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Tornado3D V2.1a FREE UPGRADE - What's new since V2.0?

Permedia2 support - Unleash the power of your CVPPC/BVPPC with CGX RAVE!
Faster PowerPC - Now upto 10 times faster than a 68060 with 603e and 604e special code!
PowerPC Textures - Optimized PowerPC Crumpled and Bricks textures are now in.
Particle World Gravity - Particle systems can now interact with world's gravity!
Metamesh Auto-V Tension - V Edge Tension is auto adjusted when U Tension is modified.
Clipmapped Shadows - Even more realistic clipmaps, great for SFX models and rotoscoping!
Object LookAhead - Global property forces objects to align to where they are heading.
New Golem functions - Ready made scripts to group lights, make helicopter blades spin!
Trailing Particles - Leave particle trails to simulate missile exhausts and comets!
High "Low" Quality - New rendering method replaces Low has full quality at amazing speed!
Edged particle objects - Turn polygons into line particles: "Wireframe" effects made easy!
Fireball Interpolation - Fireball texture can fade for explosions and volumetric suns!
Smoke gravity - Smoke particle systems now allow gravity property!
Improved volumetrics - More accurate results and works even with depthless objects!
Volumetric Tracing - Point Lights can now cast raytraced shadows!
Improved Virge support - Now faster and with properly scaled 16bit ZBuffer.
Faster Lens Flare preview - Preview of lens flares is now two times faster!
SmartApt - The Smart(ad)Apt(er) detects the processor used to provide optimal performance!
Group LookAts - Now Look At command and animation control works on (sub)groups as well!
Group Transformation Panel - Now transformation panel applyes its xforms to groups as well!
Font Preferences - Preferences panel allows to choose and save the preferred screen font.
Equalize Scaling - Rebuilds the size/position relationships of a group.
Plus many more bug fixes and enanchements!

YES, we know we should have called this v2.5 at the very least. It includes more features than some other softwares do with major revisions. However, compared to the amazing array of ground-breaking features Tornado3D V3.0 will have, this can be considered a minor upgrade. And it's FREE to all the loyal Tornado3D users out there!

The trailing particle system on the right leaves world space particles that follow the missile's path. Rendered with the new "standard" quality setting.

Rendering speed:
68060/50 : 2 minutes 49 seconds (800x600)
PowerPC 604e/200 : 19 seconds (800x600)

In this scene the PowerPC is 8,89 times faster than the 68060!


The new shadow-casting, clip-mapped surfaces allow for high quality integration of real and rendered sequences.

The image on the right shows how volumetrics and lens flares now do recognize the tree's 2D surfaces and act as if it were really in the scene. Great for rotoscoping work on human beings.

Permedia2 support requires CyberGFX V4, which is a commercial product. Please visit Schatztruhe Gmbh for more details on upgrading from CyberGFX 3 or purchasing V4.

Due to server maintenace we are unable to serve updates to users registered after December 24th, 1998. Updates will be available to all registered users beginning Febraury 23rd, 1999. We apologize for this problem.

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