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In Febrary 2006 Alinea Computer took over the distribution of our
Amiga software products AmigaWriter, ArtEffect and StormC.
Please contact them for sales and support.

These webpages are remaining online to provide you with some information and support.
But please be aware that we can not answer technical or
support questions related to Amiga products any more.
Thanks for your understanding.


Tornado3D v2
Special Edition

This special version offers all the exciting features of Tornado3D that are needed for creating outstanding 3D pictures and animations on your Amiga. This is the perfect start into the 3D world without having to invest a huge amount of money and there is the option to upgrade. Tornado3D uses the latest technology and algorithms to provide great functionality and speed. It also offers full PowerPC support for CyberVisionPPC and BlizzardPPC boards.

You can get this outstanding 3D package for only 199 DM (~120 US$).
SRP of the manufacturer is 299 DM (~180 US$)

Editors ChoiceTornado3D twice got
"Editor's Choice"
from AmigaPlus.


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Just some of Tornado3D 2.0 SE's features are:

  • Volumetric Lights
  • PowerPC rendering with separate specially-optimized 603e and 604e modules
  • Real-time 3D color shaded preview
  • Real-time interactive rendering
  • Virge3D support
  • Splines
  • Deformation Cages
  • Automorphing
  • Projector Lights
  • Clipmapped Shadows
  • Selective Raytracing for Reflections, Refractions and Shadows
  • Cubic Reflections and Refractions
  • Additive and normal transparency
  • Pose Manager
  • Lens Flares
  • Postscript(tm) font import
  • Lightwave objects import
  • DXF import and export
  • Imagine objects and groups import
  • Bevel tool
  • Metameshing with selectable Edge Tension
  • Procedural Textures plug-ins
  • Multiple Shaders (Matte, Dull, Plastic, Metal, Glass)
  • Unlimited maps and textures per surface
  • Turbulent and quiet 3D fog
  • Linear, Early, Late quadratic and user fog kinds
  • Distant, Point, Spot and Umbrella light sources
  • Animatable Volumetric Hypertextures
  • Extrusion, lathing, replication and arraying
  • Spline skinning
  • Nurbs polygonization
  • Auto normal alignment
  • Interactive animation panel
  • Interactive Move, Scale, Rotate, Bend, Taper, Twist, Shear, Mould and Pinch
  • Interpolated LookAt constraints
  • Inverse Kinematics
  • Interpolated Shading
  • Soft Shadows
  • High quality shadow maps and clipmapped shadows for rotoscoping
  • Subdivide, fractalize, triangulate, Normalize, Refine
  • Displacement mapping
  • Image creation panel
  • Color Keyer
  • Front and Backdrops
  • Full graphics card support
  • Datatype V43 support
  • IFF, TGA, JPEG and RAW internal loaders and savers
  • ...and much more







Features of Tornado3D 2.1a Full Edition not present in Tornado3D 2.0 SE

  • Golem Language
  • Bones & Muscles
  • Particles & Hairs
  • Force Fields
  • Fractal triangles
  • Metaquadrics
  • Permedia2 support
  • Meshpainting
  • Accumulative rendering modes and related effects
    • accumulative antialias
    • depth of field
    • motion blur
    • field rendering
    • broadcast encoding
    • glow effect
    • alpha channel
  • 300+ pages printed manual (has an HTML manual on disk), big box, free email tech support


Editors ChoiceTornado3D 2.0: 95%, "Editors Choice" (Amiga Plus 11/98)
"T3D is on the way to become the absolutely best 3D program for the Amiga. Regarding its functions it already has no real competitor." (Amiga Plus 11/98)

"Cinema4D has found a worthy successor in Tornado3D, that surpasses it by far..." (Amiga Fever 12/98)

"... a completely positive general impression..." (AmigaOS 12/98)

Tornado3D 1.5: "
Good" (Amiga Magazin 8/98)

Editors ChoiceTornado3D 1.5: 92%, "Editors Choice" (Amiga Plus 7/98)
"Incredible variety of functions; nearly all known 3D effects; userfriendly GUI; material preview." (Amiga Plus 7/98)


  • Amiga with 68020 or better
  • AmigaOS 3.0 or better
  • 8 MB Ram
  • hard disk
  • CDROM drive
  • free Joystick port for the dongle
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