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20 Jan 2000: How to act when running into a pirate site
Kent Seaton posted some instructions in the NoPiracy forum which I want to publish here as well. How to act...

16 Dec 99:
NoPiracy Forum opened
Thanks to the help of Amiga.org a new NoPiracy board is online now. It is open for all discussions on Software Piracy. NoPiracy Forum

16 Dec 99: Poll on Piracy
Since some weeks there is a poll on Piracy on the Amiga. If you want to vote or just have a look: poll

13 Dec 99:
An Animation and some Banners
NoPiracy Campaign Banner 1Finally the banners (1, 2, 3) that Harald Wörner had sent me some time ago.

graphics/Kuehni.jpg22 Nov 99: Another logo suggestion
Alex Kühni from Switzerland just sent us this one.

27 Oct 99:
New Logos

Harald Wörner did some variations of the "No Piracy" logo. They now contain the company title. Some days ago I also got a new logo from Simon Neumann (Amiga Revolution).
I would be glad if those logos would be spread with a link to http://www.amiga-planet.de/nopiracy/. Harald Wörner is on the way to design a banner too. Ideas are welcome.

30 Sept 99:
More and more Amiga users, Amiga magazines and Amiga clubs give the campaign their support. That is very encouraging. There are already some sites that show the NoPiracy logo.

Unfortunately I do not have the time to care for a new secure discussion board. Maybe there is someone that has an idea or can even care of that. I am open to any suggestion.

I am also still looking for buttons and banners in common sizes that are done in the style of the logo with a matching text (e.g. "NoPiracy Campaign", "I support NoPiracy Campaign", ...).

09 Sept 99:
Discussion forum temporary closed
The discussion forum is temporary closed because of an error in the webboard script. Please be patient.

05 Sept 99:
"No Piracy" discussion forum opened
The discussion forum is now open and the logo campaign can start finally.

Finally I was able to set up a basic discussion forum for the "No Piracy" campaign. I hope you all will share ideas here.

Unfortunately I will not be in the office for about 2 weeks, so don't wonder when I will not answer mails or post something in this forum.

I hope you all agree with the logo I have chosen. Obviously you are free to choose any other logo from the campaign page or your another one as well. I think there should be a text besides the logo to make it even clearer that it is the NO PIRACY campaign. Everyone can submit ideas by putting it on his homepage and adding the optional image URL below.

I would be glad if all interested people would start to put a logo with the text "NO PIRACY", "NO PIRACY Campaign" or something similar on their homepage. A link to http://www.amiga-planet.de/nopiracy/ would be fine but this is not a must.

I already got some e-mail were people told me why they think piracy harms the Amiga and some also told me why they stopped to use pirated copies. I will collect all those mails and hopefully there will be much more in this forum the next days. I will then put some of those on the NO PIRACY pages to give other people an idea why to stop piracy.

Wish you all the best.
CU Markus

05 Sept 99:
All suggestions for the "NoPiracy" logo
Here you can find all
suggestions that I got for the campaign.

Hello dear AMIGAns,

welcome to the homepage of the Amiga "No Piracy" Campaign.

When you are visiting this site for the first time, you can find the introduction text

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The official NoPiracy logos

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[No Piracy]

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