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News Archive 1998

We want to thank all AMIGA fans for their faith and support! We wish you all a successful year 1999!
Your H&P Team

22-Dec-98: Voodoo will come!
3Dfx Voodoo Addon module for PicassoIV will come! That is the official text of the VillageTronic homepage.

21-Dez-98: Updated StormMesa 3.0 Pages
We added a lot of information on StormMesa to the 3D World site, including download pages, Q&A area and a gallery. More

20-Dez-98: Wacom Intuos Drivers
We just released the new Tableau drivers for the new pressure sensitive Wacom Intuos tablets

18-Dec-98: Release of Warp3D and StormMesa 3.0
The first version of the hardware independent 3D driver system Warp3D is available. Finally there exists a way to use the power of 3D graphics boards, as it is done on other platforms for a long time. More

17-Dec-98: AmigaWriter Mailing List
We just installed an AmigaWriter mailing list. Registration

14-Dec-98: STFax 3.6b Update
The free update STFax 3.6b is available for download. It offers ScanQuix support, improved USR support and some bugfixes. Support

11-Dec-98: Support the Voodoo Project
This is an summons to support the Voodoo project of VillageTronic. The following report describes the possibilities of this powerful 3D chip and its support by Warp3D.
More - Voodoo Link - Order

04-Dec-98: AmigaWriter 1.2 Manual
We just finished the English translation of the manual of AmigaWriter 1.2. Registered users can request it now. Request

01-Dec-98: ArtEffect 3.0
We are still working on the new release of ArtEffect 3.0, but it will be finalized soon. Expected Date: end of January 99.

01-Dec-98: ArtEffect 2.6 in 7 languages
ArtEffect 2.6 is now available in 7 languages, two more are on the way. More

01-Dec-98: Free FontMachine 3.20 Update
All FontMachine 3 users can get a free update to version 3.20 from our ftp site. Download

24-Nov-98: "Amiga announces alliance with QNX"
You will find the official announcement on the homepage of QNX. Link

24-Nov-98: ICOA online again
For some time the homepage of the Amiga developer organization ICOA was down. The new pages are located at www.amiga.net.

20-Nov-98: Computer'98, QNX, ...
This show was again a big success. The highlight were the presentation of the new AmigaOS kernel QNX, the announcement of a new G3 board and a Voodoo graphics cards and the demonstration of Warp3D. More information will follow soon.

10-Nov-98: Warp3D and StormMesa
At Computer'98 in Cologne you will see the first public presentation of Warp3D. It will run on a CyberVision3D, demonstrating what the comparatively weak ViRGE chip is capable of. News

10-Nov-98: AmigaWriter 1.2 Patch online!
The patch to latest AmigaWriter 1.2 is now available on our ftp site.The key features are spell checking and document templates. Download Information

09-Nov-98: 3Dfx-Voodoo for PicassoIV?
With an
online survey the developers of VillageTronic want to know if there is enough interest in a 3Dfx-Voodoo addon for the Picasso IV.

09-Nov.-98: Computer '98 - Don't miss it!
This year's Computer '98 will again be the biggest and most important AMIGA show in the world. In past years about 50.000 visitors came to see the latest in AMIGA technology and meet the companies and programmers. This year's highlight are the announcement of AmigaOS 3.5, the announcement of new PowerPC boards and the demonstration of many new software titles for 68k and PowerPC AMIGAs.

Don't miss it and join the party...

05-Nov.-98: ESCENA announces new G3 PPC boards!
German company ESCENA which has many years of Amiga hardware experience (hardware developments for DCE, IBH and others) are going to introduce the prototype of their new G3 PowerPC board at Computer '98. It is a G3-ZorroIII board (without a 68k CPU) which fits into the A3000/4000 and A1200 with Zorro extension. The board can take processors from 233 to 400 MHz with 512KB or 1MB Backside cache and up to 512MB SDRAM. It will use the WarpUP driver package and the 68k emulator of Haage&Partner. The prototypes are produces by DCE. More information will be available soon at the homepage of
ESCENA and at Computer '98.

05-Nov-98: AmigaWriter 1.2 Demo
We just released the new demo version 1.2 of AmigaWriter. The patch for the full version will be available soon. The key features are spell checking and document templates. Download Information

25-Oct-98: X-DVE 3.50 for PPC
Latest version supports PowerPC/WarpOS, RTG, V-Lab Motion and DraCO systems. More

25-Oct-98: New PowerPC World
There it is: the all new PPC World. Here you will find news on current and upcoming PPC software, the PPC GameZone and much more. Many thanks to the webmaster of this site - Benjamin Dauhrer. Press release PPC World

20-Oct-98: NetConnect v2.1 Service Pack
At last, the first service pack for NetConnect v2 is released. This contains a number of upgrades to the modules within NetConnect v2: Genesis, Microdot-II, X-Arc, AmIRC and Contact Manager.

19-Oct-98: AmigaWriter 1.1
Version 1.1 is a service release. Many customer requests were fulfilled and problems that customers experienced were addressed and fixed. The new features of 1.1 include: improved printing; font substitution table; multi-assigns for font directories; Bubble-Help control; complete localization; better interaction with StormScreenManager. Information Download

16-Okt-98: PPC News
There are some news on our PPC World page. A complete new PPC area will be published very soon. PPC World

13-Oct-98: Official AmigaOS 3.5 homepage
The long awaited AmigaOS 3.5 homepage of Amiga Inc. has been unveiled. Here you will find a first feature list.
AmigaOS 3.5

12-Oct-98: Updated Support Pages
This weekend we updated nearly all support pages to give you a better access.
Support. We hope you like it. If you have any suggestions or comments, please mail me: Webmaster

12-Oct-98: STFax Professional v3.5 Update
New v3.5 offers fast mem support for viewing faxes, fixes a few small general bugs and adds a few minor features.

09-Oct-98: Two new German Amiga magazines
It is amazing: at Computer 98 there will be two new German Amiga magazines. We are very excited about that. amigaOS - AmigaFever

09-Oct-98: Mailing lists are working again
Finally our mailing lists are working again. Messages sent to them during 1.-9. October should be send a second time. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you.

07-Oct-98: Amiga Shows 98
There are some upcoming shows in Spain, Australia and Germany. Shows

07-Oct-98: Announcement - AmigaWriter 1.1
The first patch for the English version will be to the upcoming 1.1. It will contain some new features and improvements. There will be more details and the patch in a few days.

05-Oct-98: Announcement - Warp3D
Warp3D is a new hardware independent 3D driver system for 3D graphics boards. News

05-Oct-98: Mailing lists out of order
Due to a SPAM attack of someone using our mail server we had to install a special filter. This also caused the mailing lists to refuse to work since 1st October. We are working on this and hope that it will be fixed very soon.

23-Sept-98: AmigaWriter 1.04 Demo
AmigaWriterHere is the English demo version of our new word processor AmigaWriter. The final English version is also available now. Download

23-Sept-98: New Linker & Libs for StormC
There are new libraries and new StormLink 3.2 available on our ftp. More Information

04-Sept-98: PageStream 3.4
Softlogik released PageStream 3.4. Most registered customers will be able to download the update from the Softlogic ftp site.

28-Aug-98: StormC DSK
powered by AmigaStormC DSK (Developer Survival Kit) is the new "
All-Inclusive" package for AMIGA programmers. It consists of all well-known Storm components in their up-to-date versions as well as our latest developments for PowerPC and 3D. As a bonus we add the latest beta version of our new 68k emulator for PowerPC. Infos

28-Aug-98: STFax Pro 3.4 Update
Minor upgrade from 3.3b -> 3.4. Download

25-Aug-98: AmigaWriter available!
German version is available now. Translation of the English manual will last about 2-3 weeks. There is also a German demo version on our ftp site. We will provide an English one in some days. Please have a look at this by the end of the week. Thanks for your patience.

19-Aug-98: VideoFX 2 Demo
Now you can download a demo version of the new video effects program from our FTP server.

18-Aug-98: 200.000 Visits
We want to thank all those 200.000 people that visited our homepage the last two years. Number are increasing from day to day and so we think you like our efforts to provide you with software and news on Amiga :-)

17-Aug-98: Update of the PPCWorld pages
Some new entries and a new form to submit new ones. Many thanks to Benjamin Dauhrer for his help.

13-Aug-98: AmigaWriter...
Shortly before its release we decided to rename our new word processor to "AmigaWriter". This is because the name "EasyWriter" is used by a PC program already.

10-Aug-98: WarpUP 3.1 released!
The new version of WarpUP runs with BVision/CVision and the new BlizzardPPC libs.
Download. There is also a new "BouncePPC" version (MESA) that is twice as fast as the former one (small bug ;-)). Download

05-Aug-98: NetConnect v2 released! Finally ;-)
Today we got the our first order of the new Internet package NetConnect v2! You will find more on that and our complete "Surfer" offer in

04-Aug-98: Tornado3D v2.0 released!
Version 2.0 of Tornado3D is now available. It offers amazing new features that make it the top 3D program for the Amiga. A list of those features can be found here:
List. The new price for version 2.0 is 898 DM. Registered users can request the update for free from Eyelight. If there are problems the update, please contact Eyelight directly.

In the current issue of German Amiga Plus 7/98 Tornado3D v1.5 got the rating "Editors Choice".

05-Aug-98: We are in our new office... :-)
Monday 27th July we are in our new bigger office. Please take note of our new address and phone/fax numbers. More

22-July-98: We are moving... :-)
We are on the way to move to a new and bigger location. It will be in Glashütten, near the headquarter of Amiga Intl. in Langen.
From Monday,
27th July 98 on you can contact us at the new location. But it will be hard to reach us by phone, fax or e-mail the next days. We want to apologize for that. More

17-July-98: New secure (SSL) order page
In our continuing effort to make your data transfer more secure, we have installed an SSL order form based on the Thawte digital certification. To access this order form, just click

17-July-98: STFax 3.3 demo now available Download

13-July-98: Free ArtEffect 2.6 Update
The new version has locale support for English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Czech. Some more will follow soon. Support

08-July-98: New ArtEffect 2.6 Demo Download

08-July-98: New Patch for STFax 3.3b Support

06-July-98: New Hints for X-DVE and FontMachine Support Area

01-July-98: Welcome to the world of PowerPC
This is the first release of our new web page on PowerPC. It contains information and a list of PPC programs. We welcome any suggestion and additional information on this subject.

28-June-98: Tornado3D v1.75 supports PowerPC
In the current issue of German Amiga Plus 7/98 Tornado3D v1.5 got the rating "
Editors Choice". This award reflects the continuing efforts of Italian Eyelight to bring Amiga the most powerful rendering and animation software. Tornado3D v1.75 supports PowerPC. Get your Update to T3D v1.75

Tornado3D "FREE 2.0" special offer has been extended to June, the 30th 1998 You can still get the special offer by directly ordering at us until June 30th, 1998. When you order Tornado3D until June, 30th 1998 and register with Eyelight, then they offer you a free update to Tornado3D v2.0 through their web page. From version 2.0 on, price for T3D will be about 900 DM (about 500 US$).

28-June-98: NetConnect v2 short before release!
After a long time the
Internet-Complete-Package is done! There will also be a professional TCP/IP stack very soon. We can now offer you the super fast Dynalink 56k modems. Join NetWorld.

28-June-98: Opening of our new Video pages
To support the outstanding video products of Italian video specialist ClassX we have created a new VideoWorld area. Here you will find the latest news, tips, updates and demos of
VideoFX (new), X-DVE and FontMachine. Registered users of X-DVE 3.0 can request the English addendum as a Guide file and there is also the new X-DVE XFA operator for use with MovieShop. Join VideoWorld

24-June-98: English X-DVE 3.0 Addendum
Registered users of X-DVE 3.0 can request the English Addendum as a Guide file. Request

22-June-98: ICOA - The Developers Organisation
Amiga Inc. officially announced ICOA as the Amiga developers organisation. You as a developer should have a look at this organization and hopefully join it soon. Every new member will strengthen the power of the ICOA and will show Amiga Inc. that there is still a strong developers community on the Amiga. Link

22-June-98: Tornado3D v1.5 got "Editors Choice"
In the current issue of German Amiga Plus 7/98 Tornado3D v1.5 got the rating "Editors Choice". This award reflects the continuing efforts of Italian Eyelight to bring Amiga the most powerful rendering and animation software. There is still some time to get the special offer by directly ordering at us until June 30th, 1998. See below!

16-June-98: 170.000 visitors

15-June-98: New VideoFX released
VideoFX is another great product of Italian Video specialist ClassX.

12-June-98: New XFA Operator for MovieShop
Here is the new X-DVE XFA operator for use with MovieShop. It is still a beta version, so you have to request it. Request

08-June-98: Tornado3D "FREE 2.0" special offer has been extended to June, the 30th 1998
When you buy Tornado3D now and send you register card to Eyelight until June, 30th 1998 then Eyelight offers you a free update to Tornado3D v2.0 through their web page.
Update to T3D v1.75

03-June-98: AmigaWriter Facts, Prices, Dates
Here is finally the English information on our new word processor.

26-May-98: "The Theme of Amiga"-CD
The new Amiga hymn "Theme of Amiga" performed by Annex was introduced by Petro Tyschtschenko at WOA in London. This CD is a "must have" for every Amiga fan.

p5 meets H19-May-98: phase 5 and H&P want to continue their support for PPC
phase 5 and H&P are in talks since Saturday to come to an cooperation on supporting PPC (
official Press text). Together with Index (UK) and other manufactures they want to hand a plan to Amiga Inc. to guarantee support and development for the existing Amigas as well as the existing AmigaOS. Jeff Schindler has already shown big interest in this. (Photo by Thomas Wenzel)

05-May-98: STFax Professional v3.2b Update
STFax Professional v3.2b - contains a few major enhancements (Call Screening, Custom Greeting, Program Control) and many minor fixes.

02-May-98: H&P attending WOA in London
We will be at the booth of Amiga Intl. introducing our new word processor AmigaWriter. You can also have a look at all the other products like ArtEffect 2.5, StormC 3.0 PPC, WarpUP, X-DVE, FontMachine, Tornado3D, etc. There will also be a seminar on Merapi (Java for Amiga) by its core author Jeroen T. Vermeulen. Events

28-April-98: WarpUP Release 3 - The Challenge
The highlight of the new release of WarpUP is the new
dynamic scheduler to provide an excellent multitasking. There is now also a true hardware driver system. The new version also support the BlizzardPPC boards of phase5. Please get all the Information and do the Download

28-April-98: English Docs for MESA
Here are the missing English docs of our MESA project. Thanks to Holger Rabbach for that ;-)

22-April-98: Storm Patch, StormWizard Example
Here is the latest Patch on StormC 2.00.25 that many customers were requesting.
Support. You will also find the Storm-Screen-Manager with sources and an example on external gadgets for StormWizard. Support.

21-April-98: Multilingual Products Pages
We have set up our products pages in 5 languages now. Besides German and English we now provide
Italian, Swedish and French. We would appreciate if you want to make another native page. Please contact us by e-mail.

20-April-98: NEWS Mailing List
Everyone who wants to have our latest news automatically delivered to his mailbox should join this list.

14-April-98: New Tornado3D 1.5 Demo
The current demo version of Tornado3D v1.5 is now available on our FTP server.

11-April-98: New Patch for StormC
Patches version 2.00.23 to 2.00.32 (11.02.98).

11-April-98: Revised MESA demos
The first release of our MESA demos did not work correctly on non-German systems (there was not text during installation). Now there are full English demos.

07-April-98: New Support Employees
We are proud to be able to announce that we have been able to improve our support by adding five new people. They started to care for requests by e-mail some days ago and they are also present at the respective mailing lists. News

02-April-98: STFax 3.2 Update
Many new features, improvements and bug fixes are within the new version 3.2 of STFax Pro.
Features Download

26-March-98: Tornado3D v1.5
All registered users will get the update free of charge from Eyelight. Whoever didn't register yet should do this now to get the update.
Features of the update.

18-March-98: Gateway Computer Show
Last weekend I visited Gateway Computer Show, an Amiga-only happening in St. Louis Missouri (USA). It was great. About 1.500 Amiga fans came around and attended the very well organized workshops on Amiga related themes. More details and report can be found at the
CUCUG homepage and on our Events98 pages (many pictures).

10-March-98: New Storm/ArtEffect Mailing Lists
Due to permanent problems with the old lists we have arranged new ones at our new provider. These ones will be much better ;-) But all people have to re-subscribe because we can not get your name form the old list as it is down since a week:

10-March-98: See you in St. Louis ...
This weekend there is the big Gateway Computer Show in St. Louis, MO, USA. I (Markus Nerding) will also have a look at it and bring you the news next week. If anybody wants to meet me over there - have a look at the guy with the black Haage&Partner shirt ;-)

28-Feb-98: Update for X-DVE and FontMachine
Registered users may download an update to X-DVE v3.10 and FontMachine v3.03.

28-Feb-98: Table editor for PageStream
SoftLogik announces a new table editor for PageStream. It will be released in some days.

28-Feb-98: New & updated Services

20-Feb-98: Welcome to our new home :-)
As announced last week we changed our Web provider. WWW and FTP seem to work fine again. The addresses are still:


E-mail is working too, but our server will not be able to accept wrong addresses any more. So please check out the current list of e-mails.

In some days there will be a new Majordomo for our Mailing lists. This will make them working more the standard way ;-)

20-Feb-98: 120.000nd visitor!
The amount of visits is still increasing. We are very happy that you like our web site.

19-Feb-98: Now it is getting serious ;-)
The next hours InterNIC will redirect our domain. Normally this should not effect anything, but it can't be ruled out that there will be problems with www, ftp or e-mail. Mailing list will not be effected yet.

We are moving!
Due to continuing problems with our current Internet provider we are on the way to move our WWW, FTP, E-Mail and Mailing lists to another location. Hopefully this will not effect the access to our services as all addresses will stay the same. There will be more news later this week!

Patch for STFax 3.0
The is a first patch on the new support page for STFax Pro.

STFax Pro: first update & mailing list
Here you can get the first update for STFax Professional 3.0. Registered users are also free to join the mailing list.

STFax 3.0 Professional released
Wouldn't it be great to have a professional fax program with voice control to set-up a digital answering machine, fax on demand or a professional answering service and even a mini BBS? Then have a look at this:

22-Jan-98: New Swedish product page
As an honour to the Swedish Amiga fans we now have a Swedish product page. Thanks to
Vidamus, our Swedish distributor.

WarpUP Rel.217-Jan-98:
WarpUP Release 2

Here is the improved version of WarpUP with new and extended demos that demonstrate the power of the PPC.

Tornado3D Gallery
Some outstanding pictures and animations done with Tornado3D.

We support the "Made for Kids" initiative.

Updated Homepage
statisticWe made some changes to this homepage to make it better and easier to access. There are some new icons on the top and nearly all pages were updated. Some interesting new links are: Help, E-Mail, Service, Status. We are also very proud of the increasing visits on this homepage.


NEWS 1997