Sam's comment

I got my first AMIGA at the end of 1990, and my first action with my AMIGA was to load a game (Silkworm). From this point I quickly became a fan of shoot'em up games (and I also quickly became an expert for these games). I wished to create a shoot'em up game myself, but the biggest problem was the graphics, since I wasn't able to create nice graphics at all. Before the Starbirds project started I already started to write on another shoot'em up game, but failed quite early.

Fortunately in 1993 I found the help which I needed. Dario Hardmeier took the part of the graphics artist and so the project could start. As time moved we discovered that the team was working perfectly together and I again have to thank Dario very much for his great work.

It was always clear for us to put the biggest priority on the game play, and indeed we spent most of the time to design the enemies and their attach strategies.

The music in Starbirds was very important for me, then I feel that the sound is a very important component in a game. I am a big fan of the 'master' (Chris Huelsbeck) and his songs, mainly those found in the Turrican games. He has very often managed not only to create songs which fit nicely to the situation, but which also provided a beatiful melody. And that's why in my opinion his songs were that successful. This style has influenced my personal music style quite a lot. I am still very excited of some of the Starbirds songs, not from the technical point of view (the samples really aren't good) but from the creative point of view.

In the last years I didn't have almost any time for the music, because I was working on so many software projects for the AMIGA. But I strongly believe that I will come back to the music more and more in future. And I will certainly rearrange these Starbirds songs again :)

This game project certainly is in big contract to my current activities conerning high end PowerPC and 3D hardware technology, OpenGL and system compliant programming. It is very important for the AMIGA to be able to keep up with other platforms, so that the AMIGA keeps beeing attractive for users and companies. Nevertheless we shouldn't forget the past and all software which was written in past. I really hope that sometimes in future games will appear, which carry the spirit of these old days, and that some game families, which are almonst nonexistant today, will revive (this was not in invitation to direct hardware programming :)

I see more and more the problem, that the old games are beeing lost, since a lot of AMIGA's and games simply are put into a corner and become forgotten. So a very valuable treasure gets lost, therefore everyone owning original old games should definitely keep them.

I am personally very interested in these old games for AMIGA, because I know how much potential fun and adventure is found in these games, aside with a big amount of computer history. I would really like to get the originals and only use copies, if there aren't almost any originals of a specific game anymore. So please, if anyone has old games which he would like to give away/sell, please contact me.

Maybe it is also an idea to create a 'market place' for old AMIGA games in the internet, where people could get such old games and other people could offer them. So if anyone would like to push this idea, I would like to discuss that.

Finally another personal call: I am looking for a joystick of a specific type: Competition Pro. But most joysticks of this type are quite bad (mostly the new models). I am interested in the black joysticks with red buttons and red control stick, but where the buttons require extremely few pressure to activate the contact and there is no 'click' sound when pressing the buttons. This joystick doesn't have any special features, like autofire. If anyone has such a joystick and might want to sell it, please contact me. This joystick is in my opinion the very best, but it has become very difficult to get it. I can play Starbirds only with such a joystick quite well (yes, it was one of the biggest mistake of us not to care enough for the different types of joysticks).