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In Febrary 2006 Alinea Computer took over the distribution of our
Amiga software products AmigaWriter, ArtEffect and StormC.
Please contact them for sales and support.

These webpages are remaining online to provide you with some information and support.
But please be aware that we can not answer technical or
support questions related to Amiga products any more.
Thanks for your understanding.

Video FAQ


How do I get support?

You can get support most easily and quickly using the Internet. To get support from us you have to be a registered user. Please do never send your serial number over the internet unless you use PGP encrypted mail.

Support: http://www.haage-partner.com/support.htm

Email support: Klaus Ziereis <classx-support@haage-partner.com>

Problems with installation of X-DVE or VideoFX?

When you get a message of a missing library or missing components after installation of X-DVE or VideoFX this is because your CDROM driver does not support RockRidge mode. Then e.g. x-dve.library is named as x_dve.library and will not be found by the program.

User of later version of AsimCDFS have to set the options "Identify RR vol?" and "Mount RR first?" at "Rock Ridge Extensions".

Users of older AsimCDFS have to reinstall the software because this option can only be set during installation.

X-DVE: Were do I get the operator for XFA animations for MovieShop?

Registered users of X-DVE can request in the support area on our homepage.

FM: I get the error message "Open screen failed"!

This happens when you try to load an AGA texture on a non-AGA Amiga. You can convert it to a 256 color IFF ILBM picture before loading it into FM.

FM: How can I make animated fonts?

You can give the font an anim-brush as texture for the front or the border. You can save this animated font (in fact only a string) as anim5 or gif-anim. This function was implemented with ARexx-Scripts.

X-DVE: There is only a blue screen when playing an animation!

Playing an animation always starts with a blue screen. Please click the left mouse button to start the animation (if any).

X-DVE: Can I set the width and height of an animation?

You can set the height in the resolution requester (close with return). Unfortunately, you can not change the width. Here you are restricted to 704 or 768 Pixel (Bug!).

X-DVE: How can I center objects on the screen?

With the key "X" you can center on the X-axis. With the key "Y" you can center on the Y-axis.

X-DVE: Why doesn't it recognize the PPC processor?

It is next to impossible to detect the PPC processor safely. Therefore X-DVE only shows the 680X0 processor.

X-DVE: Why does it crash after I installed WarpUP?

You may have installed WarpUP without having a PPC actually. In this case you should remove WarpUP or deactive it. To deactive it simply start the installation program again. Specify that you don't want to use a PPC in one of the first questions.

X-DVE: I get the error message "Can't open x-dve.library."!

On some CD-ROM-filesystems the name of the file "x-dve.library" (maybe also from other files) will be converted to "x_dve.library" while installing X-DVE on harddisk. In this case just rename the file. After this it should work.

X-DVE: Bitmaps can lot be loaded or Alpha effects not found.

When using the original CDROM filesystem of AmigaOS 3.1 all filenames will be in capital letters when they are copied to your hard disk. Then all loaders and savers will not work. Please open the appropriate drawers and rename all files to small letters or install a shareware or commercial file system.

Do I need a new registration code after a reorganization or validation of my hard disk?

No, only after a installation on a new computer or a new hard disk a new code is needed.

Can I install ClassX products with my code on more computers at the same time?

No, the registration code is only for one machine, because you only bought a single licence. In special cases you can contact us for a special solution.

Are the ClassX-products PPC compatible or is it planned for the future?

X-DVE 3.50 already supports PPC. Possibly the others will follow.

Created on 27 Sep 2000 by Fiasco written by Nils Bandener and by a magic ARexx script written by Martin Steigerwald