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New ImageFX Offers

For a limited time we can offer the award winning ImageFX including the PPC module PowerStation for just 449 DM (~199 US$). Normally this sells for $99.95 all by itself. But not this time, because we're going to include them for free when you buy ImageFX new or upgrade!


ImageFX 4.1 + PowerStation                      449 DM (~ 199 US$)
Update from IFX 3.x to 4.1 incl. PowerStation   169 DM (~  75 US$)
Update from IFX 2.x to 4.1 incl. PowerStation   229 DM (~ 102 US$)
NEW: PowerStation                                98 DM (~  45 US$)

More information on ImageFX


ImageFX 4.1 is available now and can be bought directly in our online shop.

There is a free update 4.1 for all customers of version 4.x on our ftp server (->
Download). Customers that do not have Internet access can find the update on our Service-CD.