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Special SALE

ArtEffect ArtEffect 4

The newest version of the popular graphics program. Multiple layers, paint tools, workshops, samples, etc. Info

before 198 DM
89 DM

AmigaWriter AmigaWriter 2.2

The word processor that offers MS-Word, Wordworth and Finalwriter import. Info

before 149 DM
89 DM

FontMachine FontMachine
Breathtaking font effects

You take any Amiga-font, make it 3-dimensional, bevel it, make it shining gold, add a shadow to it and thus create with a few mouse-clicks a real eye catcher - a 3D font, ideally suited for video productions, presentations and web-design.

before 129 DM
69 DM

HyperCOM HyperCOM 1

For A1200 owners that want to use a fast modem or an ISDN terminal adapter and users that simply need an additional (fast) serial port.

before 79 DM
39 DM


Tornado3D 3.0 Update

Update you version 1.5 or 2.0 or even the cheep SE version to the full 3.0. Amazing features and speed. PPC support.

before 498 DM
198 DM

Fusion PC  Fusion PC 2.31

The full version of the fast Macintosh emulator for your PC. Now at a low price of only 69 DM.

before 198 DM
69 DM

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