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In Febrary 2006 Alinea Computer took over the distribution of our
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Please contact them for sales and support.

These webpages are remaining online to provide you with some information and support.
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FontMachine 3 - Animated ColorFont Fantasies

With FontMachine you can easily create any type of color font by simply enhancing an existing font with shadows, shades and textures. FontMachine works in realtime. It provides immediate feedback to your action and shows the actual image of the color font you are creating. FontMachine creates fonts in Amiga standard ColorFont format is compatible with any program for the Amiga.

FontMachine was created in collaboration with several leading video professionals who were looking for the ultimate solution in custom titling software. Videographers, today, realize that titling is an important aspect of quality film making. FontMachine offers the video enthusiast the ability to create dazzling color fonts for use in their productions. It is also an excellent tool for adding panache to HTML documents as well as for creating eye catching print copy. Desk Top Publishers, with the aid of Font Machine, can add polish to all their work including; advertisements, magazine layouts and brochures.

Because of the Amiga's built-in support for color fonts, famous firms like Kara Computer Graphics have been able to produce a series of high quality color font sets. It may be argued that the great success of these fonts has led to a lack of originality in professional videography. How many times have you thought after recognizing a Kara Font in a television commercial; "These things are really getting a bit old ?"

Unfortunately, despite the existence of several good font programs, the task of having to manually draw each character in a font set is just far too time consuming for most videographers. FontMachine offers a wonderful solution as it simplifies and automates the difficult process of creating custom color font sets. The latest incarnation of FontMachine offers new levels of productivity, efficiency, creativity and reliability than its earlier version.

Key features of FontMachine

  • creation of fonts in AMIGA ColorFont format up to 256 colours
  • support for fonts in AmigaFont, ColorFont, Agfa Intellifont formats
  • superb effects like 3D, Emboss, Bevel, Shadow, Borders, Textures
  • plasma, pattern and mathematical textures
  • all effects are fully customisable
  • anti-aliasing to eliminate jagged contours
  • ability to modify and optimise the palette of the font created
  • WYSIWYG display
  • ARexx interface

New for version 3

  • create animated text in Anim5 format and AnimGIF format
  • importation of animated textures in standard AnimBrush format
  • improved plasma and pattern animation
  • improved ARexx support
  • improved speed of the whole program (5 times in text re-drawing)
  • improved usability
  • improved compatibility with CyberGFX and DraCo

System Requirements

FontMachine runs on any Amiga (or Draco) with 2Mb+ of memory, AmigaOS 2.04 or better. A HD is required.


Full version 129 DM; Upgrade from version 1.x/2.x to 3.0 60 DM.

Press Opinions

FontMachine 3 got a rating of 92% from German Amiga Plus 3/98 and "Very Good" from German Amiga Magazine 3/98. It also got the following ratings from Italian press: "Excellent" Amiga Magazine, "Very Good" MicroComputer and "Excellent" EnigmA Amiga 7/97.


X-DVE is a product of Italian video specialist ClassX. It is distributed world-wide by HAAGE&PARTNER.