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In Febrary 2006 Alinea Computer took over the distribution of our
Amiga software products AmigaWriter, ArtEffect and StormC.
Please contact them for sales and support.

These webpages are remaining online to provide you with some information and support.
But please be aware that we can not answer technical or
support questions related to Amiga products any more.
Thanks for your understanding.

StormC Support

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 Updates & Demos

Patches for StormC 4

Currently there are three StormC 4 master CD ROMs: a first CD ROM was
mastered at 8th december 2000, a second at 19th december 2000 and the
third and last at 26th march 2001.

The owners of one of the first two CDs can use the patches to update their
StormC and StormServer installations to the current state (3rd master).
You can check the date of your CD-ROM by clicking on its icon and opening
the Workbench information window (Amiga-I).


  1. Problems using the system on harddisks that are formatted with PFS are solved. Both StormC and StormServer can now be installed on a PFS formatted partition.
  2. Support for mixed binaries and shared libraries is improved and finalized.
  3. Some support functions added to the libraries. These functions are called by the code implicitly e.g. to cast different number types.
  4. Minor bugfixes

There are 4 patches:

Patch20001208-StormC (~ 670 KB)
Patchs your StormC 4 installation from the first CD ROM to the state of
the second CD ROM. You must apply the next patch as well.

Patch20001219-StormC (~ 5.1 MB)
Patchs your StormC 4 installation from the second CD ROM to the state of
the third and currently up-to-date CD ROM.

Patch20001208-StormServer (~ 550 KB)
Patchs your StormServer installation from the first CD ROM to the state of
the second CD ROM. You must apply the next patch as well.

Patch20001219-StormServer (~ 4.6 MB)
Patchs your StormServer installation from the second CD ROM to the state
of the third and currently up-to-date CD ROM.

Download the needed patches and unpack it to ram disk or harddrive. Run
the script "patch" by double-clicking on its icon. The patch is
automatically applied to your installation. Some files are patched and
other files are copied to different places in your installation directory

Files H&P AmiNet
Patches, Libraries and Samples FTP  
Here is the new StormWizard library. It offers some bugfixes and the new bubble help feature used by AmigaWriter. There is no documentation yet, but we will deliver that asap. Download (23-Sept-98)    
This is the new StormLink 3.2 is for those of you who have problems with linking. Request (23-Sept-98)    
Those are new libraries for use with StormC 2.x and 3.x. Download (23-Sept-98)    
Patches for StormC 2.0
No.13: Patches v2.00.25 (29.08.97) to v2.00.32 (11.02.98) Download
No.12: Patches v2.00.23 (29.08.97) to v2.00.32 (11.02.98)
No.11: Patches v2.00.18 (29.06.97) to v2.00.23 (29.08.97)
No.10: Patches v2.00.14 (03.05.97) to v2.00.23 (29.08.97)
Download new CyberGL Stub-Library for StormC
No. 9: Patches v2.00.08 (28.01.97) to v2.00.14 (03.05.97) Download
Download the new Libraries for StormC 2.0
Please copy all files of LIB to StormC:lib and all files of StormSYS to StormC:StormSys/lib !
IMPORTANT: Do not use these Libs with StormC 3.0 modules, because here the library structure is different !

No.8: Patches v2.00.04 (07.12.96) to v2.00.08 (28.01.97) Download
No.7: Patches v2.00.02 (24.11.96) to v2.00.04 (07.12.96) Download
No.6: Patches v2.00.01 (12.11.96) to v2.00.04 (07.12.96) Download
No.5: New Libraries and AppManager Download
Patches for StormC 1.x
Patch 4 for StormC V1.1. (Patches compiler; adds libraries; length: 290 KB, LHA)
Patch 3 for StormC V1.05. (Patches compiler, library and linker; length: 210 KB, LHA)
Patch 2 for StormC V1.05. (Patches compiler and library; length: 165 KB, LHA)
Patch 1 for StormC V1.05. (Patches compiler and linker; length: 50 KB, LHA)
Files Size H&P Aminet
StormC 2.0 Demo (German & English)   FTP



A complete example project for StormC and StormWizard with all sources

In the last month many questions about using some extended features of the wizard.library, make scripts, localization etc. were sent to the Storm Mailing List.
This project will hopefully answer most questions. It is not (!) a trivial example but a complete StormC and StormWizard project. It is a Public Screen Manager with a GUI (multi column listviews, localization, linked wizard file etc.) and using many AmigaOS features (commodity, REXX interface, public screen signaling).
SSM should be copied to the WB-Startup. It can be accessed by pressing <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<s>
Download Readme

The fastest and shortest linker library for StormC
The "stormamiga.lib" is a linker library for StormC. It replaces the linker libraries "amiga.lib", "storm020.lib", "math020.lib", "math881.lib", "math040.lib", "math060.lib" and the Startupcode "startup.o". For StormC version 3.x the following linkerlibraries are replaced "stormclibstartup020.lib", "stormcstartup020.lib" and "stormcsupport020.lib" too. Because it is written in assembler, programs linked with it become much smaller and faster than programms linked with the linker libs of StormC which are programed in C.
Link to StormAmiga-Lib

Mailing List

There is also a mailing list where you can discuss all Storm related themes. Please have a look at it if you need help or just want to talk to other programmers: Storm Mailing List


When you want to get e-mail support for any Storm related product, then please use the following e-mail address: Support form