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Fusion v3.2 verfügbar (Amiga version)

Nach langem Warten ist endlich eine neue 68K-Version von Fusion Amiga verfügbar. Die Version bringt eine Menge kleinerer Features und Verbesserungen.

Das Update v2.3 kann im deutschsprachigen Raum nur direkt bei H&P bestellt werden. Der Preis beträgt 30 DM.

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Changes to V3.2

  • Added TD64 support. A partition that is partially or completely above the 4 GB point will cause FUSION to fail to start if TD64 support is not available. Partitions are still limited to 4 GB in size
  • Added support for a couple more ROMs
  • Updates to video drivers
  • Updates to RsrvCold, and RsrvWarm which is now called RsrvKick
  • Added ICP Transfer Priority. You can now specify the priority the Mac runs at while the drives are accessed from the Amiga side though ICP
  • Changed ethernet from software loaded to a hardware card for Open Transport support. Cleaned up ethernet for better Amiga ethernet card support. Ariadne card now works.
  • New ADB drivers with (nearly) all Mac keys mapped
  • Added tooltype support; switches from cli now have Workbench tooltype equivalents

  • Fixed OpenDevice problem with ethernet
  • Fixed ethernet query bug
  • Added support for block sizes other than 512. Up to 64K valid
  • Fixed ICP MacBinary file copy hang
  • Auto-start doesn't auto-quit if you change the ICP or cpu settings
  • Added tooltype and cli switch for specifying parameter ram file
  • Fixed cursor problem with old Lucas Arts games
  • Fixed problem with QD based video drivers
  • Fixed slight problem with autosense SCSI data
  • Auto-start now also implies auto-quit
  • Changed 060 initial settings; now starts with only SuperScalar off
  • Fixed miscellaneous problems with the interface related to the auto-iconify feature (Tall thin windows on WB fixed)
  • Fixed Timer interrupt bug that prevented QueBase from playing


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