FAQ: Daten und Archiv auf ein anderes Laufwerk auslagern

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FAQ: Daten und Archiv auf ein anderes Laufwerk auslagern

Beitrag von Support » 16. Mai 2008 16:47

You can move the GWDATA and Archive folder for 602LAN SUITE 5.0 Groupware to a different drive, which can help free up disk space. Both of these folders contains files including e-mail (both messages and attachments) and documents that are larger than 4KB in size.

If you wish to move the entire 602LAN SUITE folder to a different folder or drive, please follow the instructions provided in this Knowledge Base topic.

WARNING: Serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. These problems might require you to reinstall 602LAN SUITE 5.0 Groupware with complete data loss or force a reinstallation of the Operating System. It is strongly recommended you back up your 602LAN SUITE 5.0 Groupware database before performing the following steps.

Additonally, we do not support the moving of these files to any type of network based storage (NAS/SAN) or removable device (USB/Book Hard disks, Thumb drives, firewire drives, etc). While it is possible to use these devices to store this data, it is also possible that data could be lost resulting in serious database errors.

1. Click Start -> Programs or All Programs -> 602LAN SUITE 5.0 Groupware -> 602LAN SUITE 5.0 Groupware Console
2. Click the Stop Groupware Services button to stop 602SQL and the 602 LAN SUITE service.
3. Copy the GWDATA and Archive folder to the new drive. They may be stored in any subfolder (eg: D:\Groupware\Storage), but the two folders must exist in the same parent folder. By default, the GWDATA and Archive folders are located in the following folder:

C:\Program Files\Software602\602LAN SUITE 5 Groupware\SQL\DATABASE\
4. Open your Registry Editor and navigate to the following hive:

5. Modify the Value data for key6 and key7 with the new location of the GWDATA and Archive folders. (eg: D:\Groupware\Storage). The values for key6 and key7 should be identical.
6. Close your registry editor and go back to the 602LAN SUITE 5.0 Groupware Console. Click Start Groupware services to start 602LAN SUITE.


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