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Tornado3D v2.0 - The new features
The image on the right shows a landscape created with the landscape generator at low resolution and automagically rendered at the highest possible detail level by the Fractal Triangle engine. Coloring is provided by the Terrain and Clouds Textures.
Rendering speed:
68060/50 : 380,32 seconds (800x600)
PowerPC 604e/200 : 42,4 seconds (800x600)

This is a good example of how the more complex the scene is, the higher the speedup becomes.



Straight out of the 'Mage's particle systems, developed for video-game and SFX creators, Tornado3D now has Soft Particles.

Soft Particles really bring a new level of relism to the simulation of smoke, fire, explosions and other natural phenomena. Ready for movie-making?



The classical furry puppet is now just a menu command away. Grow fur and hair over surfaces, render them as additive or normal surfaces and have them react to lightsources.

The puppet was modeled with the Implicit "organic" modeler. A full continuous body, bones-ready, in minutes.


Tornado3D V2.0 - What's new since V1.5?

  • Bones and Muscles - hi-quality continuous character animation 
  • Soft Particles - Auto-illuminated soft particles, great for gases and smoke 
  • Furry particles - Hairs, fur, grass and other thin lines 
  • Hair generator - Grow hairs and fur over surfaces, with full control over curliness 
  • Golem language - Full featured, 'C'-like language, ARexx link, matrix math and more 
  • Gui improvements - More controllable fonts and gadgets 
  • Clean obj - fix 'dangling edges' in imported objects 
  • Spline from points - turn poly object's points into splines 
  • Meshpainting - Paint over 3D surfaces following the contours 
  • PowerPC final and interactive rendering - 6 to 9 times faster than 060! 
  • MetaQuadric Surfaces for organic implicit modeling - fast proprietary algorithm 
  • Much Faster implicit modeling - interactive performance at detail level 50! 
  • Surface Effectors - Force field that dynamically changes surface properties 
  • Much Improved Metameshing - now with Edge Tension 
  • Automatic Normals Alignment - no more flipping! 
  • Adaptive Fractal Triangles - a 10x10 mesh becomes as detailed as a 10000x10000 one 
  • Fractal Brownian landscapes generator - not the usual "same-everywhere" fractals 
  • Timecode Fast Jump - hit 'f' and your' done 
  • New Animation Panel with dragging and scaling - fine tune your animations 
  • Postscript Font Import and Polygonization - Logos in seconds 
  • Extended Project Data save - path, resolution, effects all remembered 
  • Improved Transparent Rendering - and requires less memory 
  • Path To Keyframe - you asked for this, you got this 
  • Clouds and Crust Texture - Sky's the limit 
  • Terrain Texture - or was it the Earth? 
  • Plus many bug-fixes and improvements 
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