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StormC DSK

StormC DSK (Developer Survival Kit) is the new "All-Inclusive"-package for AMIGA programmers. It consists of all well-known Storm components in their up-to-date versions as well as our latest developments for PowerPC and 3D. As a bonus we add the latest beta version of our new 68k emulator for PowerPC.

Contents of the StormC DSK package

StormC 68k - version 3.0 -
Motorola 680x0 ANSI C/C++ compiler system with integrated development environment.

StormC PowerPC - version 3.0 -
PowerPC 603/604/750 ANSI C/C++ Compiler, Linker and Debugger.

StormPowerASM - version 3.0 -
PowerPC 603/604/750 assembler and disassembler system.

StormWizard - version 2.2 -
Easy to us editor (Boopsi) for designing resource based user interfaces (GUI).

StormMESA 3.0 - new version -
PD implementation of the OpenGL™ libraries with PowerPC version and all source codes. New in version 3.0: GLUT library support.

WarpUP 3.1 - latest version -
The well-known PowerPC kernel for PPC programming.

PowerPC 68k emulator - beta version -
The new solution for easy PowerPC programming. The complete AmigaOS will run on the PPC.

Amiga Developer CD - new -
Special StormC/PowerPC version of the standard Amiga Developer Kits, including modified RKMS (Libraries, Devices).

Demo Sources - new -
A lot of sources for StormC, StormPowerASM, StormWizard, StormMESA, Warp3D etc.

Extend of supply
CD-ROM with English manual (about 300 pages) and extended Online docs.


Full Version
StormC DSK - Commercial-Edition 698,- DM ~ 398 US$
StormC DSK - Private-Edition* 498,- DM ~ 298 US$
* The Private-Edition shares the same contents as the Commercial-Edition but one is not allowed to produce commercial software or shareware with it. A license upgrade can be obtained at any time!
Cross Upgrades
StormC DSK - Commercial-Edition - Cross Upgrade 598,- DM ~ 348 US$
StormC DSK - Private-Edition* - Cross Upgrade 398,- DM ~ 248 US$
Owners of older commercial compiler systems e.g. SAS/C, MaxonC, AztecC can obtain a cross upgrade. To prove for this, the original disks have to be sent to us!

Upgrades for StormC users
StormC DSK - Commercial-Edition - Upgrade 298,- DM ~ 175 US$
StormC DSK - Private-Edition* - Upgrade 198,- DM ~ 119 US$
Registered StormC users can obtain an inexpensive upgrade.

All StormC DSK packages will be available in about 4 weeks by end of September 98. They can be pre-ordered now!


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