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In Febrary 2006 Alinea Computer took over the distribution of our
Amiga software products AmigaWriter, ArtEffect and StormC.
Please contact them for sales and support.

These webpages are remaining online to provide you with some information and support.
But please be aware that we can not answer technical or
support questions related to Amiga products any more.
Thanks for your understanding.

    DrawStudio 2.0

Structured Drawing Program
New Features
of DrawStudio

Version 2.0

24Bit Graphic Display Support

  • DS 2.0 has a superb support for 24Bitgraphic output using CyberGraphX software. This makes it much easier to preview the colours of objects.

24Bit TurboPrint Support

  • DS 2.0 outputs 24Bit graphics to printer driver TurboPrint directly. This ensures fast printing and best results.

New MetaView Converter included (full version)

  • MetaView is a vector format converter that reads AMF, WMF, DXF and outputs DR2D.
  • We will also include a tool to convert ProDraw Clips to DR2D.

AmigaFormat 1/97

AmigaShopper 1/97

AmigaComputing 1/97

CDROM Version
only 229 DM
only 158 US$

Disk Version
only 179 DM
only 119 US$

Update from DS 1.x to CD Version 2.0
only 89 DM
only 59 US$

Update DS 1.x to DS 2.x
(disk version)
49 DM
35 US$

Update from DS 1.0 to DS 1.1: free Patch

Click on these preview
pics to get the full size

Englisch Program and Manual.

DrawStudio requires the
following system to run:

  • Amiga with 68020 or greater processor (68030, 68040 or 68060)
  • FPU supported, but not essential
  • Workbench 2.04 or above
  • Around 3MB of free memory
  • 2MB of free hard disk space
  • Graphics cards and AGA supported, but not essential


The Authors
To get more informatin about drawSTUDIO you can visite the Homepage of Andy and Graham Dean.


CD version 2.0

NEWThe CDROM version additionally contains of ImageStudio and TextureStudio. Besides there are about 600 MB data:

  • >600 PS-Fonts
  • >200 ClipArts in DR2D format
  • >600 Fotos in JPEG format
  • >1200 Texturen in JPEG format

DrawStudio 2.0

DrawStudio is the premier structured drawing, illustration and presentation package for the Amiga. The program contains many professional features which are not found in any other Amiga programs and are usually associated with high priced packages on other platforms.

Working from a clear and standard Amiga interface, DrawStudio contains all the tools required to create illustrations on the Amiga, including technical diagrams and artistic presentation material. The ability to convert objects to bitmaps makes DrawStudio an ideal tool for creating graphics for web pages or for use with other Amiga programs.

The code has been highly optimised for the Amiga, allowing the program to to be used on many Amiga systems.


  • Full 24 bit colour support.
  • 1 bit, greyscale and colour redraw.
  • Style guide complient Amiga interface with drag 'n' drop.
  • ARexx.
  • Multi-level undo/redo.
  • Multi-level group/ungroup.
  • Cut, copy and paste via the clipboard.
  • Plug-in architecture for future expansion.
  • Adobe Type1 font engine.
  • Converts objects to bitmaps.
  • Bitmap export in several bitmap formats.
  • Multiple projects open at any one time.
  • Each project can have multiple pages.
  • Each page can have multiple layers.
  • Layers can be viewed, greyed or turned off; layer order may be changed.
  • Many line styles and arrowheads.
  • Compound objects.
  • All objects support rotation to arbitary angles.
  • Zoom range upto 4000 percent.
  • Bezier editing, cutting, joining, add/remove points.
  • Realtime object create, resize and move.
  • Optional rulers and grid.
  • Preferences and PostScript printing.
  • Several line joins: Mitre, Bevel, Rounded.
  • Effect previews.
  • Fully aspect ratio corrected display.


  • Line, Polygon / Bezier, Rectangle, Rounded rectangle.
  • Circle / ellipse, Arc, Text, Hand tool, Magnify.


  • Fill styles can be applied to both the object fill and the pen.
  • Solid colour fill.
  • Pattern fill.
  • Gradient fill: Linear, Radial, Circular, Conical, Multiple colour transitions, Colour transitions in RGB, HSV or step domains, Linear, accelerating, decelerating and dual blend, Gradient transparencies.
  • Bitmap fill: Tiled (any X- or Y-DPI), Fill to object.
  • All fills support transparency.


  • Text and objects may be warped with the following:
    • Skew, Perspective, Wave, Wedge, Bulge, Freeform.


  • Adobe Type1 font engine.
  • Edit text directly on page.
  • Text formatting: Left, Right, Centre.
  • Text may follow curves with the following effects:
    • Inside and outside curve, Backwards and forwards.
    • Rotate characters on/off, Start rotation from any angle.

Layout tools

  • Horizontal and vertical rulers.
  • Snapping:
    • Snapping applies to object creation, resizing and moving.
    • Snap to grid (X and/or Y).
    • Snap to object line, Snap to object point.
    • Snap to object curve, Snap to object ends.
  • Alignment:
    • Align to page or objects, Align or distribute.
    • Align to left, top, centre, right and bottom.


  • DrawStudio (.dsdr) load/save.
  • PostScript (and EPS) save.
  • DR2D import.
  • Bitmap import (IFF-ILBM, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PCX and datatypes).
  • Bitmap export (IFF-ILBM, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, BMP and PCX)