Starbirds is owned by Sam Jordan and Dario Hardmeier. Starbirds is freeware and can be copied freely. It is not allowed to make financial profit with Starbirds, only administrative tasks (such as copying disks) may be charged from the customer. It is allowed to distribute Starbirds on data collections, such as CD-ROM's, which are sold commercially, only if the addition of Starbirds doesn't have any effect on the price of the data collection. It is not allowed without authorization of the owners of Starbirds to extract parts of Starbirds and to distribute them separately (songs, for example, but the condition is not limited to the songs). It is not allowed only to copy parts of the Starbirds Disk, all files have to be copied. As an exception it is allowed to exchange the highscore file so that it is possible to clear the highscores that way.