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In Febrary 2006 Alinea Computer took over the distribution of our
Amiga software products AmigaWriter, ArtEffect and StormC.
Please contact them for sales and support.

These webpages are remaining online to provide you with some information and support.
But please be aware that we can not answer technical or
support questions related to Amiga products any more.
Thanks for your understanding.


T3D PackagingBrings workstation-class 3D graphics to your Amiga!

Tornado3D 3.0

Tornado3D is a fantastic program for calculating virtual worlds. It is most certainly a milestone in raytracing and animation, and its working speed is really breathtaking. Even the first version, presented near the end of 1997, was able to convince the professional world. In the mean time, hundreds of new functions have been added to it, and have catapulted Tornado3D in the High-End sector.



10 Oct 99: T3D PowerPack Vol. I
PowerPack IEyelight is proud to announce that the first volume of the PowerPack series is ready and shipping. PowerPack Volume I: Image Maps, is a collection of professionally painted and acquired image maps suitable for any rendering package. more...

10 Oct 99: Tornado3D v3.0
Eyelight plans to release Version 3.0 on 21. October 1999. Those who buy v2.1 now will be able to download 3.0 for free from Eyelight's webpage. Info

T3D advertising04 Aug 99: New T3D advertising
A new ad for T3D in our new advertising style recently appeared in a German magazine.
The ad in a better resolution (608x437, 83 kB).

23 April 99:
Tornado3D v2.0 SE
This special version of Tornado3D has all you need to create breath-taking 3D graphics and animation at a very reasonable price and with a full upgrade option. Includes PowerPC and Virge3D support. You can get this outstanding 3D package for only 199 DM. Offer

31 Mar 99:
New Pics in Tornado3D Gallery
There are some great new pictures in the Tornado3D gallery. It's worth a look. Gallery

Tornado3D v2.1
The new Tornado3D v 2.1 with a lot of outstanding features is available now. Registered customers can download the Update 2.1 for free from the Internet.

Tornado3D v2.0 released!
Version 2.0 of Tornado3D is now available. It offers amazing new features that make it the top 3D program for the Amiga. A list of those features can be found here:
List. The new price for version 2.0 is 898 DM. Registered users can request the update for free from Eyelight. If there are problems the update, please contact Eyelight directly.

In the current issue of German Amiga Plus 7/98 Tornado3D v1.5 got the rating "
Editors Choice".

Tornado3D "FREE 2.0" special offer has been extended to June, the 30th 1998
When you buy Tornado3D now and send you register card to Eyelight until June, 30th 1998 then Eyelight offers you a free update to Tornado3D v2.0 through their web page.
Update to T3D v1.75

New Tornado3D 1.5 Demo
The current demo version of Tornado3D v1.5 is now available on our FTP server.

Tornado3D v1.5
All registered users will get the update free of charge from Eyelight. Whoever didn't register yet should do this now to get the update.
Features of the update.

Tornado3D Gallery
Some outstanding pictures and animations done with Tornado3D.

Tornado3D Mailing List
Finally we could open the Tornado3D mailing list. Everyone can join it now. Mailing list

Mailing list
Updates (online)
FAQ (online)

Volume I

Volume II
Volume III


Tornado3D v2.1 + free download of 3.0 costs
898 DM
(~498 US$).

order now

A demo version is available on our FTP server. Download

Starting with v2.0 T3D has full PPC support on all preview and rendering modes.

Tornado3D is produced and distributed by
Tornado3D is also distributed outside Italy by HAAGE & PARTNER (world-wide).

Press Reviews

Award"Editor's Choice"
Amiga Plus 7/98 for Tornado3D v1.5.

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