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H&P to offer new video product of ClassX

Reliance and Innovation from ClassX

Titling and Digital Effects in Real Time
FANTASTIC ! With MoreFX you don't need to INVEST your VALUABLE time to achieve incredible results. Just leave your fantasy maximize your PROFIT.

MoreFX has been realized with the most recent programming techniques, in order to get the best from any platform and configuration.

No rendering. No wait states. MoreFX shows you what you're doing, in real time and always at the best quality possible. More power to leave the competitors behind.

Configurable 2D, 3D, and illumination effects. Text and Image support. internal graphics enhancer. Multicolor fonts. MoreFX gives you all. Now.

With MoreFX everything is easy and intuitive. It just takes seconds to achieve fantastic results without the need to read big manuals. When the mind is free, the fantasy flies.

MoreFX is the result of eight years in the field of DTV applications. When reliance is important, you can count on MoreFX.

Compatible with any video editing system


! MoreFX Features
! Unlimited layers and asynchronous objects.
! Hundreds of 2D/3D programmable effects.
! Real-Time lightsouce effect.
! TimeLine-based editor.
! 32 bit color quality with Alpha Channel support.
! Programmable resolution with up to 2048x2048 pixels.
! Import JPG, GIF, PCX, TGA, TIFF, BMP and more.
! Export QT, AVI ,JPG, TGA, TIFF, BMP and more.
! Real Time effect customization.
! Built-in Object Enhancer.
! Built-in graphics operators like outline, emboss, transparence, shadow,etc. applicable on any object.
! Built-in character generator, with support for alignment, style, text attributes.
! Support for ColourFonts. Vast library included.
! Vast clipart library included.
! More and more....
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