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The History of Haage&Partner Computer GmbH
June 2000 AmigaWriterArtEffectRelease of AmigaWriter 2 and ArtEffect 4
Thes long-awaited new version of AmigaWriter has a lot of powerful features highlights are: Word import, TrueType support with Antialiasing and brochure print.

The 4th version of the popular graphics package for image processing and natural media painting comes with scads of new features and improvements.
Feb 2000 Amiga and H&P announce a path towards the future
Amiga Inc and Haage & Partner are pleased to announce a full and long term strategic partnership designed to benefit both the classic Amiga, and the Amigas of the future.
Jan 2000 Bill McEwen and Juergen Haage (click for full view)Meeting with Bill
On Monday a group of Amiga developers, dealers and the press had a meeting with Bill McEwen (CEO Amiga Inc.) in Frankfurt. Bill explained their co-operation with TAO and their plans for the future. All looks very promising and we at H&P are enthusiastic about the upcoming opportunities. We will have more meetings with Amiga in the near future to talk about that.
Nov 99  Nova Design teams up with H&P
Nova Design, Inc. and Haage&Partner announced today that they have teamed up for the distribution of ImageFX in Germany. H&P will be the exclusive distributor for German speaking countries. Sales of ImageFX 4.0, updates and the PPC module PowerStation will start at the Cologne show.
Press Release
Jan 99 OS 3.5H&P starts management and development of OS 3.5 for Amiga Inc.
Dec 98 Release of Warp3D and StormMESA 3.0
Oct 98 Started new PowerPC World website
Aug 98 Release of AmigaWriter (formerly introduced as EasyWriter)
Release of Tornado3D v2.0
Release of NetConnect 2
We welcomed the
200.000 visitor on our webpage
July 98 Opening of the new SSL order pages
H&P is moving to a bigger office in Glashuetten
June 98 Release of VideoFX 2 a new video program
April 98 Release of Tornado3D v1.5
5 new support people
begin their work
Multilingual product pages (Italian, Swedish, French)
WarpUP Release 3
Jan 98 H&P starts distribution of STFax Professional
German localization of PageStream 3.3
Nov 97 Release of StormC 3.0, StormWizard 2.2, ArtEffect 2.5
Distribution of PageStream 3.3, Tornado3D, X-DVE 3 and FontMachine 3
Aug 97 Release of PowerPC-Effects for ArtEffect
(This is the first commercial applications that uses the PowerUP board of phase5)
July 97 Release of DrawStudio 2
Opening of Storm and ArtEffect mailing lists
June 97 Release of ArtEffect 2.0
Release of StormC for p.OS
Release of StormPowerASM for PowerUP
May 97 H&P announced that they are working on MERAPI (Java for Amiga)
H&P announced that they will be the distributor for
H&P announced that they will be the distributor for Tornado3D
Mar 97 Release of StormC 2.0
Release of StormWIZARD 2.0
H&P announced new domain: www.haage-partner.com
H&P got an own section on Aminet: biz/haage
New design of the homepage (more tables, controls)
Feb 97 H&P became exclusive German distributor for PCx (Pentium emulator).
Design of a new homepage with tables.
Nov 96 H&P became exclusive German and also world-wide distributor for DrawStudio.
June 96 Release of ArtEffect 1.0
Mar 96 Release of StormC 1.0
Nov 95 H&P present the first demo version of StormC at Computer 95

The HAAGE & PARTNER COMPUTER GmbH was formed in 1995. The partners are Jürgen Haage, Markus Nerding and Jochen Becher. They are all in the computer business since more than 10 years.

Jürgen Haage is running a business since 9 years (1988). He started as a programmer, but later he worked as a consultant and product manager for software and hardware. He is responsible for sales and product co-ordination.

Markus Nerding has a diploma as an engineer of computer science. He worked for more than 6 years as an product manager for software at an Amiga company. He cares for product management of the standard applications and for public relations and international contacts.

Jochen Becher has a degree as computer scientist at University of Mainz. He is a specialist for modern programming languages and software development. For that he is the manager of all STORM projects.

HAAGE & PARTNER is the leading manufacturer of Development Systems and Applications for the Amiga family of computers. The Storm series (StormC, StormWizard, StormPowerASM) for 68K AmigaOS, PowerPC (PowerUP) and p.OS provide a powerful suite of programming tools. Our latest project is MERAPI, which will bring the power of JAVA to the Amiga.

HAAGE & PARTNER is also the developer and/or distributor of several cutting edge applications including: ArtEffect, PowerEffects, AmigaWriter, DrawStudio, Tornado3D and NetConnect.

Our mission is to provide the Amiga market with the most effective tools and applications possible. It's not enough to just ask: "Where do you want to go?" At Haage & Partner we are harnessing the power of the Amiga to actually help get you there!