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In Febrary 2006 Alinea Computer took over the distribution of our
Amiga software products AmigaWriter, ArtEffect and StormC.
Please contact them for sales and support.

These webpages are remaining online to provide you with some information and support.
But please be aware that we can not answer technical or
support questions related to Amiga products any more.
Thanks for your understanding.

DrawStudio Gallery


This drawing was made by Leo Burkert during his test of DrawStudio for German Amiga Magazin. You can download the DRDS file.

The main DrawStudio illustration, created by Artworks UK (3 Pond Side, Wootton, Ulceby, North Linconshire, DN39 6SF, ENGLAND). A combination of drawn objects, bitmaps and transparent fills create this pleasing and spacious image.

Andy's penknife, currently still being worked on. The penknife blades use subtle gradient fills to give the impression of light being cast on the metal, with outlined edges giving a feeling of depth. A patterned fill was used on the file implement to give a "rough" feel and the duplicate function was used to create the teeth of the saw.

Graham's Formula1 racing car. This was created by loading his ray-traced image into DrawStudio and greying-out the layer, allowing him to draw over the image to create new objects. Notice the use of gradient fills around the wheels and the semi-transparent highlights around the cockpit.

The DrawStudio file used to create this graphic can be downloaded (23K)

Andy's LEVERAGE promotional graphic. LEVERAGE is a 3 year European collaborative ATM networking project, to distribute multimedia language teaching across sites in Cambridge (UK), Madrid (Spain) and Paris (France). As part of the promotion of the project, I came up with a graphic incorporating the important aspects of the project.

The image was done in DrawStudio, using several layers to hold the background, images, text and ring of stars. The background texture is a tiled bitmap (from a Web page) and the shadows behind many of the objects are 50% transparent black. All the text remains in Adobe Type1 format for maximum quality. The ring of stars was generated using DrawStudio's powerful "Duplicate" function and given the slight look of perspective using the "Warp" functions.

Page 1-3 of Andy's Sports family of illustrations. Simple gradient filled images with bright and punchy colours. 38K

Web Graphics

Web graphics

Using a combination of bitmap fills, gradient fills and outline fonts can produce some striking graphics for use on Web pages. The advantage of using a drawing program to create the graphics (as opposed to a paint program), is that fills and effects can easily to swapped and changed to create a range of standard looking graphics.

This graphic was created by using outline fonts, making the "at" sign a compound object to create a cut-out from the surrounding square. The soft shadow was created by cloning the top layer, filling all the objects with black and exporting as a bitmap. This bitmap could then be blurred in ImageStudio, before being imported back into DrawStudio, placed behind the original image and offset slightly.

The DrawStudio file used to create this image can be
downloaded (72K).


Presentation chart

DrawStudio supports many powerful features for handling bitmap graphics, allowing the import and export of many common formats (see the feature list). Here, an image is used in the background and covered with a semi-transparent white object to fade it into the background. The chart was then drawn on a separate layer and placed above the image. Finally, the chart is cloned and offset slightly before being filled with a semi-transparent black to create the shadow effect.

Similar charts can be printed out for presentations or output from DrawStudio as a bitmap and used along with a genlock to achieve video-titling screens. Remember that the full version of ImageStudio is supplied with the CD-ROM version of DrawStudio, so any changes that need to be applied to bitmaps can be done from inside ImageStudio.

The DrawStudio file used to create this image can be
downloaded (65K).


Presentation slide

DrawStudio's smooth gradient fills and Adobe Type1 outline font support lend themselves to the creation of graphics and illustrations for presentation purposes. Clip art (like the Champagne bottle shown) can be obtained from many sources, including the CD-ROM version of the program.

The DrawStudio file used to create this image can be downloaded (21K).

Technical Design

Circuit Diagram

DrawStudio's powerful and accurate drawing tools (including powerful layer, grid and snapping facilities) allow you to create technical diagrams with ease. Here, the diagram and graph have been created in DrawStudio, along with the text description using a monospaced Courier font. DrawStudio's arrowheads and PostScript EPS export make the program an ideal companion to other technical workhorse packages (e.g. TeX or LaTeX).

The DrawStudio file used to create this image can be downloaded (7K).