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In Febrary 2006 Alinea Computer took over the distribution of our
Amiga software products AmigaWriter, ArtEffect and StormC.
Please contact them for sales and support.

These webpages are remaining online to provide you with some information and support.
But please be aware that we can not answer technical or
support questions related to Amiga products any more.
Thanks for your understanding.

STFax Support

New Features of 3.0 - 4.5


  • Added ELSA MicroLink Office support for Independent Mode.
  • Added support for Diamond Multimedia voice command set.
  • asyncio.library is used (if available) when transferring files via XPR libraries (BBS transmissions).
  • The check for files stored inside the modem memory will be performed only once when STFax is started, instead of each time the serial device is opened.
  • The viewer will open using the last used scaling factor.

  • Unterstützung für das Elsa Microlink Office Modem im Unabhängigen Modus wurde hinzugefügt.
  • Unterstützung der Diamond Multimedia Voice-Kommandos wurden hinzugefügt
  • Bei der Datenübertragung an Mailboxen per XPR-Libraries wird die asycio.library (falls vorhanden) verwendet.
  • Es wird nicht mehr bei jedem Öffnen des Serial.devices, eine Überprüfung des Speichers des Modems auf Daten durchgeführt, sondern es wird nur noch beim Starten des Programms geprüft
  • Der Fax-Anzeiger speichert nun seine zuletzt benutzte Skalierung.


  • New message set: ~60 professional recorded messages.
  • Added Microphone gain control to speakerphone windows.
  • Much improved Remote Access system.
  • Much improved Fax on demand system.
  • Added background printing.
  • Added auto-forward of incoming faxes.
  • You can play a sample when a new fax/file/message arrives in a certain folder.
  • Added fax filters.
  • STFax will now import voice files using GSM compression for USRobotics modems. Expect a _great_ quality improvement :)
  • The text of the fax is saved along with the converted data, thus allowing later re-edit.
  • Brand new Send Fax window: it replaces the schedule fax and edit window as well.
  • Added internal WAVE loading routine (for PCM waves only: it will fall-back to datatypes for other subformats).
  • Fixed printing from the viewer.
  • Fixed rotation in the viewer.
  • Fixed IFF-ILBM saving.
  • Fixed bug in the sample import function.
  • Fixed mini BBS in DATA ONLY and VOICE/FAX/DATA mode.
  • Fixed corruption problem with faxes downloaded from the Pace Solo memory.
  • The fax viewer is now an independent program.
  • Added Distinctive Ring support.
  • Reorganised the settings requester.
  • Moved voice prefs inside the prefs requester.
  • Reworked messages section in the prefs.
  • Reworked voice boxes section in the prefs.
  • Moved BBS prefs inside the prefs requester.
  • Reworked the BBS settings.
  • Expiration time can be set per account and per folder now (fax/voice/data/messages).
  • Auto-print can be set per account.
  • Removed the 'Received' folder: incoming faxes are dispatched into the accounts' fax folders. Unfiltered faxes will go into the Incoming account.
  • Changed the main listtree layout.
  • The status gadget in the main window will display the number of unread messages/faxes/data files.
  • You can press * at any time to go back to the previous menu in the voice script.
  • Added drag'n'drop to move items between folders.
  • Added "Trash" folder.
  • New icons set.
  • New About window :)
  • Added toolbar to the Answer window.
  • Added Mute/Unmute gadget to the Answer window.
  • Added Transfer call gadget to the Answer window.
  • Added toolbar to the Dial window.
  • Added Mute/Unmute gadget to the Dial window.
  • Added the TRANSFER CALL script command.
  • Added toolbar to the Call operator window.
  • Improved the CALL OP script command: it's now possible to specify a reason which will be shown to the operator; it's possible to redirect the caller when he calls the op; the Call operator window offer more information.
  • Added the REMOTE ACCESS script command: now Remote
  • Access can be enabled *only* from the script.
  • New Status window: it also replaces the old Send fax window. The window can always be kept open, optionally.
  • Viewer: added "Open..." menu item.
  • Added "Borderless buttons" option.
  • STFax.datatype requires STFax.library.
  • Recompiled STFax.datatype with StormC.
  • The phonebook is now a stand-alone program.
  • Phonebook: re-designed the GUI.
  • Phonebook: added groups handling.
  • Phonebook: added Find.
  • Phonebook: added some extra fields.
  • Added Win-style toolbars.
  • Added CManager.mcc support.



  • Added ScanQuix support.
  • Better handling of corrupted fax files.
  • Fixed crash after polling.
  • Fixed problem with Solo modems setting S0=3 after AT+VIP.
  • Auto Answer works again even with Shared on. *Pay attention* to what you do when they are bot set!
  • Fixed bug: the ring counter didn't reset if the answer procedure was aborted after the first ring.
  • Fixed bug: hanging up too early when manually answering an incoming call could lead to a crash.
  • Fixed Enforcer Hits during image->fax conversion.
  • Reduced baud rate when downloading faxes from the Message Plus/Pro modem.
  • Added experimental support for ADPCM-2 sample format for USRobotics modems (should give better results): you can enable it using the USEADPCM2 tooltype/CLI argument. Please note that you can't convert samples to voice messages or viceversa when you use this setting.



  • The fax viewer uses FastMem to store the fax bitmap.
  • Added "IGNORESPKPHONEERR" argument as a workaround for a bug in some SupraExpress 336 V+ modems.
  • Added a workaround for ELSA Microlink ISDN/TL v.34 TA's, which have problems with the +FAA command.
  • Added Caller ID info parsing for the ELSA Microlink format.
  • Added CID name parsing.
  • Added "Receive Fax" button to the speakerphone windows.
  • When setting the init string, other settings will be changed according to the chosen modem type.
  • STFax searches for the caller name in the CManager database too.
  • Added recognition of Kortex Adaptix modems.
  • Increased the maximum length for the "Send to" gadget in the Send Fax window, thus making possible to send a fax to more recipients.
  • When sending a fax to multiple recipients a cover will be created if the phonebook entry is set so or if the Make Cover gadget in the Send Fax window
  • is ticked.
  • Fixed bug when closing the Message Plus messages window.
  • Fixed a timing problem in the Class 1 engine: now you should be able to send/receive faxes without having to set Log to Debug.
  • Fixed: wrong size for saved WAVs.
  • Fixed: the printer driver created broken documents if printing more than 2-4 pages.



  • The viewer keeps the current scale when changing page.
  • Added "Call Monitor" option to Prefs/Modem.
  • Added "CALLMONITOR" ARexx command.
  • Printer driver: now it recognizes printer.device v42.50 correctly.
  • Printer driver: if STFax isn't running, it'll be started.
  • Added DATA ONLY mode.
  • Added "GETCALLERID" ARexx command.
  • Added "GETCALLERNAME" ARexx command.
  • USR Message Pro is recognized.
  • More accurate fax reception speed report.
  • Fixed: the Test function in the voice script panel didn't use the current value of the PlayTo cycle gadget in the Messages page.
  • Fixed Remote Access problems.
  • Fixed problem with the MENU command.
  • Fixed bug: the viewer could crash if there wasn't enough memory when going to another page.



  • Fixed: the Independent mode menu didn't open the right requester on USR Modems.
  • Fixed: the volume slider in the speakerphone window now works on Pace and USR modems too.
  • Fixed: Prefix string setting wasn't saved.


  • Added support for Pace Solo modems.
  • Added support for USR Message Plus modems.
  • STFax aborts the message recording operation automatically when you pick the telephone handset up (if your modem supports this feature).
  • Added "View Fax" button to the Send Fax window.
  • Added "Phonebook" button to the Send Fax window.
  • Added Print section among the Preferences.
  • Added Prt Driver On/Off hooks.
  • Added support for Contact Manager.
  • Added "Hang up" flag to the RECORD MSG command.
  • Added caller's name in the Status window.
  • Added "Play new messages" function.
  • Added setting to control STFax's behaviour upon the reception of a RTN frame.
  • Fixed: the setting "Max message duration" is now saved.
  • Fixed (really :) Play File in the Call Operato command was not saved.
  • Improved the behaviour of the RECORD MSG command when forcing the message to go into a specified voice box.
  • Changed the separator character from ',' to ';' in the Send Fax window as ',' is used by the modem.
  • Fixed: Add to phonebook for voice messages put the number in the fax field.
  • Fixed some problems with the speakerphone window.
  • Fixed a problem with the phonebook.
  • Fixed some gadget hotkey conflicts.



  • Highly improved sound quality with USRobotics modems.
  • Added AHI support to play messages.
  • Added the option to configure the time-out for menu commands (MENU, CHOOSE BOX and RECORD MSG)
  • Added option to force the use of a specific voice box in the RECORD MSG command.
  • Added option to play a personalized user greeting based on Caller ID.
  • Added option to execute an ARexx script in the CALL OPERATOR script command.
  • Added AREXX SCRIPT script command.
  • Added "DIAL" ARexx command.
  • Added "GETLASTMESSAGE" ARexx command.
  • Added Voice/Ring/HangUp Hooks.
  • Added "LOADONCE" ToolType & Shell arg: it won't let you to load STFax twice.
  • Added the option to use an external program to play samples.
  • Added: the toolbar gadgets react to drag'n'drop.
  • Added: silence detection and compression can be turned off.
  • Added "EDIT" argument to the "SEND" ARexx command.
  • Added "Intercept" button to the Status Window to let you abort STFax and pick up the call from your telephone.
  • Added View Log window.
  • Added Call Screening.
  • Added option to log the requests to the Fax on demand system.
  • Added multiselection to the main window listview.
  • Fax class 1.0 is used when available instead of class 1.
  • Fixed bug: after testing a voice script with the Test Window the modem could be desynced.
  • The viewer doesn't use border gadgets with a MUI version <= 3.8 in order to avoid a bug of its.
  • When converting a sample to voice the '*' in front of default messages wasn't removed.
  • Fixed possible problems when using DTR Hangup.
  • Fixed bug: when receiving a fax the resolution wasn't taken into account in class 2/2.0 mode. Thus, normal resolution faxes were printed at half their height.
  • The Device gadget in the prefs window shows the ROM/AutoConfig devices too.
  • Fixed bug: the class 1 sender failed to send a fax if the remote station resolution differed from the transmitter's one.
  • Fixed a small error in the Italian catalog.
  • Fixed bug: in Class 1 mode STFax didn't send the DCN frame after the last page, causing the remote machine to report a Phase D error.
  • Fixed a problem with ZyXEL 2864 modems.
  • Added the "Script commands reference" to the guide.
  • Fixed "AUTOANSWER ON" not working properly.
  • Small fixes and changes.



  • When recording a voice sample locally STFax ignored the "Max voice message duration" prefs and always used a timeout of 5 minutes.
  • The viewer displays the fax with black & white colors also with OS 2.04.
  • Increased stack size to 30 Kb since MUI needed more stack on some configurations.
  • Increased the fax decoding speed when viewing a fax.
  • STFax didn't close the serial port when the DSR signal was not found.
  • ReqTools.library is no longer used.
  • It could be possible that STFax didn't show the new messages in the listviews under some circumstances.
  • Added company name and phone number in the header line put in top of every fax page sent.
  • Now the font requester in Prefs/Fax allows you to choose a font greater than 24 points (max height is now set to 300).
  • Added "File" source in the messages panel to convert a sample into a voice file for the modem. Datatype are used when available, otherwise only 8SVX iff files can be imported.
  • Fixed bug: printer prefs were screwed up if the "Printer driver" menu was set at startup. This caused the "Cannot open printer.device" problem.