R-Drive Image 5 - Versionsverlauf (Changelog)

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R-Drive Image 5 - Versionsverlauf (Changelog)

Beitrag von Support » 17. Mär 2010 11:24

In der neuen Version sind neben einigen Fehlerbereinigungen auch neue Funktionen hinzugekommen.

Hier die Liste der Änderungen:

R-Drive Image 5.1 (build 5100)
New features:
+ Support for the ReFS file system (Resilient File System), a new local file system Microsoft has introduced in its Windows 2012 Server. All disk actions are supported, except partition resizing.

R-Drive Image 5.0 (build 5009)
* R-Drive Image shows now empty space objects for all partition layout types, not only for MBR.

- R-Drive Image created a RAW partition on the target disk even when the source disk had been removed before the restore process began. (The Read from disk failed error appeared.) Fixed.
- R-Drive Image could incorrectly display the destination disk structure on the Object Selection panel when attempting to copy something to the locked destination disk. Fixed.
- It was impossible to switch options on the Disk Signature Collision panel by clicking an option itself, only the radio button. Fixed.
- During the restore / copy action, R-Drive Image might show an incorrect disk structure when switching back from the Restore/Copy Parameters panel to the Image Object Selection (Object Selection) panel and refreshing the disk structure. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image might crash when disconnecting a connected virtual disk. Fixed.

R-Drive Image v5.0 build 5008

* The R-Drive Image startup version is based on Linux kernel 3.6.9.
* The “Default clocksource” option is added to the troubleshooting options to eliminate some problems when loading to the xen server.
* The startup version of R-Drive Image regularly flashes its file and disk cache during its work with images and disks, which enhances program performance if the computer unexpectedly crashes.
* R-Drive Image can now connect partitions with hibernated file system.

- When an HFS+ or Ext2/3/4 partition was copied / restored under Windows with a changes size, the unable to lock error might appear. Fixed.

R-Drive Image v5.0 build 5000

New features:
+ Support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
+ A new faster and more robust disk processing engine. A lot of bugs are fixed; R-Drive Image became more stable and reliable.
+ Separate files can be restored from images.
+ Support for several languages in GUI and help.
+ A startup version with GUI.
+ A new image format with a new file extension, .rdr. The old image formats are still supported.

* Disk signature collision resolution for disk to disk copy.

- Many cosmetic bugs are fixed.
- R-Drive Image might incorrectly create / delete / rename folders in which image files are to be saved. Fixed.
- There were some incompatibilities between image formats in R-Drive Image and R-Studio. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image might incorrect process changes in the drive/disk structure when those changes are made when R-Drive was running. Fixed.
- Sometimes when Do not connect was selected for the Drive letter for the selected partition parameter on the Restore/Copy Parameters tab, R-Drive Image still assigned a letter to the disk. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image could create and open image files only with the maximum name length shorter by 4 characters than OS allowed. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image might crash when saving image files to CD/DVD discs. Fixed.
- Under Windows 7, a disk might turn offline if it was locked while R-Drive Image attempted to copy or restore data to it. Disk Management warned that its disk signature collided with another disk and thus it required initialization. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image might disconnect without any warning an image connected as a virtual disk when a file was opened by some program. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image might be abruptly closed by pressing the Esc key. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image might incorrectly set the Free space before parameter for a restored / copied partition on the Restore / Copy Parameters panel if there’s another partition before. Fixed.
- It was impossible to create multi-file images in the Create an Image action and Scheduler. Fixed.
- Task renaming worked incorrectly in Scheduler. Fixed.
- Tasks couldn’t be edited with a keyboard. Fixed.
- Sometimes it was impossible to register R-Drive Image with an OEM demo key. Fixed.
- Scheduler didn’t work in the BartPE version. Fixed.
- Help didn’t work in the BartPE version. Fixed.
- OEM registration keys didn’t work in BartPE version. Fixed.
- The Configure startup media troubleshooting options checkbox was always enabled every time a startup version was created. Fixed.
- Many cosmetic bugs are fixed in the TUI and GUI startup version.
- Non-Latin characters weren’t shown properly in the TUI and GUI startup version. Fixed.
- The startup version couldn’t open files with non-Latin characters created by Windows. Fixed.
- In the startup version, it was possible to connect the same network drive several times. Fixed.
- The startup version didn’t correctly process the information about connected network drives. Fixed.
- It was possible to enter an incorrect path for the image file in the GUI startup version. Fixed.
- Disk partitions copied from another disks or restored from images in the TUI or GUI startup version required initializing to be visible in Windows 7. Fixed.

R-Drive Image v4.7 build 4735

New features:
+ New disk object descriptors are introduced into the -s and -d script parameters. These descriptors allow R-Drive Image to use more disk characteristics, like disk serial number, name, and capacity, and alike to identify disk objects. Previously, only disk and partition number were used which might confuse R-Drive Image when a disk configuration of the computer has been changed.
+ The "?heck the image file immediately upon its creation" option is added to the startup version.
+ A new option"Also apply the settings before creating a new image" is added to the backup set parameters. If this option is selected, the settings will be applied twice, before and after a new image file has been created. For example, if the number of files is set to 2, and there are 2 files already, one file will be deleted before a new image file will be created. This may be necessary if there's not enough space for 3 image files.

* Free disk space is re-evaluated when the Refresh button is clicked.
* Driver loading is improved. Disabled drivers now are turned on and then loaded. Previously, disabled drivers might not loaded.
* A new kernel is in the startup version.

- Total progress bar might move erratically during backup and check image. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image might incorrectly determine hard disk layout upon clicking the Refresh button when it had been changed externally. (A new partition had been created in the Disk manager, for example.) Fixed.
- The disk letter of the last restored partition on the disk might not appear. Fixed.

R-Drive Image v4.7 build 4732

* The startup version of R-Drive Image is based on Linux kernel 3.1.1.
* R-Drive Image now creates new partitions with a 512KB alignment.

- The startup version might try to assemble a previously existed but disassembled BIOS RAID and create invalid RAID volumes. Fixed.
- ETL and progress might previously erratically jump between operations. Fixed.

R-Drive Image v4.7 build 4730
- Startup version of R-Drive Image might incorrectly detect a disk layout with several virtual hard drives over a RAID created in the system board's BIOS. Fixed.

R-Drive Image v4.7 build 4729
* The startup version now supports Highpoint RocketRaid 27xx.
- Sometimes, R-Drive Image might display the "Cannot prepare to reboot: Cannot open File:$MBR" message when the Restart computer (recommended) option is selected when restoring data to a system or other locked disk. Fixed.

R-Drive Image v4.7 build 4728
* Memory usage optimization when creating images of huge partitions (3+TB)
- R-Drive Image might crash when the Restart computer (recommended) option is selected when restoring data to a system or other locked disk. Fixed.

R-Drive Image v4.7 build 4727
- If an image larger than 4 GB with a startup module included was created on a FAT32 disk, the archive might appear corrupted. Fixed.

R-Drive Image v4.7 build 4726
* R-Drive Image now correctly copies file systems between disks with different sector size.
- Previously some CD/DVD recorders might not be recognized, and such CD/DVD recorders were not seen when a path for the image file was being selected. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image could sometimes crash when enumerating partitions. Fixed.
- Previously, an HDD image with a dynamic partition layout could not be restored as a whole. Fixed.
- When copying/restoring under Windows 7, an annoying system message suggesting to format a new disk appeared. Fixed.

R-Drive Image v4.7 Build 4725

* The startup version much better recognizes NTFS disks on 3GB+ partitions with 4KB sectors to save/open image files.
* More information in messages about image creation/reading errors.
* A new Linux kernel is used in the startup version.

- A workaround for restoring default Windows 7 disks (hidden and system partitions): both partitions are not moved when Expand/Shrink with fixed active partition is selected. Previously, only the boot partition wasn't moved which might lead to the Win7 inaccessible boot device error.
- The startup version couldn't find a file system to open / save an image file on an HDD with 4KB physical sector. Fixed.

Release 4721

* The log file now is being written after each record. Previously is was cached and became actual only after a correct closure of the program.

- Previously, when R-Drive Image created a dynamic disk with several protective MBR partitions, it could be recognized incorrectly. Fixed.

Release 4720

* Backup of disks with bad sectors is greatly improved: R-Drive Image does not try to re-read a bad sectors two times, and, when creating a useful data backup, it doesn't read them if they are marked bad in the disk's file system.
* The Linux kernel in the startup version has been updated.

- Sometimes, the last NTFS claster was erroneously determined as occupied by files, whereas if was empty which prevented partition copy/restore with a decreased size. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image couldn't open an image file if its extension (“.arc”) was changed to the uppercase (“.ARC”). Fixed.

Release 4718

* New commands are added to the command line version, sysdump and register.
* The Linux kernel is updated in the startup version.

- R-Drive Image could not create or connect an image file on Windows 2000 Advanced Server / Terminal Server when working under Terminal Services. Fixed.
- For some rare hardware RAID controllers, R-Drive Image recognized the disk size smaller by several MBs than the real one. Fixed.
- Under Vista and higher, scheduled tasks did not write anything to the event log. Fixed.

Release 4717

* R-Drive Image now adds information to the image of the system disk that the system has been shut down successfully. Previously, information that a system has not been shut down properly might remain when an image of a system disk was being made. As a result, Windows might display a message that it hadn't been shut down properly when the system was started up for the first time after a data had been restored on the system disk.

Release 4716

* Now it's possible to enable the Ignore disk read errors (bad sectors) option when the action is specified.

Release 4712

* When R-Drive Image cannot lock a partition automatically, it makes 3 attempts to do that with a certain timeout, only after them the user is warned.
* R-Drive Image asks for a login and password when backing up data to an UNC path.
* Diagnostics is extended when it is impossible to access/create a folder for an image file.

Release 4710

- Sometimes, R-Drive Image (the Windows version) showed large GPT (4TB+) drives incorrectly, for example, a non-existing partition for the entire drive might appear. Fixed.
- Sometimes, R-Drive Image couldn't connect images of large GPT (4TB+) drives. Fixed.

Release 4709

- The startup version might not see partitions larger than 1TB in file selection dialog boxes. Fixed.
- Program might crash when using R-TT snapshot provider. Fixed.

Release 4708

* The startup version is now based on Linux kernel 2.6.34
* In case of troubles, USB, SCSI, and PCMCIA devices can be disables in the startup version.
* Extended error messages in the command-line version.

Release 4706

* A program kernel is updated.
* A IRQ polling mode option is added to the startup media troubleshooting options. It's used when the startup version of R-Drive Image doesn't recognize a device which is in the supported hardware list.

Sometimes the startup version of R-Drive Image didn't display disk labels on the file selection dialog box. Fixed.

Release 4705

* It is impossible to select for restoring two hard drives in an image with two hard drives or partitions from two different hard drives, because it is impossible to perform such operation and the Next button would not be active.

- It was possible to select a disk letter for an image connected as a virtual logical disk that is already used for a network drive or for a disk connected via the subst command. Fixed.
- When the Restart option was used to copy/restore data to a locked partition, the Cannot copy file ?:\Program Files\R-Drive Image\rdigl to C:\rdigl error might appear. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image sometimes could not re-start properly under Windows 7 with a default setup because it could not find a 100MB hidden startup NTFS partition. Fixed.
- If a USB flash drive appeared on the disk list on the Create an Image/Restore/ Copy Disk to Disk, and then the Back button was clicked, and then Create Startup Disk / Create OEM disk was selected, the USB flash drive could not be made bootable. Fixed.
- Sometimes it was impossible to create an OEM System Recovery Media. The Operation(s) failed message might appear right after the start. Fixed.

Release 4704
- The Restore button didn't work properly in the Restore from an Image action. Fixed.

Release 4703

* When performing the create/copy/restore actions, the user can refresh the the disk/drive configuration on the Object selection panel to see newly connected disks.

= The /i switch has no effect anymore because there is not indexes anymore. If it is used, a warning message appears.

- When R-Drive Image recovered/copied a partition to a drive with several unallocated spaces in different parts of the disk and if an allocated space was too small for the partition, R-Drive Image might copy/restore the partition to another unallocated space large enough for the partition. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image builds 4700-4702 did not see a flash drive when creating a startup device under Windows Vista/7. Fixed.
- If a command-line version of R-Drive Image started without necessary administrative privileges, it wrote strange messages about incorrect command-line parameters. Now it writes a correct message about insufficient user rights.
- If the /i switch was used in the command-line version of R-Drive Image, strange partitions might be selected. The switch has no effect right now.
- The command-line version of R-Drive Image did not work if a command file *.rdi had non-Latin characters. Fixed.
- If an e-mail was specified in the Sender field on the Mail Notifications/ AUX Applications panel (like Test <test@example.com>), Error (-12) might appear when the Test button was clicked. Fixed.
- A system recovery CD did not allow the user to manually select a partition to which data would be recovered. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image might crash when disk copy was made to a used partition after an attempt to restart the system. Fixed.

Release 4702

* R-Drive Image now deletes an invalid incomplete image file when the creation of image file is aborted by the user or due to a critical error.
* R-Drive Image renames corrupted images of existing main/incremental archives discovered during incremental/differential backups using the $bad001$ prefix. Previously, the process was terminated with Error 3400.

- The Image Mode. Replace the existing image file with a new one option did not work in builds 4700-4701. Fixed.
- The destination disk list in the Disk to Disk Copy action did not work in builds 4700-4701. Fixed.

Release 4700

New features:
+ A technician license (Local) is added for data care professionals and large corporate users.
+ R-Drive Image can now create image files and check them for consistency right immediately after creation.
+ Objects from images of entire hard drives (not only a number of logical disks) can now be connected as virtual disks. This is especially useful when GPT and alike disks are to be connected.
+ R-Drive Image can now create its startup version on FAT disks of external USB hard drives.
+ OEM Kit: A system recovery disk and system image can now be on different devices or logical disks.

* The color legend of disk types (primary partitions, logical disks, unallocated space) is changed to make it closer to the colors used in the Windows disk manager. Also, that makes a selected object better recognizable.
* Estimation of the size of useful information on the disk is improved to make Estimated duration and Estimated image size more accurate.
* An image file can be written on CD/DVD discs in any folder rather only in the root one. If necessary, a folder tree will be created.
* The sender, subject, and message body fields in the report mail message are now editable.
* The mail report message sent by the command-line version contains now the report log.

- FAT labels were shown incorrectly. Fixed.
- An image file couldn't be saved in a new folder on a network drive if the path was specified as \\Server\New_Folder\test.arc. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image showed zip archive files as folders. Fixed.
- If R-Drive Image was removed from a computer under Windows Vista or 7, its icons remained in the Start menu. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image might crash when Scheduler was opened. Fixed.

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