System requirements

Starbirds only runs from a bootable, OFS-formatted floppy disk (the installation script takes care, that these requirements are satisfied). For the installation, the packer 'lha' is also required, it has to be found in the system path.

Starbirds should work on every AMIGA with floppy driver, it also works with those floppy drivers, that don't send the 'drive ready' signal (which was the reason for a lot of games not working together with these drives).

Starbirds doesn't work in NTSC mode, it is important that the AMIGA runs in PAL mode (should usually be the case).

A very good joystick is absolutely necessary.

On high end systems the game speed can be much lower than on low end systems (no joke), because newer systems often have a very bad access performance to Chip RAM. Sam prefers to play Starbirds on the old A2000/68000 rather than on the A4000T/68060...