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In Febrary 2006 Alinea Computer took over the distribution of our
Amiga software products AmigaWriter, ArtEffect and StormC.
Please contact them for sales and support.

These webpages are remaining online to provide you with some information and support.
But please be aware that we can not answer technical or
support questions related to Amiga products any more.
Thanks for your understanding.

We develop to WarpUP the

September 1996

StormC for PowerPC and p-OS

It was about one year ago that StormC was first shown to the public with the goal of providing AMIGA developers with a modern and powerful development tool that would also equip them for future developments such as PowerPC AMIGAs and new operating systems. StormC took up the challenge of defining a new standard for AMIGA development systems. Recent reviews in the German Amiga Magazin of 8/96 (VERY GOOD) and in the Amiga Plus of 9/96 (94% rating) have confirmed its success.

StormC for p-OS

The system is developed continually and is being adapted to forthcoming new AMIGA hardware and AMIGA operating system software. Currently in the making are a code generator for PowerPC processors and a StormC version for ProDAD's new operating system, p-OS.

The PPC Cross-Compiler

The latest development is a cross-compiler system that will enable you to create software under AmigaOS that will run on the PPC card by Phase 5. To this end the Program Manager can be instructed to write certain program modules using the 68K code generator and others using the one for PPC. StormC takes care of the rest in a highly automated development cycle.

Compiler Changes

To make StormC suitable for generating both 68K and PPC programs, the compiler has been constructed in layers. One of these layers, the code engine, has been augmented with a parallel layer for the PPC: A bypass, so to speak. This separation of responsibilities guarantees a clean interface to the rest of the compiler, making it much easier for instance to adapt the RISC code generator to a different CPU.

The PPC code generator converts the CPU-independent form of a program into an executable tailored for a particular processor. This process requires a different approach for RISC processors than it does for CISC CPUs. Although the PPC is a RISC design in most respects, it is still substantially easier to program than eg. an Alpha or MIPS CPU.

StormC's PowerPC code engine has already been fitted with basic functions for good peephole optimization and instruction scheduling. A notable advantage compared to other PPC compilers is StormC's integrated Register Allocator that allows for both Amiga-style register usage controlled by eg. #pragma statements and excellent automatic register allocation.

A Special Linker

The linker is responsible for combining both 68K and PPC object code into a so-called Fat Binary. When the program is run, the PPC part is started automatically as a separate task and can be run in parallel with tasks on the 68K side.

Further Development

The next step is adapting the source-level debugger to the PPC processor. This will allow you to track down bugs in PPC code with the same level of comfort that is available for 68K code.

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