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The People of Haage&Partner



Markus Poellmann, Dipl.-Inf. at University. He joined our developing team in November 1999 and he is currently working on StormC.

Michael Rock
, Developer. He is a long time programmer for the Amiga with much experience. He is responsible for the very fast and very compatible linker StormLINK and the PPC code generator.

Sam Jordan
, Developer of PPC Assembler (StormPowerASM), WarpUP and parts of Warp3D. He is certainly the person with the most in-depth knowledge about PPC programming on the Amiga. He is also a great fan of fast action games.


Jens Gelhar
, Dipl.-Inf., Developer of StormC compiler. Certainly one of the best programmers of compilers for the Amiga. He did his first one about 10 years ago. In 1992 he did the first C++ compiler for the Amiga. Now he puts all his experience into the StormC compiler.

Stefan Robl, Developer of several tools and programms.

Alexander Pratsch
, father of ArtEffect :-) the fantastic graphics program.




Dirk Harlaar, is doing support for ArtEffect as well as helping to stay in contact with press people world-wide.

Gunnar Gertzen, support for ImageFX. He joined the team in 1999.

André N. Doerffler, programmer, support

Robert Konrad, co-ordiantor for 3D World. Joined the team in 1999.

Sebastian Becker, support for PageStream.

Stefan Funke, co-ordinator for PPC World. Joined the team in 1999.


Klaus Ziereis, supporter for the video products of ClassX.


Joerg Handwerg
, support for Fusion and PCx.

Wolfangang Hosemann
, support for STFax. Joined the team in 1999.


Layout, Translation, Organisation


Gudrun Haage, Layout & Organisation. Responsible for our advertising and the layout of our manuals and brochures…

Hartwig Haage
, Art Director. Responsible for all the CI (corporate identity) stuff e.g. H&P logo, StormC, ArtEffect logo, advertising…

Martin 'Helios' Steigerwald, is responsible for the AmigaOS beta test and all related stuff.



Alexander Bramm
, support staff. Cares for AmigaWriter, NetConnect and a lot of other stuff.

Simon Neumann
, support staff. Cares for ArtEffect and Genesis.

Eike M. Lang
, author of many of our latest manuals. Also working on translations. 


Management of H&P


Juergen Haage
, Managing Director and one of the founders too. He started his company HAAGE SOFTWARE about 10 years ago.

Jochen Becher
, Dipl.-Math., one of the founders of HAAGE & PARTNER. He wrote his first compiler about 9 years ago. Later he wrote a Source Level Debugger and the first C++ class library for the Amiga. Now he is the Project Manager of StormC and developer of StormShell, StormDebugger and StormED.

That is me,
Markus Nerding, Dipl.-Ing. (FH). I am responsible for this web site. I am one of the founders of HAAGE & PARTNER and Managing Director.