip SFX was checking for wrong size maximum zip file
  • Zip folder format was not applied for archives within libraries.
  • Search results collections (from Windows Search) are now shown properly in the tree if the tree doesn't start from the Desktop
  • The option for "User Profile folder" in the tree now works under Vista as well as Win7
  • Fixed potential crash when accessing NFS shares via drive buttons
  • "Go TABGROUPLIST=icons" was generating buttons with the wrong icon names, resulting in smiley-face placeholder icons instead of tab icons (unless you still had an old icon-set installed).
  • Fixed (Win)RAR progress dialog showing bogus byte-counts that were really percentages ("50 bytes / 100 bytes")
  • Fixed crash from image metadata when GPS tags stored in XMP format
  • Fixed problems creating 7z(etc.) archives due to an error introduced in
  • Thumbnail size would go to minimum if you used a command like "Show THUMBNAILSIZE +32" to adjust the size relative to its current value in a lister where the size had not been adjusted before.
  • Viewer now updates its window position properly if you move it, then switch it to full-screen and then close it. - Before it would not update its saved position at all if closed while full-screen. - Now it remembers the position it would have used had it been toggled out of full-screen mode. - This way, if you move the viewer to another monitor and full-screen it, it will open on that monitor the next time; you don't have to exit full-screen first to save the change. - Note: This does not mean the viewer will be full-screen next time you open it; that's still a separate option in Prefs. Just means your non-full-screen size/placement changes are not ignored if you happen to close it when it's full-screen.
  • Fixed checkbox positioning in Power/Details modes when icons were turned off.
  • Fixed checkbox positioning in List and Small Icon modes, especially with themed items.
  • Fixed List-mode checkboxes not painting properly (e.g. when toggled) when themed items were disabled.
  • Changed the way file displays get their icons and overlays, so that on Vista/Win7 if an icon overlay handler is installed that provides overlays for junctions/softlinks it will show the correct overlay in Opus
  • Folders with an ampersand in their name are now displayed correctly in the Breadcrumbs bar's dropdown menus
  • Alt+Click on a folder tree in a dual Lister always opened the new tab in the left-hand file display, even if the click was on the right-hand tree
  • Fixed problem with keyboard range selection (shift+cursor up/down) in any of the "icon" modes immediately after entering a new folder
  • A command that combines Set FLATVIEW=On followed by the Select command will now wait for the FlatView read to finish before performing the selection
  • Improved performance of the filter bar when filtering large directories
  • Fix for PATH environment variable losing 'user' path components if something made temporary (not saved between reboots) additions to the path variable.
  • Fixed display error with XMP metadata that could result in multiple repetitions of a string in some metadata fields
  • The "date only" fields now sort only by date rather than date/time when there is a subsequent sort column specified
  • Improvements to attempt to reduce excessive memory usage when loading large TIFF images
  • Turning off Opus ZIP did not update the archive context menu page until Prefs was exited and re-entered
  • Now supports .PSB (Photoshop large) images properly
  • The "Prevent loading of certain types of folders" setting was not respected for a new Lister with multiple tabs
  • The SELECT SOURCETODEST command now causes the destination file list to be rebuilt (meaning a subsequent command in the same function that uses {filepathdest} will pick up the newly selected files
  • Drag & drop from latest Thunderbird versions was broken
  • The Set Metadata dialog now works properly in libraries
  • Files added to collections with the Copy command that specified the filename on the command line, would add them with invalid timestamps
  • Status bar would show incorrect disk space values for DFS redirected share
  • Fixed layout issue with vertical toolbar between tree and file display in dual-horizontal layout
  • The Wildcard Folder Format dialog now lets you enter a lib:// style path
  • CLI DOSPROMPT buttons did not update their enable/disable state correctly when switching tabs
  • The Duplicate Finder did not put the results collection display into grouped mode unless the Delete Mode option was checked.
  • If a Duplicate search had been run, and then you switched to another tab and clicked either the Select or Delete buttons in the Duplicates panel, they would act on the active tab instead of the tab containing the results
  • Fixed background of Preferences (and other) dialogs when using Windows themes that don't use a bitmap to draw the tab control background
  • Added an additional MIME type for DNG images in the metadata pane
  • Fixed problem where folder tabs would sometimes jump around if you clicked them and the machine was under heavy load
  • Fixed a crash that could result from browsing to some virtual file systems on Windows XP (e.g. a mobile device)
  • Fixed a problem with the Viewer pane that prevented files in libraries from working with some plugins (e.g. movie files)
  • Document metadata (Author, Title, etc) in the file display now works in libraries
  • Fixed some context menu commands not working on files in libraries
  • Add to / Extract from 7zip plugin archives now works from the context menu in libraries
  • Fixed crash that could occur in some (rare) cases when moving the mouse off the status bar padlock's tooltip
  • Fixed folder tabs background image not appearing on one side of the Lister in some cases
  • No longer displays garbled metadata for encrypted PDF files (currently does not display anything - we hope to support these in the future)
  • Fixed crash when right-clicking on a file in Explorer when ALL Opus archive support is disabled
  • Fixed an error that meant selecting a third-party context menu extension on the root of a drive could trigger the New->Folder command instead
  • With the 'Display localized folder names' option disabled, folders are now sorted in the tree according to their non-localized names
  • If you dragged a folder tab *down* or *up* (depending on top or bottom tab state) the tabs would jump around when the mouse was below (above) the tab but still over the tab bar.
  • The File count/Dir count/etc columns would clash when turned on at the same time as the Rating column
  • Paste of files to libraries didn't work from the context menu of the library itself
  • The replace confirmation dialog is now automatically resized if the description or filename strings are too wide for the controls
  • The viewer's next/previous list was not properly resolved when it came from an archive inside a library
  • Fixed problems with navigation lock losing sync one level too soon when going up on or against an FTP site
  • Fixed problems where the source file display would be refreshed (and lose its scroll position) after copying to an FTP site in the destination with navigation lock turned on
  • Menus where all items had labels above/below their icons, and icons wider than their labels, would draw the icons on top of the line that delineates the menu's left-hand strip.
  • The overflow menu for toolbars docked to the bottom of the screen would appear on top of the chevron/overflow button, meaning if you clicked and released to open the menu you'd end up selecting the bottom item before you'd even seen it.
  • Glass and Transparent toolbars docked to the left or right would draw buttons past the overflow scroll buttons when in customize mode.
  • Pop-up menus configured to open above or below their parent button would open covering it if their contents were too tall to fit above or below. This resulted in problems like accidentally selecting a favorite when clicking & releasing to open the menu because the favorites list was so long it made one of the favorites appear under the mouse pointer. In situations like this, the menu is now shifted to the right or left of the parent button.
  • Added a new method of reconnecting network drives which seems to have resolved all outstanding issues with network drives
  • Fixed some cases where the Copy/Delete Filter flag from the destination Lister could affect a copy - now it should only consider the flag in the source Lister
  • Fixed a problem where Shift-Page Up/Down or Home/End did not work in List mode immediately after entering a folder
  • When the Find panel is opened in a Lister with multiple tabs, its location now defaults to that of the active tab
  • Context menus from the Breadcrumbs or File Display Border did not always associate their commands with the current Lister, meaning commands like 'Open in New Folder Tab' could sometimes open a new Lister instead of a new tab
  • The tree and the file displays now will not go into inline rename mode if you click on an already selected file and the window was not currently active
  • Fixed problems where certain combinations of Folder Tree options could result in unnecessary tree rebuilds and doubling-up of some items
  • Fixed repaint issue when resizing Folder Tree with a virtual folder (like Recycle Bin) open in the file display
  • Folder-Tab lock states were not restored in layouts which had the "ignore folder formats" flag set
  • Fixed a crash extracting metadata from some particular PDF files
  • A button combining Set COPYFILTER=on with the Copy command now correctly applies the filter
  • In Japanese translation, default toolbars will no longer be assigned accelerator keys using Japanese characters (will only pick Roman characters from the label)
  • Fixed error/crash sending certain long command lines to Opus via dopusrt /col
  • The FTP site properties command was incorrectly disabled when added to a toolbar
  • Fixed crash when extracting EXIF data from JPEGs etc, when XResolution/YResolution tags are malformed
  • If a lister was maximized, then minimized, then saved to a layout, when you load the layout the minimized lister will now be maximized when activated.
  • Fixed problem that could cause mouse tracking over details/power mode items to be out of alignment
  • Document/Video/EXIF date/time fields now respect the settings for day names and seconds (i.e. they now display in the same format as the modified / create / last accessed date/time fields
  • A Go FOLDERCONTENT menu pointing to a folder containing links to folders now works from a floating toolbar even if no current lister is open
  • Fixed some issues with raw photos being rotated incorrectly.
  • Tree sorting with localized names disabled now correctly sorts uses the "real" names
  • Toolbar buttons now enabled when files are selected in virtual folders (e.g. recycle bin)
  • Resource leak in Copy progress dialog
  • Libraries don't support delete to Recycle Bin
  • It was possible to cause a crash by holding down the F5 key to generate multiple refreshes simultaneously
  • Windows XP - Virtual folders don't repaint properly when tree is resized
  • Prefs up/down page button state (enable/disable) was not updated after changing pages with the buttons themselves or with the back/forward media keys.
  • Cursor key scrolling goes wrong in List mode with thin window.
  • Left/Right cursor keys jump incorrect number of files in list (and vertical tile) view mode
  • When a sub-collection is renamed and the parent collection refreshed, the renamed sub-collection disappears from the display
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when generating thumbnails or extracting metadata from images with XMP tags
  • CD case coverart image can now scale to full thumbnail size if user has increased maximum thumbnail size above 256
  • In details/power mode, with 1 pixel of extra line spacing, gridlines turned on and a colour set for the sort column, the gridlines were not displayed in the sort column
  • Problems with the "Select Folder" dialog and libraries (would show an internal library path in the text field, rather than a "user-friendly" path, if you selected a library folder from the tree it would always ask you to create a new folder, and create new folder didn't work)
  • AudioTags plugin now recognises more non-iTunes AAC format variations.
  • 100% CPU usage caused by entering folder with malformed EXE (DivxInstaller.exe).
  • Power mode inline rename via long-click was broken
  • Rename from the folder tree context menu did not activate inline rename, but instead opened the rename dialog
  • A context menu command like 'Open in New folder tab' did not work properly from the tree
  • If the system "short date" format had spaces in it, date/time column rendering was jumbled.
  • Date/time columns now display ... at the left if the string is too wide for the column
  • With a certain combination of tree options, accessing a user folder like My Pictures that had been moved from its default location could sometimes result in the tree entering an endless rebuild loop
  • Workaround for crash caused by UltraCompare illegally broadcasting messages in the WM_APP range when started.
  • Windows Search integration sometimes didn't work on Vista
  • Go "@site//path/to/subdir" didn't respect SSL/SSH settings for FTP addressbook entry
  • Icon modes sometimes tracked the wrong item under the mouse.
  • Viewer Next/Prev list didn't work in libraries.
  • Could no longer paste clipboard images directly into FTP sites.
  • Disconnected network drives were not shown in My Computer or drive toolbars
  • Fixed two rendering issues with full row, themes + extra line spacing
  • Fix crash with particular exe being misidentified as a zip file
  • Folder Tabs now draw unthemed if their colors are overridden. No longer blended with the theme.
  • Fixed shell folder thumbnails within libraries.
  • Folder Tree selection colour was blended to the standard window color, rather than the tree's actual background which may be different.
  • Fixed anomaly in response to naughty FTP servers that return FEAT response for MLST but with no defined parameters which could cause an anomalous OPTS MLST to be sent causing timeout.


 · Windows 10/8/7/XP
 · Windows 2012/2008/2003
 · 32- und 64-Bit-Windows

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