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In Febrary 2006 Alinea Computer took over the distribution of our
Amiga software products AmigaWriter, ArtEffect and StormC.
Please contact them for sales and support.

These webpages are remaining online to provide you with some information and support.
But please be aware that we can not answer technical or
support questions related to Amiga products any more.
Thanks for your understanding.

The complete solution for your easy video production
for Amiga

An instant start for the Professional Video Production with Amiga

Makes it easy to integrate your Video productions with effects, slides and audio samples.
Even more this CD includes the best of the ClassX !


VideoFX 2.00

The name "VideoFX" suggests that this program is meant for videos and video effects. But VideoFX is far more than this. In the beginning our aim was to create a program that could offer users a more flexible and automatic system to create videos. We wanted a program able to play animations and show images in an only environment. In other words, we wanted to create a program easy to be used. We wanted our program to be able to launch animations simply by pressing a key.

These ideas would have created a very useful program since it would have allowed the user to set up videos without getting mad with two or three animation players, stop/still operations on the video recorders, etc...

Then, step by step we have increased considerably the functions of our program. Thanks to Amiga's hardware and software systems, particularly suitable for videos, VideoFX allows obtaining much more than animation players. As a matter of fact, any Amiga machine is equipped with four audio-stereo channels and can execute more than one program at the same time, by integrating them by means of AREXX.

The fruit of our ideas and hard work is VideoFX: a program that allows controlling and managing video productions automatically and in a integrated way. Besides, VideoFX's potentialities are not restricted to video productions. VideoFX can be used for many more purposes, which you will understand after reading this manual.

The concept of VideoFX

VideoFX is based on the simple concept of event->effect. The event is something that happens; the effect is what happens (what is performed by the machine) as a consequence of the event. To give an example: if you press the light button (event) the light will go on (effect). The management of VideoFX's events and effects is very complete and allows creating complex associations between events and effects: an event may cause several effects, and an effect may be caused by several events. Going on with the example of the light switch, we can say that it is possible to create a lighting system with two light switches and three bulbs, so that the first switch switches on all the three bulbs, while the second one switches on only one bulb.

The contents of the VideoFX CDROM

  • VideoFX 2.00 FULL VERSION.
  • FontMachine v1.15 FULL VERSION.
  • Online HTML manuals for X-DVE v2.00SE and FontMachine (Italian only).
  • Printed Manual for VideoFX 2.00.
  • 64 Professional ColorFonts.
  • Hundreds of Hi-Quality Bitmap Fonts.
  • Hundreds of Sound Samples in 8svx format.
  • 380 Professional AlphaChannel Color Wipes for VideoFX2.
  • 190 Professional AlphaChannel BW Wipes for VideoFX2.
  • 310 VFX plugins for VideoFX2.
  • 124 professional DVE effects licensed from SPC VideoStudio.
  • 138 professional KIT effects licensed from SPC VideoStudio.
  • Hundreds of VideoFX scripts: just load 'n run !
  • Drivers for G-Lock, IV-24 and the whole Electronic Design genlock range.
  • Sample XFA animations, graphics and FontMachine textures.
  • The latest DEMOS of X-DVE3, FontMachine3 and PowerTitler.
  • The latest XFA developer's kit.
  • And Much MORE......

The whole CD comes with LOCALIZED Pre-Installed software. It's SO EASY to use: just a click to the "Install-CD" assignment script and you are ready to create with the Award Winning ClassX Software Products.

Technical Features

VideoFX is compatible with AmigaOS 2.1. (KickStart v37.175+, Workbench v38.xx) or the following ones. It requires at least 2Mb of Fast Ram and a Hard Disk. Obviously, the more memory, fast processors and AGA chipsets are used the better will be the resuls obtained from VideoFX. As most programs for Amiga, VideoFX does not require any particular processor. VideoFX can be used with AmigaOS 2.1 developed in 1991.

Note that Amiga allows his users to choose the configuration more suitable to his requirements in spite of the actual international trend to create products to induce users to buy other products.

The events manageable by VideoFX:

  • Pressing a key on the keyboard;
  • Pressing the left mouse button;
  • Pressing the right mouse button;
  • Expiring of a timer.

The effects:

  • Viewing an image (IFF-ILBM);
  • Playing an animation (IFF-ANIM5/7);
  • Playing an animation (XFA);
  • Playing an audio sample (IFF-8SVX);
  • Executing a VFX effect (user's audio/video format)
  • Executing an external command;
  • Controlling the status of the Timers;
  • Executing an external AREXX script.

The formats HAM-6 (4096 colors) and HAM-8 (16 million colors) are supported for all the visual effects. VideoFX supports the custom VFX format to create effects with synchronized audio and video.
The current version of VideoFX supports up to 500 events and can record up to 1000 events. The Image, Animation, and VFX effects are automatically centered on the screen, according to the overscan settings of the machine.

System Requirements: Any Amiga with AmigaOS 2.04, min. 4 MB RAM, hard-drive, CD-ROM drive. (VideoFX does *not* run on Draco Computers!)

Price: 249 DM (SRP)

Availability: VideoFX is available now!



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