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X-DVE 3.50 for PowerPC

For immediate release.

ClassX Development S.N.C. is proud to announce X-DVE 3.50 PPC, the complete professional video titling and special effects suite for AmigaOS 2.1+, WarpOS, V-Lab Motion and DraCO Non Linear Editing video stations.

With this innovative release, ClassX completes the support of the whole range of Motorola(r) processors introducing a fast PowerPC(r) 603/604-specific library expressly developed for the WarpOS/PowerPC software solution by Haage&Partner.

Specific tests done on a Amiga plus Cyberstorm 604/240Mhz demonstrated impressive speed increases of up to 4x vs. the same configuration running on a 68060/50Mhz.

X-DVE 3.50 offers complete RTG support through CyberGraphics/Picasso'96 graphics board drivers. This is especially suitable for DraCO users, which will appreciate the fantastic rendering speed of X-DVE and the possibility to retarget its graphic output to any kind of screen mode.

X-DVE v3.50 comes complete with a FREE operator expressly developed to overlay the X-DVE output on the MovieShop(r) timeline. The new version of the operator has been officially approved from MacroSystem(r) and features a new 24Bit anti-aliasing processor and several key modes in order to obtain perfect video productions.

X-DVE v3.50 introduces a wide range of innovative pluggable Alpha Effects, completing the incredible series of built-in effects. The pluggable Alpha Effects consist in special alpha transitions to be applied on existing effects. An example ? With the new P.A.E. it is possible to apply an alpha transition to a PageTurn effect or a light sourced 3D movement. The results are simply incredible.

The Alpha Effects can be literally plugged in the X-DVE effects library by simply dragging them into the appropriate drawer. Of course the X-DVE GUI has been kept very simple and applying an Alpha Effect is only matter of selecting its ANIMATED icon from a requester. The current pluggable Alpha Effects library has more than 80 effects, including fades, clocks, plasmas, etc. New Alpha Effects will be out very soon.

With this X-DVE release, ClassX sets a new standard in the DTV field with a mature, stable, and productive tool for professional video makers.

X-DVE 3.50: What's New (referring to v3.10):

(NEW) pluggable Alpha effects.
(NEW) 80 Alpha effects
(NEW) PPC support (needs X-DVE.library 3.20 (PPC)).
(NEW) 4 new slide effects.
(NEW) improved StarField with different shapes support, drawing speedups.

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