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In Febrary 2006 Alinea Computer took over the distribution of our
Amiga software products AmigaWriter, ArtEffect and StormC.
Please contact them for sales and support.

These webpages are remaining online to provide you with some information and support.
But please be aware that we can not answer technical or
support questions related to Amiga products any more.
Thanks for your understanding.

The superb GUI-Editor ...

StormWIZARD 2.0

StormWIZARD 1.0 - StormWIZARD 2.0 - StormWIZARD für p.OS

Version 2

The new version has seen so much improvement that you would hardly recognize it. Our author Thomas Mittelsdorf has given it every effort to make StormWIZARD 2.0 a user-interface generator that leaves nothing to be desired.

Full size picture.

First and foremost came the usability of the system itself. As the generator of a program's user interface, the tool should be an example for the development of other software. The new version tempts you to this task with asynchronous dialogues for each phase in the program's use.

All attributes, notifications, and links of each object being edited can be displayed in a window and are updated automatically when needed.

New BOOPSI classes

Text-field objects of more than one line have been added. These objects, as well as single-line string fields, are frequently used in database applications.

The group objects have been extended to let the attached objects be arranged into tables if desired.

Listviews may now contain not only texts of any height, but also any number of graphics and buttons.

External BOOPSI classes

A real showstopper is the ability to add new functionality to StormWIZARD by including your own BOOPSI classes.

Multiple uses

As mentioned above, your investment in StormWIZARD (not a very large outlay in the first place) is also secured. The user interfaces you create for the AmigaOS can be used directly under pOS with the new StormWizard library. That advantage will save you both time and money!

StormWIZARD for p.OS

The pOS version of StormWIZARD, which has also been completed, enables you to port your own software to this operating system with a minimum of effort. Your investments in Amiga software development are secure with the Storm line of development tools!

StormWIZARD for p.OS is part of StormWIZARD 2.

StormWIZARD Version 1

The Development Tool for Professional Graphical User Interfaces

StormWIZARD lets you design system-friendly graphical user interfaces (GUIs) quickly and simply, without having to program so much as a single line of code. The interfaces are automatically resizable and font sensitive and can be easily translated into other languages. The use of a separate library makes the interfaces available from any programming language with the same convenience.

Interactive Editor

All components of a user interface, such as windows, requesters, menus, switches, cycle gadgets, sliders, buttons and many more are assembled in the editor much like a box of bricks. The GUI's building blocks are displayed neatly in a hierarchical list. The interface can be visualized through a preview window that may be updated at any time (WYSIWYG). Even complex user interfaces can be developed rapidly and conveniently.

Layout Flexibility

StormWIZARD offers over 30 basic building blocks that may be combined to create arbitrarily complex user interfaces. The resulting interfaces are resizable and font sensitive. The elements are not positioned individually but clustered into horizontal and vertical groups, and are rendered at the right position in the window automatically. Clever layout mechanisms make sure that windows, requesters and menus are always shown in the same quality regardless of how the window is resized or which font is used. The created window is displayed very quickly and fluently.

Over 30 BOOPSI Classes

The following basic elements are available: Button, String, Label, Checkbox, Mutual-Exclusion (radio buttons), Integer, Scrollers and Sliders, Arrow, Listview and MultiListView, Toggle, Line, Colorfield, Args, Gauge, Cycle gadgets, VectorButton, Date, Space, Image, ImageButton, ImageToggle, ImagePopup, Popup Menus, Palette, VectorPopup, Hierarchy, horizontal and vertical groups, Tab Sheets (paging), Connection Class for automatic Event Notification, and comfortable management of embedded images. All parameters of these interface elements (attributes, flags, ID, name) can be controlled from easy-to-use control panels.

AmigaOS Compliant

During the development of StormWIZARD a lot of attention went into maintaining full conformance to the Amiga OS. This property is supported by the WIZARD library and the use of the BOOPSI Technology. The fact that the system is based on BOOPSI classes ensures compatibility to future operating systems.

Automatic Localization

StormWIZARD automatically creates Locale catalog files for each interface definition, allowing you to translate your program to other languages with a minimum amount of effort.

Usable with Any Programming Language

Rather than generating source code that creates a user interface in some programming language, StormWIZARD creates a resource file containing its definition. This file is then interpreted by the WIZARD library, so your program can communicate with it in any language. Most of the work related to managing the interface is done by the library.

StormC, SAS/C, DICE, gcc, Aztec C, MaxonC, E, MaxonPascal, BlitzBASIC 2, and Hisoft/MaxonBASIC are supported directly. Other compiler environments can be adapted by the user with little effort.

Main Features

  • Comfortable Editor
  • WYSIWYG Preview Window
  • Hierarchical Display
  • More than 30 Basic Elements
  • Automatic Positioning of Interface Elements
  • Resizable Layout
  • Font-sensitive Interfaces
  • Easy-to-use Control Panels
  • AmigaOS conformant BOOPSI System
  • Future Compatibility
  • Automatic Localization
  • Flexible Library Concept
  • Programming-language Independent

System Requirements

  • Hard disk required
  • AmigaOS 2.0 or better
  • At least 2Mb of RAM
  • CybergraphX compatible