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We are proud to announce Tornado3D V3.0 feature list
Advanced particle systems - Even more controllable particle systems.
Advanced force fields - Completly redesigned force field system.
Footed Animation - No more sliding footsteps or jumping walk-cycles.
Full Time Inverse Kinematics - Always active, no need to create keyframes.
MeshMapping - Deforms and fits any kind of imagery to existing meshes.
Flocks and Herds - Mass-animation of semi-intelligent groups of objects.
RadMapping - Cubic mapping technology simulates Radiosity at blazing speed.
Assistants - Intelligent scripts that will automate most operations.
Gobos - Shapeable light sources, also volumetric.
Envelopes - For function-curve based animation.
Attachable engines - Control animation with noise or math other object's behaviour.
Chroma and Luma keying - Key out unwanted backgrounds for SFX work.
Intensity mapping - Match real and rendered sequences.
Subtractive alpha channels - Remove non-uniformly colored backgrounds.
2D shaper - Full "traditional" 2D modeler, with adaptive Bezier curves.
N-sided polygonizator - Concave and convex nsided polygons made easy.
N-sided beveler - Bevel any combination of polygons.
Broadcast markers - Broadcast Safe and Title area markers on preview.
Internal virtual memory - Cuts in half rendering memory requirements.
P-code Golem scripts - Faster and safe, allow plugin writers to resell their work.
Even faster PowerPC - Full custom math library and no need for 680x0 assistance.
Even faster Permedia2 - Full control over 3D chip parameters and more.
And much more!

Planned for future releases:

Clothes and strings - Soft objects animation made easy.
Mannequins - Male, Female and Alien characters.
Sculptor - Clay-like shape builder and deformer.
3D Sound tracing - Virtual mikes to record sounds in 3D.
3D Soundtrack builder - A "surround" compatible encoder.
Sound and lip sync - Define morph targets to lip-sync and tie sounds to actions.
Project scheduler - Manage projects even over a network.
Render engines - Render engines for a variety of platforms.
Upgrade pricing
Version bought V1.5 V1.75 V2.0 V2.1 V3.0
1.75 - - FREE FREE 498 DM
2.0 - - - FREE FREE
2.1 - - - - FREE

Existing and future registered Tornado3D 2.0 users will be able to download Tornado3D V3.0 for free, as part of the special "Buy Tornado3D 2.0 get 3.0 for free" offer.

Mandatory discalimer in fine print: all the informations in this page are preliminary and subject to change without notice.

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