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ArtEffect 4.0

Digital image processing and natural media paint

Professional digital image processing
Natural media paint
optimized web graphics

The 4th version of the popular graphics package for image processing and natural media painting comes with scads of new features and improvements. This time most improvements deal with layers and make them one of the most powerful and flexible features of ArtEffect.

ArtEffect 4 will be delievered on a CD-ROM full of fonts, clipart and workshops.

New Features:

  • multiple alpha channels and alpha composing per picture (see layers window)
  • conversion between color<->alpha channel and transparency->alpha channel (see stencil menu)
  • new layers for text (see layers window popup-menu)
  • new layers for on-the-fly image processing (contrast/brightness/gamma correction, negative, threshold, posterize).
  • special effect layers for painting maps (landscape), fire and space pictures (see layers window popup-menu)
  • new water color mode for airbrush (see tool settings)
  • most plugins now also work correctly on layers (e.g. twirl and motion blur filters).
  • OS3.5 icons may be automatically created on save (see program settings)
  • CD-ROM full of fonts, clipart and workshops

System requirements:
Amiga with 68020 CPU, AmigaOS 3.x, min. 8 MB RAM, hard disk

Best Image Processor 1997 (voted by the readers of Amiga Plus), 9 of 10 points (Magazyn Amiga 1/98, Poland), 89 %, "Very Good" (Amiga Magazin 3/98), "The imitation of natural painting is first-class.", "…a recommendable program…" (Amiga Special 11/98)

ArtEffect 4.0 is available since end of May 2000. The price for the update will be 89 DM.


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