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Zugriffs- und Datenanalyse von Server-Logs (Proxy, Mailserver, Firewall, Webserver) und Überwachung der Netzwerksicherheit und Performance, Schwachstellenanalyse.

Sawmill Analytics 7

Testberichte über Sawmill

Test Internet Professionell 4/2004

Leistung: gut (Version 6.5.7)

Testdrive - Internet Professionell 11/2002

"Ein Analyse-Tool, das allen professionellen Ansprüchen gerecht wird."
Bericht (Version 6.3.10)

Testsieger + Empfehlung der Redaktion - Internet Professionell 7/2002

"Das Produkt von Flowerfire ist einfach zu bedienen und offeriert außerordentlich viele Reportfunktionen."

c't 10/2002

"Sawmill kombiniert dynamische Reports und viele Infos mit einem übersichtlichen Design - zu einem vernünftigen Preis."


c|net review on download.com

"When it comes to log file analysis, Sawmill is slick and easy to use.We are particularly impressed by the large number of quality graphs, tables, and charts that can be produced. This is an essential tool for any Webmaster."

From the c|net newsletter:

"If you're a Webmaster looking for an effective way to analyze your server's log files, then give the latest version of Sawmill a try. Sawmill processes server logs and produces hierarchical HTML reports. These hyperlinked reports contain a wealth of useful pie charts, bar charts, and line graphs that make quick work of interpreting data from your site. Version 5.0.3 now sports a new interface, cross-referencing features that allow you to track unlimited log fields, and a whole lot more. Kick up some sawdust!"

*****  - ZDNet review, June 12, 2000

"Sawmill is a detailed, user-friendly hierarchical log-analysis tool that uses a unique interview format to guide you through the process of browsing your log file's statistics. It then provides you with a wealth of valuable data about your Website traffic. With extensive documentation, attractive charts and graphs, an incrementally updated database for faster statistics generation, support for nearly all browsers, and support for most log-file formats, this application can offer you quickly produced, tailor-made data showing you how effective your Website is. The main report screen has a nice drop-down menu, letting you choose from a variety of reports and formats such as search term statistics, domain description statistics, browser type statistics, session statistics, and date/time graphs. For learning more about your Website visitors' demographics, browsing behavior, purchasing preferences, and favorite times to visit your site, this log-file analyzer can be a real help in improving your e-business strategy."

  - VersionTracker reviewers give Sawmill 5 Stars

"I love it and my clients love it! The level of detail you are able to provide with Sawmill is simply unmatched in any of the other statistics packages we've tried. The support is remarkable, offering detailed, thoughtful responses to every question or query we've had. If you must process stats logs, you owe it to yourself to try Sawmill."

"The author is very responsive to requests and bug fixes. so much so that I kept postponing using the program till new releases stop coming out so quickly. Boy was I wrong, I should have taken the plunge much earlier. We are a web hosting company, and have several servers with several domains/sites on each, log files are in the low GB per month, Sawmill was very easy to configure and use and once I configured it properly very fast. Support is superb. Highly recommended."

"This program is updated frequently and works great. Recently I found a problem with the scheduled tasks under OS X Server, and they worked on it with me until it was solved. They even gave me a $100 credit toward their software for helping them out on this bug. Great customer support!"

PC Magazine Review, November 27, 2001

"Sawmill is a detailed, user-friendly hierarchical log-analysis tool that Sawmill 6 is a surprisingly feature-rich, capable, and customizable analytics package. ... For technically inclined individuals on a budget, it's hard to beat. It outdoes ... its nearest competitor in terms of price, thanks mainly to a much greater degree of flexibility.

ISPs will really like Sawmill's virtual-domain tracking report, which analyzes numerous client domains. The program lets you give individual access to report profiles, so users can access their own reports. A bandwidth report helps ISPs monitor each domain's usage."


Kusala Web Developments
We're a web development company. We currently host about 20 client sites on our server. We've just bought Sawmill. What a brilliant product! Within one day we've been able to identify that one of our sites is transferring far more data than he's being charged for so we've started negotiations on a large price increase. And the facility for all our clients to pull down their own web stats is a big value add for us. Well done guys. Keep up the good work.

- Richard Wakefield
Kusala Web Developments


Gippy's Internet Solutions
I bought a lic yesterday using Paypal, as I like the product so much. I actually will more likely be running this for the short term on a Red Hat 7.0 Linux box, and shortly moving over to a Solaris 8 rack mounted server for processing. I will let you know if I run across anything else, and again keep up the great work. I was starting to think I would never find a log processing product that did everything I wanted... I have used several other tools, and so far Sawmill takes the best of all of them and puts them into one product that is database driven to boot...

- Nevin Lyne
Gippy's Internet Solutions


"Prominic.NET is a leading IBM/Lotus Domino hosting provider. As an Application Service Provider (ASP), our customers demand timely and up-to-date reporting for their web sites in any easy to use format. After reviewing many alternative solutions, including WebTrends and some home-grown software, we happened across Sawmill. I don't think there could have been a more perfect match between our 'dream' solution and what Sawmill provided. Naturally, we were ecstatic!

After learning more about Sawmill, it became evident that some work would be needed to make it easier for an ISP/ASP to dynamically configure Sawmill for multiple customers. In conjunction with the Sawmill developers, we were able to agree on a simple file format which would control Sawmill's configuration for our entire customer base. The Sawmill team worked closely with us to ensure our complete satisfaction with both Sawmill and the new ISP/ASP configuration tool.

I highly recommend Sawmill. Both the product and the support are incredible. I can easily state in good conscious I firmly believe you will be 100% satisfied! If you would like any more information about our experiences, please contact me."

- Justin Kuntz
Prominic.NET, Inc. - Systems Architect


Chapman Net Systems, Inc.
Your product is amazing. I've reviewed about 20 analyzers, and yours is by far the most comprehensive.

- Christopher Chapman
President, Chapman Net Systems, Inc.


Craig Schar, TCDA
[Sawmill] works like a charm ... even parses our separate url log from the [Cisco] PIX. Best log analysis I have seen for the pix, beats the $2500 and $4200 "enterprise" solutions, which I hated. We are definitely buying, thanks for the assistance.

- Craig Schar
Network Specialist
Texas Commission on Alcohol & Drug Abuse


Aviram Carmi
Thanks ... for producing a really nice program, and for being so responsive to bug fixes, requests, etc. I am only sorry I did not take the plunge and switch to Sawmill earlier...

- Aviram Carmi

Mike Romanello
"Sawmill is a nice, full featured program and provides everything we were looking for in stats analysis. We intend to buy a full version...."

- Mike Romanello


Fred Hicinbothem
"Ya know ... this thing is just plain kewl. I've got about 120 million hits in my databases now and I can examine the data in real-time as quickly as I can click mouse buttons! I can drill down however I like or view the data in different ways at different times. The presentation is excellent and I even know a few marketing folks who enjoy the Sawmill reports pages! Best of all, I can get to the data from the UNIX shell quickly and easily if I need to put together some targeted reports. Another feature I use is the ability to display arbitrary application data using the tool - this isn't just for access logs! Finally, I can't say enough about the responsiveness of the Sawmill staff, and Greg in particular - keep up the good work!

- Fred Hicinbothem
(www.catalog.att.com/cmd; www.e-care.att.com)


Garry Dolley
"First off, let me say that Sawmill is by leaps and bounds THE BEST statistical logging program EVER. I'm a Systems Admin at a web hosting company and I live in UNIX (Linux, FreeBSD, etc...). I'm very used to going through many steps to install any software that we need. However, I was absolutely AMAZED at how SIMPLE Sawmill was to install. Great job."

- Garry Dolley


Lukca Lussar
I really like [ the MacOS version of ] Sawmill. The setup is quite easy and the results are really great. Clearly one of the best log analysers! And I'm very pleased with the fast and helpful support, too.

 -Lukas Lusser


Mike Larson
(Mike Larsen purchased Sawmill for his company. Here's what he wrote about it in a discussion group posting:)

Check out Sawmill at:


It's *exceptional* (and it even looks pretty). It runs as a cgi program, but you can set up databases with different filters for the program to write to. I've implemented it where I work, and we're involved in beta testing version 3.0.

I've made two requests for enhancements; one for a simple error log analysis format, and one for tracking hourly usage over the course of a 24 hour period. The error log was simple, and Greg (the author) had it ready within 12 hours, for all supported platforms (there's a list on the web site). The hourly tracking was a fairly extensive rewrite, and he had it ready for testing within 5 days.

It'll handle log files for Apache, Netscape, a Mac server (can't remember the name), and another I've never heard off. It has a nice feature for presenting a limited interface for security purposes, it's almost infinitely customizable via a browser interface, and the online documentation is as good as the product; Sawmill's online doc is complete and well organized.

Check the web site. Again, it's superb, and the author is aggressive about implementing improvements. I'd be interested in getting other folks' impressions of it off-line.

I'm not associated with Flowerfire in any way other than being an ecstatic customer.

- Mike Larsen


Chuck Agol
(Chuck Agol purchased Sawmill for his company. Chuck has made several feature requests, which we've happily implemented. Here are excerpts from his emails to us:)

I've placed my order via your site and am totally digging your product....
I don't have words for your helpfulness! ...
You've been unbelievably kind and helpful! ...
I truly think it's the best agent analyzer on the market....
This is everything I could dream for in a stats program!

Chuck Agol
Uncommon Scents Inc.

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