R-Drive Image Changelog

Die Änderungen von R-Drive Image seit Version 5.0:

R-Drive Image 5.2.5208 Sun Dec 22, 2013
Maintenance release.

R-Drive Image 5.2.5207 Wed Dec 04, 2013
Maintenance release.

R-Drive Image 5.2.5206 Mon Nov 25, 2013
* Enhanced diagnostics for network tuning in the startup version
- Some small bugfixes

R-Drive Image 5.2.5205 Tue Nov 19, 2013
- There was an incorrect timeout for BIOS RAID initialization. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image doubled a partition which boundaries were outside the disk, but which NTFS files system was within the disk. (Windows can mound such partition). Fixed.

R-Drive Image 5.2.5204 Thu Oct 31, 2013
* Linux 3.11.6 kernel in the startup version.
* R-Drive Image makes up more accurate for possible incorrect values for disk memory buffer alignment / maximum data transfer reported by the system.

- A RAID created in the BIOS of the Intel chipset might not initialize properly in the startup version. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image might display dynamic disks incorrectly. Fixed.

R-Drive Image 5.2.5203 Mon Oct 21, 2013
* R-Drive Image makes up for possible incorrect values for disk memory buffer alignment / maximum data transfer reported by the system.

R-Drive Image v5.2.5201 Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:12 am
* Linux 3.11.4 kernel in the startup version.

The startup version incorrectly mounted NTFS partitions on HDDs with 4KB logical sector size. Fixed.
The startup version couldn't see RAIDs 5 created in the intel chipset BIOS. Fixed.
The startup version couldn't see HDDs when started under MS Hyper-V on Win8/2012. Fixed.

R-Drive Image v5.2.5200 Mon Oct 07, 2013
New features:
+ Full support for the GPT partitioning layout. R-Drive Image can create GPT disks, resize them, and change their partition layout during copy/restore operations. It also can convert MBR disks into GPT ones and vice versa.

* Serious increase in read speed for compressed images.
* BCD-based boot loader setup.

= The startup version is based on Linux kernel 3.11

- Sometimes, R-Drive Image missed errors in a damaged image file. Fixed.

R-Drive Image 5.1.5105 Thu Sep 05, 2013
- R-Drive Image might rarely crash when restoring a partition. Fixed.

R-Drive Image 5.1.5104 Sat Jul 27, 2013
* R-Drive Image now can access network drives already connected by a standard user.
* R-Drive Image now includes the info about the image file size and remaining free space in its e-mail report.

- Incorrect work when recovering system disk images stored on several CD/DVD discs. Fixed.
- Slow typing of file name when a CD/DVD drive is selected as the image file destination. Fixed.

R-Drive Image 5.1.5102 Mon Jul 08, 2013
* A new kernel 3.9.8 for the startup version.

- The CD/DVD startup verison might sometimes not start under some BIOSes. Fixed.
- Incorrect empty log field processing after saving the log file on a remote computer. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image didn't sometimes insert a default image file name after saving an image file to a remote computer. Fixed.
- It was possible to specify an invalid disk character in a file path. Fixed.
- It was impossible to connect virtual NTFS disks under Windows 2000. Fixed.
- Incorrect processing of multi-file image of a system disk. Fixed.
- It was impossible to disconnect a connected virtual ReFS disk under Windows 2000.
- R-Drive Image didn't show the media size on the OEM System Recovery Media Options panel. Fixed.

R-Drive Image 5.1.5101 Mon Feb 18, 2013
* Linux kernel 3.7.8 is used in the startup version.
* Drivers for Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller are added to the startup version

- The log file couldn’t be saved to a network computer. Fixed.
- The default name wasn’t specified when the image file was to be saved to a network computer. Fixed.

R-Drive Image 5.1 (build 5100) Tue Feb 05, 2013
New features:
+ Support for the ReFS file system (Resilient File System), a new local file system Microsoft has introduced in its Windows 2012 Server. All disk actions are supported, except partition resizing.

R-Drive Image 5.0.5009 Fri Jan 18, 2013
* R-Drive Image shows now empty space objects for all partition layout types, not only for MBR.

- R-Drive Image created a RAW partition on the target disk even when the source disk had been removed before the restore process began. (The Read from disk failed error appeared.) Fixed.
- R-Drive Image could incorrectly display the destination disk structure on the Object Selection panel when attempting to copy something to the locked destination disk. Fixed.
- It was impossible to switch options on the Disk Signature Collision panel by clicking an option itself, only the radio button. Fixed.
- During the restore / copy action, R-Drive Image might show an incorrect disk structure when switching back from the Restore/Copy Parameters panel to the Image Object Selection (Object Selection) panel and refreshing the disk structure. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image might crash when disconnecting a connected virtual disk. Fixed.

R-Drive Image 5.0.5008 Mon Jan 14, 2013
* The startup version assigns the same as in Windows disk letters to dynamic disks.

- R-Drive Image fails to create a scheduler task under a user account under Windows 2012 Server. Fixed.
- The startup version of R-Drive Image rarely might crash when the Open/Save File dialog box was opened. Fixed.
R-Drive Image 5.0.5007 Sat Dec 29, 2012
- The startup version of R-Drive Image might crash when files were being saved or opened. Fixed.

R-Drive Image 5.0.5006 Fri Dec 28, 2012
- The startup version (GUI and TUI) didn’t show compound and interchanging dynamic volumes in the file/folder structure. Fixed.
- The startup version might start too long. Fixed.
- The progress bar might fliker too frequently. Fixed.

R-Drive Image 5.0.5005 Tue Dec 18, 2012
- R-Drive Image was unable to make a RAW hdd copy to an hdd with the GPT layout. Fixed.
- The progress bar couldn’t run to the finish when startup floppies were created. Fixed.
- Incorrect word hyphenation in the license agreement in the TUI version. Fixed.
- An incorrect option name on the device selection for OEM System Recovery in the Russian version. Fixed.
- Incorrect partition selection when Restore files or folders and Restore disks or partitions options are selected on the Restore Mode Selection panel. Fixed.

R-Drive Image 5.0.5004 Tue Dec 11, 2012
* The R-Drive Image startup version is based on Linux kernel 3.6.9.

- R-Drive Image might freeze during enumerating possible copy methods. Fixed.

R-Drive Image v5.0.5003 Thu Dec 06, 2012
* The “Default clocksource†option is added to the troubleshooting options to eliminate some problems when loading to the xen server.

- When an HFS+ or Ext2/3/4 partition was copied / restored under Windows with a changes size, the unable to lock error might appear. Fixed.

R-Drive Image v5.0.5002 Tue Nov 27, 2012
* The startup version of R-Drive Image regularly flashes its file and disk cache during its work with images and disks, which enhances program performance if the computer unexpectedly crashes.
* R-Drive Image can now connect partitions with hibernated file system.

- In the startup text-only version, it was possible to unselect all partitions on the disk and keep the entire disk selected. Fixed.
- It was impossible to open a file in R-Drive Image by a double click. Fixed.

R-Drive Image v5.0.5001 Tue Nov 20, 2012
New features:
+ Support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.

- The Read from disk failed message couldn't be closed by clicking the Cancel or Close button. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image could create an object on the target disk even when the source disk disappeared (when an external USB disk had been disconnected before clicking the Start button on the Processing panel, for example). Fixed.
- R-Drive Image might report about any backup operation as â€sector by sector backupâ€. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image GUI startup version didn’t report some information in its System Dump. Fixed.

R-Drive Image build 5.0.5000 Thu Nov 15, 2012 4:40 am
New features:
+ A new faster and more robust disk processing engine. A lot of bugs are fixed; R-Drive Image became more stable and reliable.
+ Separate files can be restored from images.
+ Support for several languages in GUI and help.
+ A startup version with GUI.
+ A new image format with a new file extension, .rdr. The old image formats are still supported.

* Disk signature collision resolution for disk to disk copy.

- Many cosmetic bugs are fixed.
- R-Drive Image might incorrectly create / delete / rename folders in which image files are to be saved. Fixed.
- There were some incompatibilities between image formats in R-Drive Image and R-Studio. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image might incorrect process changes in the drive/disk structure when those changes are made when R-Drive was running. Fixed.
- Sometimes when Do not connect was selected for the Drive letter for the selected partition parameter on the Restore/Copy Parameters tab, R-Drive Image still assigned a letter to the disk. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image could create and open image files only with the maximum name length shorter by 4 characters than OS allowed. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image might crash when saving image files to CD/DVD discs. Fixed.
- Under Windows 7, a disk might turn offline if it was locked while R-Drive Image attempted to copy or restore data to it. Disk Management warned that its disk signature collided with another disk and thus it required initialization. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image might disconnect without any warning an image connected as a virtual disk when a file was opened by some program. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image might be abruptly closed by pressing the Esc key. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image might incorrectly set the Free space before parameter for a restored / copied partition on the Restore / Copy Parameters panel if there’s another partition before. Fixed.
- It was impossible to create multi-file images in the Create an Image action and Scheduler. Fixed.
- Task renaming worked incorrectly in Scheduler. Fixed.
- Tasks couldn’t be edited with a keyboard. Fixed.
- Sometimes it was impossible to register R-Drive Image with an OEM demo key. Fixed.
- Scheduler didn’t work in the BartPE version. Fixed.
- Help didn’t work in the BartPE version. Fixed.
- OEM registration keys didn’t work in BartPE version. Fixed.
- The Configure startup media troubleshooting options checkbox was always enabled every time a startup version was created. Fixed.
- Many cosmetic bugs are fixed in the TUI and GUI startup version.
- Non-Latin characters weren’t shown properly in the TUI and GUI startup version. Fixed.
- The startup version couldn’t open files with non-Latin characters created by Windows. Fixed.
- In the startup version, it was possible to connect the same network drive several times. Fixed.
- The startup version didn’t correctly process the information about connected network drives. Fixed.
- It was possible to enter an incorrect path for the image file in the GUI startup version. Fixed.
- Disk partitions copied from another disks or restored from images in the TUI or GUI startup version required initializing to be visible in Windows 7. Fixed.


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