Amiga "No Piracy" Campaign

Hello dear AMIGAns,

through many discussions with representatives from Amiga-firms I know, that pirate copies play an increasing part in the daily struggle for existence. It's obvious, that many people still haven't recognized the fact that this is not an "innocent" crime. Amiga-products, and especially game conversions, rely extremely on sales success. Often this isn't guaranteed anymore. Sure, the Amiga-community has become fairly small over the years. One should think however, that those left in the community really belong to the loyal few Amigans, whose only purpose is to support the Amiga, and strengthen it. This makes it even harder to understand for me and others, that pirate-copies exist in excessive numbers, and those who distribute them, feel like they a accomplish a great feat. Yet it really isn't hard to put a full version with serial number on the net. That's why it's about time, that every Amigan is informed about this situation, so that everyone will realize, what using and distributing of pirate-copies, especially on the small Amiga-market, causes - firms draw back and projects, especially in the games-segment, are abandoned... This really needs to be clear to everybody!!!

To cut a long story short

are looking for support. First of all I am looking for a graphics-artist for a good logo, people who will bring the theme to the point in writing (of course in all languages), and someone, who helps me with the organization. When texts and graphics are ready, a small logo should appear on every Amiga-homepage, with a link to the action-site. We could also run an autogram-action on this page, and so on. Ideas are welcome.

Of course H&P will be a sponsor, and supply one or the other software-package to the helpers. I think one could also win other companies for this action, so that it could really appeal for those who cooperate ;-) Of course I hope for help because of the cause in the first place.

If you're interested you should contact me directly at Please use the subject line:
No Piracy Campaign

Many thanks for the support.

Markus Nerding

This graphic was kindly supplied by Harald Wörner for this action.

I am looking forward to further suggestions, also a short campaign line.

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