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In Febrary 2006 Alinea Computer took over the distribution of our
Amiga software products AmigaWriter, ArtEffect and StormC.
Please contact them for sales and support.

These webpages are remaining online to provide you with some information and support.
But please be aware that we can not answer technical or
support questions related to Amiga products any more.
Thanks for your understanding.



The progressive C/C++ development system for the Amiga's future.


StormC 4

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Version 1.1 was already given high marks by the press.

"... StormC is a good choice with an eye on the future as well!"

"... a full step ahead!" Winner in head-to-head comparison!

".. you cannot go wrong with the highly polished StormC!"

Rated overall: 92%

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17. July 2001: StormC for Students
Due to many requests from Amiga users we decided to offer StormC 4 for students and pupils at a reduced price of 298 DM (~129 USD) for the full version and 149 DM (~65 USD) for the update. They will get this offer when they send us a valid document from their university or school together with the order. more

Amiga Certified
16. July 2001: StormC certified by Amiga Inc.
Amiga Inc is pleased to announce that it is partnering with HAAGE&PARTNER GmbH, of Glashuetten, Germany in order to provide Amiga developers with a world class development environment. Announcement

20. April 2001:
C/C++ Kurs
Schon letztes Jahr hat Sven Grempli einen C/C++ Kurs zusammengestellt und auch ein passendes Forum dazu eingerichtet. Diese ist sicherlich ein guter Einstieg für Anfänger.

17. April 2001:
STL for StormC 4
Raymond Zarling did a port of the Standard Template Library (STL) for StormC 4. The STL is a extensive set of algorithms and data structures which enables C++ programmer to more quickly implement their programs. It is also a part of the most recent C++ standard.
The Amiga sources can be found on Aminet; the original sources are at stlport.org and the documentation at sgi.com:

10. April 2001
Update Patches for StormC 4
There is a first update for StormC 4 that fixes some bugs and improves the support for Mixed Binaries and Shared Libraries. Download

12. January 2001
The Quantum Leap: StormC 4
The new version of the well-known development system will be a quantum leap: Network capabilities, distributed Make, CVS, modified GCC compiler with Amiga hunk format, global full text search, StormC 4extended editor, debugging of tasks and shared libraries and the new StormDOC.

The most important feature of the new developers system is the step forwards towards the new AmigaOS. At the moment everything still runs on the Classic Amiga, and that is how it will be presented, but everything was developed anew with easy portability in mind.

more information

26. February 2001:
GNU Sources of StormC
Our new StormC compiler system version 4 uses a specially adapted version of the GNU projects GCC and CVS. The source code for these projects can be downloaded from our server:
GNU Sourcen (ca. 30 MB).

28. August 2000:
Announcement: StormC 4
The new version of the well-known development system will be a quantum leap: Network capabilities, distributed Make, CVS, modified GCC compiler with Amiga hunk format, global full text search, extended editor, debugging of tasks and shared libraries and the new StormDOC.

AMIGA Developer CD 2.1
The new AmigaOS Developer CD contains all documents and material for your AmigaOS developments. It also contains the OS 3.5 Native Developer Kit, the GUI editor ReActor and the StormC compiler. Press Release

WarpUP mailing list
We opened a WarpUP mailing list to provide a better connection between programmers, users and us. Everyone is invited to join the list to discuss ideas and problems with WarpUP. The list is managed by Sam Jordan.

Warp3D is a new hardware independent 3D driver system for 3D graphics boards. News

StormC DSK

powered by AmigaStormC DSK (Developer Survival Kit) is the new "
All-Inclusive" package for AMIGA programmers. It consists of all well-known Storm components in their up-to-date versions as well as our latest developments for PowerPC and 3D. As a bonus we add the latest beta version of our new 68k emulator for PowerPC. Information

Welcome to the world of PowerPC

This is our web page for PowerPC. It contains information and a list of PPC programs. We welcome any suggestion and additional information on this subject.

StormC and StormWizard Example
You will find the Storm-Screen-Manager with sources and an example on external gadgets for StormWizard.

Raystorm Raytracer
This is a good example for the use of StormC, StormMESA and WarpUP. Link

StormC 3.0 for 68k!
A new project assistant and improvements on the editor, the debugger and the disassembler are the new features of this new version. Until now this was only available in the v3 modules for StormC. Info

StormC & new PowerASM for PowerUP
According to Phase 5 the PowerUP boards will be available the next days. Same time we will be able to ship our PPC extensions for StormC and the new PPC assembler for PowerUP. Everyone interested in that can drop us a note. Info

These are the developers information of the
Extended Hunk Format that is used by StormC to support the PowerUP boards.

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