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In Febrary 2006 Alinea Computer took over the distribution of our
Amiga software products AmigaWriter, ArtEffect and StormC.
Please contact them for sales and support.

These webpages are remaining online to provide you with some information and support.
But please be aware that we can not answer technical or
support questions related to Amiga products any more.
Thanks for your understanding.

X-DVE V3.0 - The All-In-One Video Effects Generator

Explosions, Rotations, Perspective, Wind, Zoom and other exciting video effects are waiting for you. It never has been so easy to use such amazing effects in your video production.

X-DVE is one of the most powerful, productive and easy-to-use tools for desktop video (DTV), animation and titling. It unites a variety of functions that are normally found in many different programs. This outstanding video package is now being offered at an unbeatable price.

NEW: X-DVE is designed to run fast on an 68020 and it positively flies on an 68060. No more waits ... X-DVE will dramatically boost your productivity.

NEW: X-DVE comes with a special MovieShop operator to easily import X-DVE animation's. The operator is extremely fast and automatically handles several kinds of masking (from blue-keying to color-0 keying).

The key features of X-DVE

X-DVE can manipulate, animate and render any graphical element in combination with thousands of special effects. It is able to directly use animations in the Anim5 and Anim7 format. These can also be used as animated objects. There is no need to convert them to the AnimBrush or any other format. X-DVE provides a selection of 64 transition effects with highlights like page curl, melting and twist as well as exciting 3D effects like explosions, wind and rotations. Up to 100 objects can be animated separately. Hundreds of free fonts, images, animations and ready-made scripts are available for use in your productions. And, the VCR like navigation provided by X-DVE makes it all easy to use.

  • 64 transition effects like page curl, melting, compression, sweep, twist, RotCarpet, bounce, snake, DoubleSnake
  • exciting 3D effects: rotation, perspective, zoom, 3D movements, wind, explosions, warp, vortex, spray
  • special effects like bevel, shadows, 3D boarders, outline, transparency, color remap
  • all effects are computed with 3D texture-mapping giving astonishing visual results when rendered with the X-DVE light source feature
  • built-in support for multi-line text, images, animations, picture sequences and customisable starfields
  • resolutions (NTSC/PAL) from 320x200 up to 1472x592; super-hires with 256 colors from a palette of 16 Million
  • multi-palette Anim5/7L object
  • generation of extra fast XFA animations.
  • support for animations with a maximum of 100 objects in 10000 frames
  • totally independent objects, with separated timings controlled by a visual timeline editor.
  • frame by frame animation preview, with a VCR-Like control panel.
  • support for virtual memory
  • integrated environment with an easy and intuitive mouse-driven interface
  • automatic OS3.x DataTypes support for images and sequences
  • ability to render and save single frames or entire animations in separate IFF files
  • ability to import and convert any frames sequence
  • Arexx support for external usage and automation
  • free external programs with ARexx interface, to play and convert XFA animations
  • 68060 optimization, PowerPC support is planned
  • free fonts, images, animations and ready-made scripts, for an immediate use in your productions.

New for X-DVE 3.0

  • fully compatible with CyberGFX
  • direct IFF/datatypes export/import for XFA animations
  • faster light mapping
  • new effects
  • mouse-driven time-line editing
  • and much more...

System requirements

  • Amiga or Draco with OS 2.04 or better, min. 4 MB RAM and hard disk

Press opinion

X-DVE got a lot of good ratings in the international press:

  • X-DVE 3.0 was rated "Very Good" by German Amiga Magazin 2/98. Especially the tester liked the following items: "impressive effects - flexible control of the program flow - one will get results very fast - preview available on any time."
  • X-DVE took Amiga Format "GOLD" and Amiga Shopper "Best Buy" awards.
  • X-DVE got "Excellent" from Italian Amiga Magazine 12/96 and Italian EnigmA Amiga 12/96.
  • X-DVE 2.5: "Very good effects, easy handling; very clear scripting; a lot of effects." Rating: "Very Good" Amiga Special 12/96X-DVE 3.0 was rated 91% by German Amiga Plus 2/98. They liked the following items: "a lot of effects; support for graphics boards and Draco computers; datatype support; logical handling of the program".


X-DVE is a product of Italian video specialist ClassX. It is distributed world-wide by HAAGE&PARTNER.