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Zugriffs- und Datenanalyse von Server-Logs (Proxy, Mailserver, Firewall, Webserver) und Überwachung der Netzwerksicherheit und Performance, Schwachstellenanalyse.

Sawmill Analytics 7

Neue Funktionen von V7.1

Sawmill 7.1 ist ein bedeutsames Update der Version 7, denn es bietet neue grafische Editoren und zahlreiche Verbesserungen. Allen voran der neue Report-Editor, mit dem man die Reports einfach gestalten und anpassen kann; dies war bisher nur etwas umständlich über die Konfigurationsdatei möglich. Das Gleiche trifft auf den Logfilter-Editor zu, der nun ebenfalls in die Oberfläche integriert wurde.

Weitere Neuerungen sind der Reportmenü-Editor, der Diagramm-Editor, der Benutzer-Editor, DNS-Lookup, der verbesserte Voreinstellungen-Editor, das seitenweise Blättern in den Reporttabellen, die Performancesteigerung bei MySQL-Datenbanken, eine Zeichenkonvertierung und vieles mehr.

Neue Funktionen von V7

Unlimited Statistics Filtering. Sawmill 7 no longer requires you to guess in advance what combinations of filters and reports you will use. You can use any number of filters on any report, without restrictions, and without ever having to rebuild the database. All filters can be applied to all reports, including session reports, so you can use non-session filters on session reports, or session filters on non-session reports.

Arbitrary Filtering Expressions. You can now write statistics filters using a querying language with AND, OR, and NOT expressions; use the Global Filters graphical interface tool for user-friendly filter creation.

Tracking Of All Numerical Fields. Sawmill 7 lets you track and report on all numerical fields (not just "hits", "bandwidth", "visitors", and "page views" as in v6), so you can generate reports showing inbound and outbound bandwidth, transfer time, CPU load, play time for media files, packets, and any other numerical fields.

New Graphical Interface. Sawmill 7 has a completely redesigned and rewritten graphical interface (written in its own internal language). The new interface is more attractive, more powerful, and more intuitive than the v6 interface. And if you purchase Enterprise licensing, you can edit the source code of the interface, for absolute control over the appearance of reports and administrative pages.

New "Log Detail" Report. The new "log detail" report zooms in all the way, showing all fields of all log entries of the complete log data. This makes it possible to zoom in on a tightly filtered subset of data, and see the the entries for that filter set at the finest event-by-event and field-by-field level.

More Powerful Log Filters. Log Filters are also written Sawmill's internal language, which provide vastly more power than the old log filtering language. The new language is a fully general programming language with nested if/then/else clauses, variables, loops, subroutines, and more.

Higher Performance. Log processing performance has been tuned, yielding performance 50%-100% faster than version 6. With Enterprise licensing, you can also improve performance by using multiple processors to accelerate database builds. Report generation performance has been improved overall, especially for large tables and re-displays of previously viewed reports.Sawmill now takes full advantage of very large memory models, for even better performance on systems with large amounts of RAM.

MySQL. With Enterprise licensing, you can use a MySQL database as the back-end database (instead of Sawmill's built-in database). MySQL provides higher scalability, and allows you to query the database separately using SQL-aware products or scripts, to create your own SQL-based reports.

Windows Service. On Windows, Sawmill 7 installs itself automatically as a Windows Service, so you don't need to stay logged in to access it.

Improved Progress Display. The new progress display provides much better feedback and prediction, showing the stages remaining, expected time for the current stage, and much more, so you can always tell what Sawmill is doing, and how much work remains.

Support For Large Files. Sawmill 7 now supports files larger than 2 Gigabytes, on all platforms.

Sawmill Enterprise is a new product line designed for the enterprise market, with an emphasis on scalability.Sawmill Enterprise includes all features of Sawmill Professional, plus support for MySQL, multiprocessor database builds, WebNibbler(tm) for advanced user tracking, and complete customization of the graphical interface.

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