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FAQ: LAN SUITE 5 auf einen anderen Server umziehen

Verfasst: 16. Mai 2008 16:42
von Support
This article is intended for those who wish to move 602LAN SUITE 5 Groupware to a new server, and the installation path on the new server will be identical to the old server. If you wish to move 602LAN SUITE 5 Groupware to a new drive, or your new server has a storage volume that is not the same drive letter or path as your old 602LAN SUITE, you will need to follow the instructions provided in: Move 602LAN SUITE 5.0 Groupware to a different drive.

The steps involved to move the Groupware server are to simply back up your database, then restore it during the installation process. To do this:

1. Open the Groupware Administration tool and log in as an Administrator.
2. Click to expand the Maintenance tree on the left menu, then click the Backup item under the Maintenance tree.
3. Click the Backup Now! button, then click Yes to begin the backup. 602LAN SUITE 5 Groupware will now stop and will not be available while the backup takes place. It can take some time to perform the backup, it is entirely dependent on your database file size. You may click the 'Backup' item to see if it is complete. You will receive a message stating 'Previous backup finished successfully', and then providing the date and time as well as statistics about what was backed up.
4. The backup files are stored in the 602LAN SUITE 5 Groupware\BACKUP folder, by default the full path will be C:\Program Files\Software602\602LAN SUITE 5 Groupware\BACKUP. All the files are labeled with the date and time in yyddmmhhmm format with the folders having some extended information. For example, If you backed up the folder on May 3, 2008 at 9:25am, it would be labeled 0803050925 at the start of the filename.
5. Copy ALL the files to a folder on the new server. It can be copied to any folder you would like, just make sure you copy ALL files that begin with the date/time stamp for your on-demand backup.
6. Begin the installer on the new computer and follow the on-screen instructions.
7. When you reach the point that asks if you would like to perform a 'Program Installation' or 'Database file recovery from backup', choose the 'Database file recovery from backup' option and click Next.
8. Enter the directory where the backup files are located. You may click Browse to browse to this folder if you'd like. Once it has been entered, click Next.
9. You will now see the date/time of the backup. Insure the checkmark is in the checkbox for the backup you would like to restore, then click Next.
10. Click Install.
11. The installer will begin installing the software and restoring the data from the backup.
12. Reboot the computer as directed by the installer.