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Warp3D and StormMesa

to be presented at the Haage&Partner booth at Cologne

The Computer '98 in Cologne will see the first public presentation of Warp3D. The hardware used will be the CyberVision3D, showing off what the comparatively weak ViRGE chip is capable of doing, and it will become obvious that the rumours are wrong: That the ViRGE is not suited for fast 3D graphics. You will be able to see quite a number of impressive demos to show the possibilities of 3D Hardware.

The PowerPC/WarpUp-Conversion will also be in beta state and will be shown at the fair. The combination of PowerPC and 3D-Chips will result in an as yet unseen performance in 3D computer graphics on the Amiga sector.

As a second highliht in the 3D realm will be the presentation of the graphics library StormMesa 3.0. This library implements the OpenGL API, and will be a powerful tool for the development of 3D software. Version 3.0 will come in the form of shared libraries for both types of CPU (68k, PPC).

Usually OpenGL-Software requires very powerful hardware. Because of this, good performance can only be achieved if all system components work flawlessly together. For the first time in Cologne you will be able to see the combination of OpenGL and 3D Hardware for the Amiga. StormMesa 3.0 will contain a driver that uses the Warp3D-APU and thus redirects 3D rendering to the 3D hardware. This will finally set the stage for porting e.g. OpenGL-supporting games from other platforms with a minimal effort in time and money.

We invite you to visit our booth and to see for yourself what it means to have top software and top hardware working together. See the combination of PowerPC, 3D-Hardware, WarpOS, Warp3D and OpenGL/StormMesa, and see the Amiga turned into a top machine again.

Link to the new 3D-World

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