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In Febrary 2006 Alinea Computer took over the distribution of our
Amiga software products AmigaWriter, ArtEffect and StormC.
Please contact them for sales and support.

These webpages are remaining online to provide you with some information and support.
But please be aware that we can not answer technical or
support questions related to Amiga products any more.
Thanks for your understanding.



How do I get support?

You can get support most easily and quickly using the Internet. To get support from us you have to be a registered user. Please do never send your serial number over the internet unless you use PGP encrypted mail.

Info: http://www.haage-partner.com/stfax_e.htm
Support: http://www.haage-partner.com/stfax-support-e.htm

Mailinglist: http://www.haage-partner.com/stfax_support.htm#ML
Email support: <stfax-support@haage-partner.com>

When i use STFax with a Frontdoor, STFax answer the Fax not in the right Baudrate, when the receive Command is given.

STFax should be running all the time: set it to open the serial port in Shared mode (Prefs/Modem) and turn AutoAnswer off (Prefs/Misc). Set Frontdoor to use the serial in shared mode too. When FD detects an incoming fax it should call the ReceiveFax.stfax script (or a similar one) passing the device and baud rate that STFax should open.
This way it should work, for more information you can also try asking in the mailing list: there were some people using STFax along with trapdoor.

ST-Fax doesn´t start!

Download the vaportoolkit.library from the Vapor Server (www.vapor.com)

I can´t connect with my modem!

Change the settings to 9600 baud and to Class 1.

Where can I find the settings for Elsa modems?

Choose the TKR-Tristar Plus modem settings.

How can I can I directly send a fax using AmigaWriter and STFax?

Make sure, that the STFax printer driver "STFaxPrt" is installed correctly in "DEVS:Printers".

Without TurboPrint: Simply select the "STFaxPrt" printer driver in AmigaWriter. The document will be sent to STFax via the STFax printer driver. After "printing" STFax will ask you for a name for the new Fax and offer you to send it out afterwards.

With TurboPrint: Start the TurboPrint preferences tool. Define a new printer with "New...". Set the "Driver type" to "Workbench" and select "STFaxPrt" from the list. Further settings shouldn't be necessary.

Everytime you want to send a fax then, you have to make sure that the driver "STFaxPrt" is selected in TurboPrint. When TurboPrint is running, you can not select the printer driver from within AmigaWriter. Unfortunately the gadget to select the driver in AmigaWriter isn't ghosted yet.

When it doesn't work try to remove "TurboSpool". We had some crashes with "STFaxPrt" and "TurboSpool" (from TurboPrint 6.02).

Tip: When you want to send faxes in fine resolution make sure to select a high printer density in AmigaWriter. This will double the vertical resolution.

Which modems are supported?

US Robotics, ZyXEL, Dynalink, ELSA, all Rockwell based modems. STFax does not support ISDN modems and cards yet.

How do I get the voice and fax messages into STFax when they were received in off-line mode?

STFax collects them automatically when you start it and there are messages/faxes in the modem.

How to use USR Message Pro/Plus with STFax?

You have to set it to accept faxes in the Independent Mode settings of STFax. (You need that modem to see that menu).

During installation it looks for "MUI_Install"!

STFax needs some files from the second disk. This one is called "MUI_Install", so please insert the second disk when this message appears.

How to get TurboPrint to automatically handle faxes and normal printing?

In the Hooks section of the Preferences there are the two gadgets "Prt Driver On" and "Prt Driver Off": in the "On" one you can enter the command to switch to STFaxPrt (perhaps something like turboprint:turboprefs STFaxPrt). In the "Off" gadget you need to enter the command to revert to the real printer driver.

How to do fax polling?

It works only with Class 2 modems which support that feature. Just select "Poll..." from the Fax menu and enter the number of the fax polling service. STFax will dial and retrieve the documents awaiting for the download.

What's the matter when STFax does not start?

You certainly did not enter the correct serial number. Please reinstall STFax and enter the correct number.

The Elsa Microlink doesn't answer a call, even though it is set to be an answering machine?

The modem doesn't answer the call if "Shared" is activated. You can change this setting in "Preferences/Settings/Modem".

How to receive a fax?

The automatic faxreceiving is activated in the menu "Preferences/Settings/Misc" with "Auto Answer". You can also do this by hand: If the requester "Incoming call" is opened, click on "Freespeach mode". Now a second requester will appear called "Answering", with the options "Hang up" and "Receive fax".

Created on 27 Sep 2000 by Fiasco written by Nils Bandener and by a magic ARexx script written by Martin Steigerwald