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In Febrary 2006 Alinea Computer took over the distribution of our
Amiga software products AmigaWriter, ArtEffect and StormC.
Please contact them for sales and support.

These webpages are remaining online to provide you with some information and support.
But please be aware that we can not answer technical or
support questions related to Amiga products any more.
Thanks for your understanding.



Some pictures and animations created with Tornado3D

[Dite] Dite
Contributed by
Daniele Paini this Dante-inspired image is a mind-blowing exercise in organic and architectural modeling.
Entirely created and rendered in Tornado3D. Thanks, Daniele!
800x600 JPG(76K)
[Heart] The Heart
Contributed by
Daniele Paini this image exhibits a painting feel that really sets it apart from the crowd.
The entire mannequin has been modeled with Bevel tool, starting from cubes and other simple primitives. Thanks, Daniele!
800x600 JPG(76K)
    [TERRALUNA] TerraLuna
Contributed by
Saverio Creanza Terra Luna means Earth Moon and is a nice example of space render. Lighting is astronomically accurate with only a single, bright, directional light and this enanches realism much more than any modeling could have done. Thanks, Saverio!
800x600 JPG(76K)
[Lighthouse] Lighthouse
Contributed by
Kjell Ove Vuttudal this image is modeled after a LightHouse in Plymouth and is part of a larger animation.
Thanks, Kjell Ove!
800x600 JPG(35K)
[Anno215] Anno215
Contributed by
Daniele Paini this is an excellent example of what a skilled artist can acheive after just a few months of work with Tornado3D.
Lit by seven point lights and a global one, this amazingly detailed Romanic Church requires 60MB of ram to be rendered in just 15 minutes on an 060. Thanks, Daniele!
800x600 JPG(76K)
[DejaVu2] DejaVu2
Contributed by
Dario Soccoli this image is part of a space animation -with a DejaVu twist.
Thanks Dario!
800x600 JPG(96K)
[Knife] Knife
Contributed by
Kjell Ove Vuttudal this surely looks real. The Knife is the same found in latest Tornado3D CD-Rom, modeled by Kjell Ove.
Thanks twice, Kjell Ove!
800x600 JPG(59K)
[Temple] Temple
Contributed by
Kjell Ove Vuttudal this image is part of a larger animation.
Thanks Kjell Ove!
800x600 JPG(59K)
[Flubber] Flubber
Contributed by
Lars Eriksson He says: "Here is a animation. I tried to do something like the film Flobber. And it works :-)" Need to say more?
Thanks, Lars!
Mpeg Anim (67K)
[Helicopter] Helicopter
This picture shows lens flare, texture antialias, soft shadows and the kind of dramatic realism that can be obtained with proper lightning.
800x600 JPG(26K) 
[Warbot] Warbot
A frame from an animation, shows the soft lightning effect produced by T3D lens flares. The warbot was modeled years ago in Imagine and has been imported into T3D with the Rosetta I/O module.
800x600 JPG(27K) 
[Cellular] NervousPhone
The cellular phone has been modeled in T3D starting with a cube, just with a few bevel and metamesh operations. Please note the bumpmapped round box and the soft shadow's quality.
400x300 JPG(16K) 
[AshTray] BadHabit
The key point here is the thin smoke that rises from the cigarette. It's a particle system, and really looks great in animation. Also note the burnt tip, a masked diffuse map.
Mpeg Anim (44K) 
[Chatedral] VolumeLight
The place may not look great, but the light streaks surely do! This is an example of projective and volumetric lights, and when animated it even looks more realistic!
Mpeg Anim (94K) 
[A4000] WornA4000
Ok, we told you T3D would bring workstation class 3D to your desktop. Here we brought your desktop into T3D! Have a look at the monitor screen, it's an ambience map. Much better than brightness, isn't it?
800x600 JPG(30K) 
[Tie2] LaserBlast
The Tie-like interceptor is again a box with a few bevels and a bumpmap, while the laser blast is a particle system of Fountain kind.
640x480 JPG(12K) 
[Water] SeaSpider
This one has to be seen animated! Non-linear, turbulent fog, is all that is needed to re-create those spectacular underwater scenes you'v seen in movies and TV.
Mpeg Anim (270K) 
[Comet] CometLogo
A volumetric light, a lens flare and here you are: a comet. The logo however is done with T3D's wonderful Glass Shader, hey no raytracing needed!
800x600 JPG(40K) 
[Witch] The Witch
Again, lightning is the key. The scene is nothing more than a few polygons with interpolated shading and a carefully constructed light set.
400x300 JPG(12K)