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Nova Design, Inc. teams up with Haage&Partner

November 5th: Nova Design, Inc. and Haage&Partner announced today that they have teamed up for the distribution of ImageFX in Germany. Nova Design, Inc. and Haage&Partner are the two largest Amiga developers worldwide and collectively make and distribute most of the Amigas top imaging applications software.

This partnership will enable ImageFX to reach new markets and new users in Europe. ImageFX has been the Amiga's leading image editing and special effects application for over six years since it's introduction and is the flagship product of Nova Design, Inc.

ImageFX will be immediately available for purchase from Haage&Partner at their booth at the Home Electronics Show in Cologne, Germany this November. Haage&Partner will also be selling upgrades from previous versions of ImageFX and will also be carrying PowerStation - the PowerPC module package for ImageFX.

Other exciting announcements regarding ImageFX and the German market will be made at the Cologne show and the news will be released afterwards on the Internet as well.

Haage&Partner is the leading manufacturer of Development Systems and Applications for the Amiga family is also the developer and/or distributor of several cutting edge applications including: StormC, WarpUP, AmigaWriter, and many others. Our mission is to provide the Amiga market with the most effective tools and applications possible.

Nova Design, Inc. is the developer and producer of the Amiga's leading graphics applications: ImageFX, PowerStation, and Aladdin 4D. Our longtime presence in the Amiga developer community have put us in the forefront of many Amiga developments, and our involvement and background in the Amiga community itself keep us traveling worldwide supporting Amiga events and promoting our products.
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