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In Febrary 2006 Alinea Computer took over the distribution of our
Amiga software products AmigaWriter, ArtEffect and StormC.
Please contact them for sales and support.

These webpages are remaining online to provide you with some information and support.
But please be aware that we can not answer technical or
support questions related to Amiga products any more.
Thanks for your understanding.


The real speed is Warp speed...









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The author Sam Jordan wants to hear your comments, wishes etc.




The high-speed kernel for PowerPC


12. January 2001
The Quantum Leap: StormC 4
The new version of the well-known development system will be a quantum leap: Network capabilities, distributed Make, CVS, modified GCC compiler with Amiga hunk format, global full text search, StormC 4extended editor, debugging of tasks and shared libraries and the new StormDOC.

The most important feature of the new developers system is the step forwards towards the new AmigaOS. At the moment everything still runs on the Classic Amiga, and that is how it will be presented, but everything was developed anew with easy portability in mind.

more Information

30 Nov 99:
WarpUP mailing list
We just opened a WarpUP mailing list to provide a better connection between programmers, users and us. Everyone is invited to join the list to discuss ideas and problems with WarpUP. The list is managed by Sam Jordan.

22 April 99:
WarpUP Release 4
After intensive work and countless tests the new release of WarpUP can go public. The text describes the news and the new tools. You will find the release and the update in our support area. Download

Tips on WarpUP
Sometimes the usage of WarpUP comes with some problems. A special document provides you with some tips on how such problems can be solved.
Tips on WarpUP

Free choice PPC kernel petition

This petition is to try and get phase5 to remove the ppc.library from always being present on the BlizzardPPC cards thus allowing other kernels to work and the user to choose his or her own.

Release of Warp3D and StormMesa 3.0
The first version of the hardware independent 3D driver system Warp3D is available. Finally there exists a way to use the power of 3D graphics boards, as it is done on other platforms for a long time. More

Announcement - Warp3D
Warp3D is a new hardware independent 3D driver system for 3D graphics boards. News

Update of the PPCWorld pages
Some new entries and a new form to submit new ones. Many thanks to Benjamin Dauhrer for his help.

WarpUP 3.1 released!
The new version of WarpUP runs with BVision/CVision and the new BlizzardPPC libs.
Download. There is also a new "BouncePPC" version (MESA) that is twice as fast as the former one (small bug ;-)). Download

Welcome to the world of PowerPC
This is the first release of our new web page on PowerPC. It contains information and a list of PPC programs. We welcome any suggestion and additional information on this subject.

p5 meets H19-May-98:
phase 5 and H&P want to continue their support for PPC
phase 5 and H&P are in talks since Saturday to come to an cooperation on supporting PPC (
official Press text). Together with Index (UK) and other manufactures they want to hand a plan to Amiga Inc. to guarantee support and development for the existing Amigas as well as the existing AmigaOS. Jeff Schindler has already shown big interest in this. (Photo by Thomas Wenzel)

These are the developers information of the Extended Hunk Format that is used by StormC to support the PowerUP boards.

WarpUP Release 3 - The Challenge
The highlight of the new release of WarpUP is the new
dynamic scheduler to provide an excellent multitasking. There is now also a true hardware driver system. The new version also support the BlizzardPPC boards of phase5. Please get all the Information and do the Download

WarpUP Release 2
The new release covers and improved and extended version of WarpUP. There are also new and updated demos that demonstrate the power of WarpUP. All demos now also support Picasso96.
There is also an update for all of you who already downloaded an earlier version.

WarpUP - Warp up your PowerUP board
WarpUP offers a high-speed PPC-native EXEC that speeds up your PowerPC dramatically. Info