First the archive 'sb.lha' has to be downloaded. Afterwards please extract the archive into an arbitrary directory. The archive contains the following files:

  • starbirds.lha:
The content of the Starbirds floppy disk. This archive MUST NOT be extracted manually.  
  • starbirds_d.txt:
The documentation to Starbirds (German)  
  • starbirds_e.txt:
The documentation to Starbirds (English)  
  • copyright_d.txt:
Copyright statement (German)  
  • copyright_e.txt:
Copyright statement (English)  
  • sbinstall_d:
Installation script (German)  
  • sbinstall_e:
Installation skript (English)  

To install Starbirds, just start the installation script in a shell window. Please follow the instructions, which are printed in the shell.

Hint: When the script does not start, please set the 's' bit or start it with execute sbinstall_e.