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In Febrary 2006 Alinea Computer took over the distribution of our
Amiga software products AmigaWriter, ArtEffect and StormC.
Please contact them for sales and support.

These webpages are remaining online to provide you with some information and support.
But please be aware that we can not answer technical or
support questions related to Amiga products any more.
Thanks for your understanding.

StormC / p.OS / PowerUP
New Storm concepts, prices, and products

Not only have HAAGE&PARTNER released new versions of StormC, but also the prices have been made more attractive. From now on the starter-version of StormC will no longer be available. Instead you can obtain a professional version that may be used for non-commercial development at the same price. The package is completely identical to the professional version 2.0. Only the license agreement is different and the name has the extension non commercial.

Also, the sidegrade offer is also no longer available. However, the price for the professional version has been lowered by 100,- DM in turn.

Both packages include the GUI-generator StormWIZARD in order to support speedy development of your projects and to ensure problem-free porting to p.OS. The use of exotic GUI-libraries would only hinder porting for p.OS and PowerUP because it is not sure whether these will be ported to any of these new platforms.

The new modularity mandated a conceptual change in order to be fit for the future. This mainly concerns the StormENVIRONMENT in version 3.0 of StormC. It consists out of the project-manager, the editors StormED and GoldED, source-level debugger, linker, and is identical for all variants of the compiler. One advantage of this new concept is the the low memory usage, another one is the short time to get familiar with the system because all modules and new programming languages can be controlled through the same interface.

The assistant and preferences automatically adapt to the installed modules, compilers, and assemblers. If you install the p.OS module, for example, the project-assistant and the preferences will offer new options.

New products are the add-on modules for p.OS and PowerUP development. Based on the basic StormC 2.0 package an the newly designed StormENVIRONMENT three add-ons are available.

The New Modules

StormC V3.0 - p.OS contains all necessary libraries, a new linker, and assorted tools to develop p.OS programs on an AmigaOS platform. The current p.OS-port of StormED is also supplied in order to ensure comfortable text-editing when running p.OS. The linker supports you in the development of shared libraries which have to be treated differently than in AmigaOS. The compiler-specific pragmas "amicall" and "tagcall" are not yet supported by p.OS - for this reason the linker (with the help of another tool) automatically generates stub-libraries.

StormC V3.0 - PowerPC allows for the flexible programming of the PowerPC dual-processor board by phase 5. StormC uses an extended amiga-hunk-format for object codes and executable programs. The advantages of the extended hunk format compared to the ELF favoured by phase 5 consist in the ability to generate mixed-binaries, fat-binaries and even PowerPC-native shared libraries. The porting of existing software is tremendously simplified by this. The rapid-porting allowed by this now gives developers the chance to do a quick test-port before starting to specifically compile single modules or routines for certain processors. This solution guarantees that very soon after the PowerUP-boards start to ship applications will be available that squeeze even the last bit of speed out of these dual-processor boards.

The compiler that is part of this module supports the programming of all 68K-CPUs as well as the PowerPC-CPUs 603, 604 and their respective e-variants. The choice of which compiler to use is made in the project. Because of the hierarchical project organization the generation of 68K- and PowerPC mixed-binaries is a piece of cake. The commandset of the the PowerPC is extensively supported. Speed-enhancing commands like rlwlml, fnmadds, frsqrt, dctb, etc. are used by the compiler if the appropriate switches are set. The PowerPC-scheduler ensures a clean and quick execution of your program by intelligently filling the many pipelines with suitable commands as it is common practice for risc-processors. The automatic cache-performance optimization ensures a maximum speed for RAM-access, especially on systems with slow RAM-interfaces.

Even the compiler with the best optimization imaginable is of hardly any use if no suitable libraries are available for it. For this reason, the StormC-PowerUP package ships with PPC-native ANSI-C- and math-libraries, giving everything you need to directly port your ANSI-projects.

The documentation supplied with the add-on modules describes the use of the new interface, the basic characteristics provided by the new options, and the newly available programming strategies.

StormC v3.0 - PowerASM Module Brand new and as unique as the StormC PowerUP-module is the assembler-module that is also available as a stand-alone program. StormPowerASM is a PowerPC-assembler for Amiga computers. It supports the entire PowerPC-commandset and on top of that offers several hundred extended mnemonics that make programming easier and greatly increase the readability of the source code. Its outstanding macro-abilities and the support of floating-point expressions and -operators prove the high level of this new PowerPC programming system.

The documentation describes programming the PowerPC. A list of all macros and directives (featuring extensive descriptions) is also part of the documentation, as well as detailed information on our hardware-layer.

Packages and Prices:

StormC V2.0 Base Package - Non Commercial
full version · single user's licence · allows development of freeware but noto of shareware and commercial software!
298,- DM
StormC V2.0 Base Package - Professional
full version · unrestricted single user's licence
498,- DM
Both base packets are identical in terms of content and include:
· StormENVIRONMENT · StormC-Compiler for 68K · libraries for AmigaOS · StormWIZARD
StormC V3.0 - p.OS-Modul
(base package required)
· StormENVIRONMENT · p.OS linker · StormC-Compiler for 68K p.OS · libraries for p.OS
89,- DM
StormC V3.0 - PowerPC®-Modul
(base package required)
· StormENVIRONMENT · PowerPC linker · StormC-compiler for 68K and PPC · PPC-native ANSI-C- and math-libraries
298,- DM
StormC V3.0 - PowerASM-Modul
(base package required)
· StormENVIRONMENT · PowerPC® linker · StormPowerASM - macro assembler for PPC 603(e), 604(e) · impressive PowerPC example programs
149,- DM

Further Products of the Storm Series:

StormPowerASM V3.0
Only for assembler-specialists · supports the entire PowerPC-commandset and several hundred extended mnemonics · knows all common assembler-directives · outstanding macro-abilities · supports floating-point-expressions and -operators
249,- DM
StormWIZARD V2.0
GUI toolkit · platform-independent BOOPSI-classes · allows adding of custom classes · flexible mouse-based GUI generation · automatic localization · resource linkable to program
149,- DM