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In Febrary 2006 Alinea Computer took over the distribution of our
Amiga software products AmigaWriter, ArtEffect and StormC.
Please contact them for sales and support.

These webpages are remaining online to provide you with some information and support.
But please be aware that we can not answer technical or
support questions related to Amiga products any more.
Thanks for your understanding.



The professional TCP/IP stack for your AMIGA

Genesis is a state-of-the-art TCP/IP stack for the Amiga computer. Combining ease of use with advanced features, rivaling those found on competitive systems, Genesis offers built in dialup Internet connectivity and/or local area networking.

Features (v1.0.4 released)

  • Easy to setup. The software is fully configurable via a custom interface, no need to edit text files. Offers simplicity, enabling a beginner to be able to setup their stack within minutes, yet keeping the advanced features needed for the professional user.

  • Compatibility. Genesis is fully compatible with existing Amiga Internet software. Based on the recognised and established AmiTCP Professional kernel (v4.6), Genesis offers the highest possible compatibility with other net products, no need for AmiTCP emulation.

  • Built-in support. Genesis ships with modules for PPP, (C)SLIP and support for other variations such as SANA-II etc. Supports Internet access by modem, external ISDN TA, internal ISDN boards, ethernet (such as Ariadne or Hydra), serial cards (Hypercom, IOBlix, GVP-IO etc) and other local networks (parnet, null modem etc).

  • Advanced PPP implementation: (MS)CHAP, PAP, Callback (WinNT compatible), VJ compression, protocol field compression, MTU negotiation, magic number negotiation, async map negotiation, MSDNS1/2 IP address negotiation, WINS1/2 IP address negotiation, Compression Control Protocol (modules include - BSD compress, deflate and MPPC). Also, PPP events control allows you to create scripts to perform actions when PPP has been put on or offline.

  • Dial control. Teach-me dialer, multiple phone numbers, configurable dial script.

  • Comprehensive security. Secure kernel to prevent illegal attacks over the Internet: SYN flooding, IP fragment attacks, IP address spoofing, land and fist attacks.

  • Enhanced SANA-II. Powerful and improved SANA-II support allows the fastest transfer rates across an ethernet network.

  • Connection Wizard. Step by step Wizard interface to connect a user to the Internet. Enter basic information, Wizard obtains the IP and DNS information automatically and records your loginscript.

  • Arexx interface and improved API - allows external software to check status of interfaces, logged in user, active user and much more.

  • Socks. Socks v4/5 client supplied as standard. Socks server avaialble, free of charge, as a downloadable option.

  • Multiple interface support. This allows you to connect and disconnect more than one interface at one time. For instance, create two ethernet links between an Amiga and Linux machine and another betweenyour Amiga and PC and then still connect and disconnect from your Internet (dialup) connection, without the other interfaces being affected. You can even launch Genesis on bootup so that a local area network is put online automatically when you start your Amiga. This is essential for a Siamese system, for example. You can then use Genesis for modem dialup or route your dialup connection via the remote computer. Multiple interface support is easy to setup and the interfaces are listed within the main status window (shown here). Allows routing between interfaces.

  • Multi-user support. Full support and API for multiple-users. Create more than one user and then log-on via the main status window (users can be password protected to prevent unauthorised access). The multi-user API is currently supported by a range of Amiga Internet software including Microdot-II, Contact Manager and soon YAM (from r7), with more in the future.

  • Multiple providers. Add multiple providers or provider configurations with ease, then select these providers by point and click, from the main status window. You might be testing two providers with a 30-day trial? Setup both providers and flick between them.

  • Access control. Parents have full time/access control over each user. The system manager can setup time limitations (for example a user could be prevented from connecting during the working hours 09:00-18:00). Genesis will double-check the current time on connection, so that the user cannot temporarily alter the system clock to fool software into thinking it is a weekend, for instance.

  • Advanced time/cost logger. Shows each user access (or overall access), time and date and the cost of this access. Genesis shows statistical information to help you monitor Internet costs and time usage.


  • Amiga with 68000 CPU
  • AmigaOS 2.04+
  • min. 4 MB RAM
  • Harddisk
Price: 98 DM
Upgrade from Genesis of Ariadne II: 79 DM
Sidegrade from AmiTCP and Miami: 79 DM

A demo version is available on our FTP server. Download

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