Update erschienen Directory Opus!

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Update erschienen Directory Opus!

Beitrag von FireBack » 15. Jul 2004 07:28


wollte nur mal darauf hinweisen das ein Update erschienen ist.


FTP- MDTM: Opus was one of the first FTP clients to support the setting of remote date stamps on copied files via the use of the MDTM command plus it has always allowed you to set a Time Zone for the remote site to keep remote files in sync with a local copies. A recent draft standard for this extended MDTM FTP command clarifies the standard and specifies that time stamps should be represented in UTC (GMT). However in the past most if not all servers expected the use of local time. Opus has now been enhanced to support the new standard. The popular (and highly recommended) FTP Server -Serv-U - has also changed behavior in the latest version 5 to support the standard. New Versions expect UTC for the MDTM command for the date stamps.
For servers running older versions of Serv-U or FTP servers which do not accurately follow the standard, you can reset a specific site to follow the older behaviour by setting a registry variable for the specific site. If needed, create the string variable "MDTMLocal" in the site entry for the specific site. If this exists then Opus will use the older method of sending local time for the MDTM command. (Email us if you have problems!)
Note: Not all FTP servers (actually not many) support the MDTM command for setting remote file dates.
Fixed conflict with PGP tray which prevented the 'Read directory automatically' option from working in Create Folder.
Integrated and updated to use the new version of the DynaZip zip library.
Several new command line arguments have been added to allow corporate users better use of silent installations:

/config <configname>

If specified, Opus will automatically import the named configuration file when run. Specifying /config also prevent the automatic import of "initial.dpf" (which is usually imported the first time Opus runs after install). It also prevents the display of the initial configuration wizard. "configname" can be either a full path name, or only the config file name (in which case Opus will look in the Configs folder automatically for it).

/regname <name>
/regcode <code>

These arguments let you automatically enter Directory Opus registration information from the command line. Specifying your user name and registration code here prevents the display of the registration wizard the first time Opus runs.


Specify this argument if you want to use /config or /regname and /regcode without actually starting Opus. Opus will perform the requested operations and then silently exit.

An example usage of the above commands is as follows:

dopus.exe /config "my custom config.dpf" /regname "Fred Bloggs" /regcode AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD-EEEE /norun

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Beitrag von tomtom » 15. Jul 2004 13:57

Danke für den Hinweis :)