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Coustome reports - what version

Verfasst: 16. Okt 2006 11:23
von cwa

as it looks like sawmil is a very powerfull logfile analyser.

With this tool we want analyze all logfiles of our Internetproxies.

Before investing in sawmil I have a couple of questions:

- Volume report:
Is it possible to create an report which tells us the following:

Top 100 of Day/week/month:
InternetDomain - Produced 1.5 MB Volume/Traffic

- Client IP report:
Client IP in time period yyy-zzz
surfed to the following Sites

We create roundabout 2-5 GB Logfiles a day,
do we need the Enterprise product for this
volume with database support ?


Verfasst: 17. Okt 2006 12:53
von Support
I am answering in English although I guess you are German.

All reports depend on the format of the log file. In general those kind of reports are not problem.

Your log size is very huge and will probably not run on a 32bit operation system. So you will need a 64bit OS with lots of RAM (4 GB at least). You might need Enterprise version with MySQL support but that also depends on your log format and can not be said in general.

Please have a look at that topic as it covers some on the information that might be of interest for you: ... .php?t=988

You might also want to give Sawmill a test. The trial runs as a full version for 30 days and we can extend that period if you need more time for evaluation.